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Spending the evening under the open sky (or below the roof of your tent) is one of the greatest joys of any outdoorsman. But you don’t have to be rugged to camp in comfort and enjoy time away from home. For all the best gear and advice on camping, The Manual has you covered.

Hiking Denali National Park in Alaska

7 real locations from outdoor movies to explore

No matter what outdoor hobbies you enjoy, chances are you've seen these cinematic portrayals. Now you can visit the real landscapes and filming locations.
A man floating on a river in an inner tube on a cloudy day with hills in the background

These 5 river tubing experiences will float your worries away

Wolves looking through the bedroom window at Canada's Parc Omega Wolf Cabin.

Sleep among a pack of wolves at Canada’s luxe-adventure Parc Omega Wolf Cabins

Rendering of a Toyota Tacoma with a Scout Yoho pop-up truck camper installed.

Scout debuts Yoho, its first pop-up truck camper, with more models to come

The Yeti Hopper M12 Backpack Soft Cooler sitting against a tree.

This is my new favorite on-the-go cooler

A camping setup with tents

This is how to avoid getting sick while camping

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

The 20 best U.S. national parks to explore now

The author wearing the wearing the Royal Robbins Merced Anorak on the Oregon coast.

I never go to the coast without this jacket from Royal Robbins

Man shaving outside

All the camping toiletries you need for a weekend (or a week) in the woods

Man stepping out of a Noovo Plus camper van parked near the beach.

This luxe, high-roof camper van is like a Parisian micro-apartment on wheels

Man hiking with poles near a mountain

Hiking the trail? Here are 9 tips for safe self-navigation

Camper sitting inside the rear hatch of Vistabule's DayTripper teardrop camper.

This new ultra-compact teardrop camper packs in a lot for under $15K

An empty campsite with a picnic table and firepit

Abandoned campsites are a big problem for campers: Here’s how to cope

According to a study, most campsites are abandoned. Here's why and what you can do about it to get your deserved spot.
Camping fire

How to gather firewood responsibly while camping

Whether planning a weekend escape or a multi-day backpacking excursion, we should all strive to be good stewards of the Earth by gathering firewood responsibly.
Concept rendering of Living Vehicle's Cyber Trailer all-solar travel trailer.

This company made a Cybertruck-inspired travel trailer that could run off-grid forever

Living Vehicle's Cybertruck-inspired CyberTrailer promises unlimited power and air-to-water conversion, allowing campers to get farther off-grid than ever.
Great Sand Dunes National Park

The best campgrounds in the U.S. for stargazing and enjoying the night sky

To see the stars as our ancestors did requires an escape to somewhere remote, somewhere untouched by light pollution and civilization.
camping vs. glamping campsite

Glamping vs. camping: What’s the difference, and which is for you?

While there's no solid line drawn between glamping vs. camping, glamping is a lot like Steve Buscemi or a rabid bear: You know it when you see it.
Mammoth Overland TL Travel Trailer being towed by a black Jeep Wrangler.

Mammoth Overland’s ultra-rugged TL travel trailer has an insane amount of space

The all-new Mammoth Overland TL overland trailer is rugged, overbuilt, and surprisingly luxurious—all with enough room to sleep four adults comfortably.
A view from the inside of a tent looking out on a campground.

The best camping hacks for first-time campers

Whether you're heading out under the stars for the first time or convincing your buddies it's the way to live, do it right with our camping hacks.
Mama bear with two cubs

How to use bear spray and live to tell the tale

Avid outdoorsmen know the importance of bear spray in the backcountry. But carrying it is of no use if you don’t know how to use it. Here's how.
Couple camping with cooler and beer

How to clean a cooler that’s smelly, moldy, or stained to get ready for summer

Is you favorite cooler starting to look and smell a little funky? Here's our quick and not-so-dirty guide on how to clean a cooler the easy way.
A Bean Stock 2.0 ultralight travel trailer being towed down a wooded trail by a new Ford Bronco.

Hitch up with the 7 best off-road trailers ready to take you anywhere in 2024

These off-road trailers offer beefy tires, serious suspensions, durable chassis, and most of the comforts of home—all in a compact, towable package.
Pickup truck with travel trailer

6 RV camper styles perfect for every family and budget

Looking to narrow down the right RV for you? We've got you covered with all the different types to choose from.
A bear bag hanging from a tree branch

Everyone needs to know how to hang a bear bag, including you

If you're heading into the backcountry and you know you'll be in bear-itory, it's time to learn how to hang a bear bag.
Three Outside Van camper vans parked in the desert.

The best camper vans for adventurous luxury living in the great outdoors

The best camper vans go way beyond those Insta-famous vanlife rigs with swanky interiors, high-tech amenities, and off-road features ready to take you anywhere.
A picture of the Yosemite Valley during Spring Time

Yosemite National Park is getting a new glamping site with the luxuries you want

Under Canvas, a popular glamping company, is bringing new accomodations to Yosemite National Park.
A solo stove popcorn maker placed over a solo stove standalone fire pit

Forget s’mores: Solo Stove has a new camping-ready popcorn maker

The new Solo Stove Popcorn Maker simplifies the process of preparing a popular campfire snack with it's compact and efficient design. Let's take a look.
Vanspeed California Coast camper van parked in a parking lot.

Vanspeed’s California Coast camper van is built for bold coastal adventures

The all-new Vanspeed California Coast camper van features a sleek, coastal-inspired interior, plus enough space inside and out for your favorite adventure gear.
Person camping on a river using a one person tent

The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect one-person tent for your next outing

Ready to commit to the one-person tent life but don't know where to start your search? Here's the lowdown on what makes any one-person tent great.
A campfire

Camping hacks: Is Vaseline the secret to an incredible campfire?

Is this common household item the ticket to an incredible campfire? Here's everything you need to know. 
Coast Model 1 solar electric travel trailer/RV parked near a pond.

Coast’s all-new Model 1 solar electric trailer is a luxe, off-grid-ready stunner

Coast's all-new Model 1 is a luxurious, solar-powered travel trailer designed to take you just about anywhere without having to leave your gadgets behind.
Man building a campfire in front of a Winnebago Ekko Springer camper van.

Camper van vs Class B RV: How to choose which to buy for your outdoor adventures

Do you need a Class B RV, or a camper van? Do you know the differences between the two? We tell you all you need to know
Date and cashew bars

How to make nutritious and delicious trail snacks: Your DIY guide

Learn how to make healthy trail snacks that will fuel you for long days of trekking or overnight hikes.
A campfire pot hanger holds a kettle over a stone circle

Campfire cooking: This is the absolute best way to make a pot hanger

There are many ways to hang a campfire cooking pot, but this adjustable pot hanger lets you adjust the heat exposure and go from boil to simmer.
A person hiking

Dust off your gear, it’s time to hit the trail: The spring hiking tips you need

Embrace the rainy weather and muddy terrain with these springtime hiking tips, as well as what to pack for a fun and successful hike.
Man on bike in Apple watch

Garmin, Seiko, G-SHOCK, and more: Our picks for best outdoor watches in 2024

The best outdoor watches for men include brands like Apple, G-Shock, Garmin, Seiko, and Hamilton
A man soaking in a natural tub outside of an RV during dusk with a mountain range behind him.

Calm camping is officially the trend for summer 2024

Camping trends are redefining traditional approaches to escaping into the great outdoors. This study highlights the 3 most prominent trends this summer.
Camper van outfitted with Super Pacific's CloudCap pop-up roof tent parked among a stand of trees.

This rooftop tent kit will turn your van into a pop-top camper for about $12K

Super Pacific's clever CloudCap pop-up tent kit expands your van's living space by converting the unused roof space into a legit "bedroom" with a view.
Side view of a Remote Vans camper van with its sliding door open.

Remote Vans drops 3 new camper van models designed for luxury living on the road

With Starlink internet, premium appliances, a hot water shower, and a beefy power system, this van is built for living, working, and traveling almost anywhere.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

These are the essential outdoor knots every outdoorsman should know

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a knot for all occasions. Here are our most important outdoor knots for camping, backpacking, and survival.
Fingers holding a map and compass in the outdoors

Ditch the GPS: How to navigate using a map and compass

No matter how advanced technology is, the age-old map and compass are indispensable. Learn how to use them with our quick and easy guide.
Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Pro tips from Chef Eduardo Garcia for cooking outdoors like a true mountain man

The mountain men of today are self-sufficient but also eat well when outdoors. Here's out to pull of the role.
a group of happy young friends relaxing and enjoying summer evening around campfire on the river bank

Why you can’t depend on first-come, first-served campgrounds this summer

FCFS campgrounds, which don’t require advance reservations, are now being challenged by increased demand.
Man looking over a trail's vista

3 lesser-known tips that can save your life on the trail

Make your next hike a safe and enjoyable one with our brief guide on survival tips and hacks, which includes fighting off bears and navigating the wild.
Camping at night

There’s actually a great reason for that red light on your camping headlamp

The red light feature in headlamps is more than just a gimmick. It's a thoughtfully designed solution to a common outdoor problem. Bugs!
Redtail Overland Skyloft Campervan parked next to a river.

Redtail Overland’s new luxe Skyloft camper van is a $500,000 thing of beauty

It has room for four and a long list of luxury amenities, including handmade cabinetry, heated flooring, dual climate control, and serious off-road chops.
A midsection of a man wielding a hatchet in the outdoors

Get the best camping axes for cutting, chopping, and prepping your way around the campsite

Every outdoorsman needs a quality camping axe. From survivalist specials to lightweight backpacking models, these are the best hatchets.
Tesla Cybertruck at a camping site

Expectation vs. reality: Cybertruck Basecamp rooftop tent is another disappointment

The Tesla Cybertruck's $3,000 Basecamp tent looks nothing like it's supposed to, and isn't a particularly easy install.
HYK Outdoors teardrop trailer camper parked in a field.

HYK Outdoors’ clever new teardrop camper trailer is made with eco-friendly cork

Lightweight, recyclable, insulating, and just plain handsome, all-natural cork might be the next "it" building material for teardrop campers.
Side view of Bend Teardrop's new Tall Boy Stand-in teardrop travel trailer.

You can stand in this unique high-roof teardrop trailer (and it sleeps four)

With six feet of interior headspace, Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy is not your average teardrop trailer. Plus, it sleeps four with room for an outdoor kitchen too.