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The definitive list of the best men’s wool sweaters this season

Sweater weather: These are the best wool options for men

Man in sweater on the beach
Jonathan Zerger / Unsplash

Colder weather is divisive among men. Some of us thrive when the temperature falls, and we are able to layer up. Others of us feel better on the beach, where we can lounge in linen and shorts. Of course, no matter where you live and what environment you reside, a sweater is an essential part of your wardrobe.

There are all kinds of sweaters to choose from, but one of the aspects you need to ensure you have is in the fabric. Wool is one of the most versatile fabrics in menswear. You will see them in some of the best suits on the market, and the fabric will also make up the best sweaters.

Man in woodswith sweater and beanie
Diogo Fagundes / Unsplash

The best wool crewneck sweaters for men

Men’s sweaters run the gamut of styles and looks. But maybe the most popular style is the crew neck. If you don’t know what a crew neck looks like, it is the most basic out there. It has a simple round neckline with no collar, and a lot of them have a thick seam. The look of the crew neck makes it the easiest and most popular layering item in casual situations. Layering a collared shirt underneath and/or a jacket over the top gives you many options, from the most casual to the dressiest styles.

Man wearing Ralph Lauren Red Cable-Knit
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Wool-Cashmere Cable Knit

The classic cable knit sweater design — featuring a simple twist pattern alternated between vertical bars — has become so synonymous with Polo that you half expect the little pony logo to be there every time. So when you’re looking for that essential, subtle cable knit sweater design, Polo is the brand to go with. Ralph Lauren’s company offers the design in a variety of fabrics from all of its sub-brands, with and without logos. The best option has got to be the wool-cashmere blend from Polo. Blending 10% cashmere with wool softens the texture without compromising durability. This classic looks just as good with sweatpants on the weekend as it does with a blazer in the office.

The Normal Brand Pique Stitch Crew
The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Pique Stitch Crew

While trying to find a crew neck perfect for layering, you should probably stop at the Pique Stitch from The Normal Brand. The six-gauge thread keeps it light and breathable, which means you can layer it whether you are in the cold of New York City or the unpredictable Southern California winter temperatures. The combination of the navy with the oxblood stripes and the signature tab on the hem make this one of the most striking sweaters in your wardrobe.

Man on beach wearing Wellen Recycled Cotton Headlands Sweater

Wellen Recycled Cotton Headlands

The biggest problem with cotton sweaters is that they often lose their shape too easily. Wellen quashed this issue by using a large gauge waffle knit for its Headlands sweater. The heavy knit has enough give to be comfortable and strong to retain its shape for years of wear. The 40% recycled cotton is blended with 30% acrylic and 25% polyester, giving the fabric an almost athletic feel. Wellen designs all its clothing for the coastal life spent on the beach, and that is exactly the vibe this sweater gives. It is a more comfortable stand-in for a crew neck sweatshirt or long-sleeve tee.

Highland Duds Breckenridge Cable Knit
Highland Duds

Highland Duds Breckenridge Cable Knit

Fashion can be an amazingly rewarding hobby, or it can feel like you’re getting lost in the business and ignoring the impact it has on the world around you. Highland Duds lives on three core principles: design, craftsmanship, and small-batch production. That means you can trust classic styles that last longer than one season and feel good that they don’t waste. This Breckenridge leads the way as the closest you can get to the sweater Chris Evans wore in Knives Out, without the holes. If you want to feel as good as you look, this is the best option for you.

Man in cardigan and flatcap
Osama Abo jamoos / Pexels

The best wool cardigans

Stepping up your sweater game is about going outside the usual day-to-day and embracing something with more character. While the cardigan may be popular because of Mr. Rogers, it doesn’t mean it is only for the people of his time or the elderly. Perfect for casual layering, the cardigan is noted for the open front and three or more buttons. You can dress up a casual outfit by throwing one over a T-shirt with jeans, or you can dress down a dress outfit by pairing one with a dress shirt and dress pants.

Todd Snyder Cashmere Wool Long-Sleeve Sweater Polo
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Cashmere Long-Sleeve Sweater Polo

Knit polos had a moment this past summer, and Todd Snyder is carrying that trend into fall and winter. While it’s called a polo, this sweater is essentially a long-sleeved collared shirt made out of knit cashmere. It is really more of a cardigan than anything else. However you categorize this sweater, it is as unique as it is stylish. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers for an elevated casual look. Or you can wear it with slacks and leather dress shoes for an innovative professional look. Either way, it’s 100% cashmere, so you’re going to be very comfortable.

&Sons Pioneer British Wool Cardigan

&Sons Pioneer British Wool Cardigan

&Sons is one of the premiere leaders in stylish garments based on and durable enough for workwear. With the combination of quality craftsmanship and ruggedly handsome style, you can’t go wrong with the look. The cardigan is named after Lord Cardigan, the man who led troops during the Crimean War, and resembles the knit waistcoats officers wore during that war. That makes it the perfect item for &Sons to perfect, and it certainly did with its Pioneer.

L.L. Bean Ragwool Cardigan
L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Ragwool Cardigan

This cardigan is a little bit of a misnomer as it is called Ragwool, which can be mistaken for ragg wool, which is characterized by the addition of nylon to help retain the shape. This cardigan from L.L. Bean is actually 100% lambswool. Why is that important? Because, if you like the ability to wear an outdoor staple like L.L. Bean with the comfort of the softest wool on the market, then this Ragwool is a great fit for your wardrobe.

Clothing display with suit, tie, and sweater
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

The best wool V-neck sweaters

Think about all of the benefits of wearing a crew neck sweater, and then add in the versatility of a V-neck. While the crew neck is great for layering and can look great over a casual outfit or under a suit, the V-neck excels in the latter. Its dip at the front and coming to a point at the top of the chest offers the perfect setup to wear over a shirt and tie. Dress up your best suits with the perfect layering piece and add a bit of color to your work wardrobe.

Ash & Erie Merino Wool
Ash & Erie

Ash & Erie Merino Wool

Look, finding the perfect fit is always a struggle. Whether you are taller than most of the men around you or shorter, you realize the world isn’t made for you. Ash & Erie endeavors to change that narrative for the men on the shorter side of that spectrum. Made specifically for those 5 foot 8 inches and below, the company is proud of its height and believes you should be, too, by looking your best. This sweater is just as good as any other merino sweater, just with the appropriate sleeve and hem length.

Banana Republic Sante Merino
Banana Republic

Banana Republic Sante Merino

The trio of companies, Old Navy, GAP, and Banana Republic, have long been a go-to for status symbols. The most economical of the three, Old Navy, provides the most affordable versions of today’s styles. And while GAP serves to bridge the other two, Banana Republic stands out as the most elevated of the three. Its materials and silhouettes are the highest of quality style, and this Sante Merino V-neck is like slipping into a warm bath on a cold day … except it keeps you dry.

Frank and Oak Yak Wool V-Neck
Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak Yak Wool V-Neck

Environmentally conscious business practices are a new focus for the fashion industry, but Frank and Oak is a brand that never had to change with the times as it was built on responsibility and building communities. This V-neck uses yak wool, good for warmth and durability, from the Himalayan Highlands. It will look great on you, it will be kind to the planet, and it will round out your wardrobe in the best possible way.

Man in a turtleneck standing in the woods
John Fornander / Unsplash

The best wool turtlenecks

When you think of turtlenecks, you may think of Steve Jobs revealing the newest innovations from Apple. But you should think of knights in shining armor. That’s right; the turtleneck appeared for the first time when a knight’s neck was irritated by the metal and chainmail of their armor. So the turtleneck was invented. It went from the go-to for fishermen on the high seas to the uniform of polo players before landing in our closets as some of the most attractive and underused garments.

Man wearing Overland Cashmere Sweater

Overland Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Overland Sheepskin Co. may be known primarily for its superior outwear and being the King of the Mountain Towns, but that doesn’t mean it limits itself to that. Being from mountain towns means it is an expert in all things cold weather. The turtleneck is perfect for those winter mountain trips, and this cashmere option pulls its share of the weight by keeping you warm without sacrificing comfort. A cashmere sweater is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket before craving the weather.

Aran Sweater Market Turtleneck
Aran Sweater Market

Aran Sweater Market Turtleneck

The Aran Islands are home to some of the hardest-working and bravest fishermen in the world. And it knows what makes a good sweater. So the Aran Sweater Market can be trusted to come up with some of the best for its people. This turtleneck pays homage to its niche market as the combination of the cable and waffle knit represents the fisherman’s rope and net. Tools of the trade and the reward for a hard day’s work.

Ministry of Supply Atlas
Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply Atlas

For a company built to make your clothing collection resemble James Bond’s wardrobe, a turtleneck is an absolute must-have. While this garment is meant to keep you warm, movement is also essential, and Ministry of Supply excels at that very thing. Adding to what it calls the cross-section of a T-shirt and a sweater is the targeted ventilation. Located under the arms is a ventilation feature that keeps all of us that run hot from overheating.

There you have it, over a dozen options to pick up some of the best wool sweaters on the market. Whether you’re navigating the snow and ice in the North or dealing with unseasonably cold nights in the South, a wool sweater is one of the best options for your wardrobe, no matter which style you pick.

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