Bundle Up Right Now With the Best Sweaters for Men

Make no mistake, the days of scratchy, itchy, stuffy sweaters (the kind your folks might have forced you into wearing to school) are long gone. How’s that work out? Well, let’s start with the best sweaters for men this season. The humble sweater comes in a variety of takes and silhouettes, some more fashion-forward and expensive, and some that strike just the right balance between “I’ll wear this sweater to get coffee” and “I’ll wear this sweater to the office today.” Find out which is which and why you really do need one of the best sweaters for men below.

O.N.S. Clothing Chapman Sweater

Ons Clothing

We’re all for investing in the best when the outcome is a sweater you’ll have for a long, long time. That’s the case with the O.N.S Clothing Chapman Sweater, a subtly stylish layer in a maritime-inspired pattern. Wear it with tan chinos and brown leather lace-up boots.

Taylor Stitch Wave Sweater

Taylor Stitch

When chilly weather calls, call on Taylor Stitch. That’s what we say after taking a look at the just-unique-enough Taylor Stitch Weave Sweater, another handsome fall sweater that calls to mind chilly fall days on the water. If it’s good enough for Taylor Stitch, it’s good enough for you.

JACHS NY Navy Stripe Crewneck


We mentioned we’d be featuring sweaters you can wear out on a casual weekend coffee run or to the office (atop a white Oxford shirt with dark blue denim, of course). This JACHS NY Crewneck is one such option, easily.

Far Afield Joe Crew Pocket Knit


Think of the type of handsome, rugged sweater your grandfather might have worn on chilly days as he stoked the fire, then modernize it ever so slightly, craft it in a rich fall color, and there you go, you have the Far Afield Joe Crew Pocket Knit. Perfect for when it gets unbearably cold out there.

Billy Reid Diamond Quilt Shawl Sweater

Billy Reid

For the man who thinks of himself as both a gentleman and an adventurous explorer (and don’t we all?), there’s the Billy Reid Diamond Quilt Shawl Sweater, a rugged sweater that isn’t too refined to wear underneath a denim trucker jacket on a chilly fall day.

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