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Want to make the perfect steak? How about a great margarita your friends won’t stop talking about? Our complete recipe guide covers you no matter what you try to mix, cook, ferment, fry, or bake.

martini and frites and caviar

Expert bartender gives us a great martini recipe, and a chef suggests pairing it with French fries (yes, really)

A famed bartender gives us her best martini recipe
Pad thai

This pad thai recipe isn’t authentic, but it’s so good and insanely simple to put together you won’t even care


This screwdriver drink recipe is simple, elegant, and downright delicious


This empanadas recipe is actually the perfect ‘second meal’ for leftover pot roast

Ribs cooking in the oven

How to cook ribs in the oven: A step-by-step guide

Corralejo Tequila Tropical being mixed with.

5 incredible tequila recipes you’ve definitely never heard of

Plated steak dish

Our chimichurri recipe takes seconds to make, lasts for weeks in the fridge, and is great with everything

Kung Pao Chicken

These 5 slow cooker recipes will keep you cozy all fall

A slice of quiche on a white plate

This is the only quiche recipe you’ll ever need

Apple cider donuts with sugar

Apple cider donuts are a fall tradition – this is the only recipe you need

Whiskey glass

Whiskey upgrade: How to fat wash your favorite whiskey or bourbon to add new depths of flavor

melted dark chocolate flow, candy or chocolate preparation background

Forget Hershey’s: Our chocolate sauce recipe is better, and takes 5 minutes to make

Tecate skirt steak tacos

When it comes to international barbecue, Mexican BBQ reigns supreme

The richness of Mexican cuisine is unparalleled. Keep reading to learn more about it.
Cantera Negra

Kick off Hispanic heritage month with these 2 incredible tequila drink recipes from mixologist Javier Ramirez

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15, but these two tequila drink recipes are sensational all year long
Cold brew ice coffee

How to make cold brew coffee (plus, our 3 favorite grounds for cold brew)

If you're unaware, real cold brew is made using an entirely different method than hot coffee, and the result is a much smoother and flavorful cup.
Pot roast beef

Cool days, warm grill: 4 tasty fall grill recipes to try this year

Grilling season doesn't have to end on Labor Day. Keep the pit going with these four great fall grilling recipes.
Granny Smith apples in a bowl on a table.

Fall dessert recipes: Apple bread pudding and more (apples)

Here are a few the best fall dessert recipes you need to make now.
Gimlet cocktail in a coupe glass

Up your cocktail game: How to make the perfect gin gimlet

Looking for an elegant, easy gin gimlet recipe? We've got one of the best.
Pickled onions

The easiest and best pickled red onion recipe we’ve ever seen belongs to Rick Bayless

Want a great pickled red onion recipe? This one is so simple it almost hurts
Florio Marsala barrels.

The 6 best Marsala wine cocktail recipes to make

Marsala is a fortified wine out of Italy that we normally just cook with. But with the good stuff especially, it can make for some quality cocktails.
Carrot cole slaw

5 creative spins on coleslaw for your next cookout

Plenty of vegetables and fruits can supplement a cabbage coleslaw base, and the typical mayonnaise-laden formula isn’t the only way to make coleslaw.
Empty sriacha bottle

The sriracha shortage is real – but making your own sriracha is so easy you might not even care

You might not be able to find sriracha sauce, but our sriracha sauce recipe is better than store-bought any day
Summer Sunset

14 refreshing Labor Day cocktail recipes for your backyard BBQ

It’s almost Labor Day and for many, that means one last chance to have a party. Here are the best cocktails to toast to this special time of year.
A profile of the Smashburger chef Ty Goerke

Chef reveals how to make a Smashburger taco, the tasty heir to the viral food throne

The Smashburger has given way to the Smashburger taco, a tasty hybrid and offshoot. Here's how to make one.
Bloody mary cocktail lime

How to make a kimchi bloody mary, the best a.m. drink

There are a lot of bloody mary riffs out there. The best one just may be a recipe involving kimchi.
Salt and Straw Ice Cream

The best homemade ice cream recipe we’ve ever tried is the Salt and Straw ice cream base

Salt and Straw ice cream is incredible, and its base is the best homemade ice cream recipe we've ever made
Wall Street Hustle Cocktail

The ‘Wall Street Hustle’ sous vide cocktail is simple elegance we can’t get enough of

Admittedly, the idea may sound a little bit peculiar at first, but there's just no other method of mixology that allows the fusing of flavors the way a sous vide machine does.
spanish gin tonic recipe jez timms jiejftgdu3w unsplash

How to make a Spanish gin tonic, the fruity alternative to a classic drink

The Spanish gin tonic is the fresh way of looking at the classic gin & tonic
Breakfast burrito

How to make the perfect breakfast burrito at home

If you know how to make a breakfast burrito, you possess a skill that will make you pretty popular.
Doner Haus chicken pide

Doner kebab is the delicious late-night munchie you have to try

While sausages are popular in Germany, the doner kebab reigns supreme as a fast-casual favorite. To guide us, Döner Haus in NYC breaks down this beloved food.
Tatyana Vega/Unsplash

10 classic summer cocktails everyone should know how to make

While a glass of wine or frosty beer is sure to hit the spot, we’d rather enjoy a summer cocktail.
Pesto pasta salad

You need to try this easy creamy pesto pasta salad recipe

This creamy pesto pasta salad is one of our favorite things to have in the fridge. We love a dish that’s versatile, and this one takes the cake.
preserved lemons and oil tips on cooking olive lemon

You might want to steal this pro chef’s ‘Jesus juice’ for use in your home kitchen

Every now and then, you might find yourself watching a cooking video, or hell, a how-to video about anything, really, and suddenly - bam - a genius tip that will change your life forever.
Grilled corn on the cob

These are the best recipes for grilled corn on the cob

Corn is going to be making its way onto the scene very soon. Until then, these are the grilling recipes you should test out for the best grilled corn.
Chicken drumsticks on grill

How to grill chicken correctly for a tender, delicious barbecue

Grilling chicken is more than just throwing it on the grill. Check out this guide on how to grill perfect chicken every time.
Nice Manners cocktail

This frozen strawberry rhubarb cocktail is the perfect summer drink

Few summer cocktails are more refreshing than an icy frozen drink. Read on as Ash Haussermann of Boulton & Watt shares their favorite frozen cocktail recipe.
Salmon pasta

Turn leftover salmon into this delicious pasta dish

All you need are leftover salmon and a few added pantry ingredients to make yourself a satisfying and rich pasta dish that's ready to impress.
White beans

10 refreshing summer dishes featuring white beans

For a simple and versatile protein that won’t weigh you down, beans make a worthy addition to any summertime shopping list for easy-to-follow recipes.
Duck breast entree

This is the perfect grilled duck breast recipe

Barbecued chicken, hot dogs, and ribs are what summer love is made of, but isn't there more to smoky, charred fun than these usual suspects? We say yes.
grilled chicken salad plated

The 5 best grilled chicken salad recipes for summer

If you're going on a picnic or you just need a quick snack, these grilled chicken salad recipes will hit the spot.
Paloma con Manzana cocktail.

This Paloma drink recipe puts a refreshing twist on the classic

The Paloma is a classic for good reason. But that doesn't mean you can't shake things up, as this creative recipe suggests.
El sol cocktail

8 incredible tequila cocktails in celebration of National Tequila Day

There's no better way to celebrate National Tequila Day in style than with these tequila cocktail recipes.
Blueberry galette

This blueberry galette is the perfect summertime dessert

Easy to make, this rustic dessert is made from the humblest of ingredients, but you'd never know it. This simple summer dessert is sure to be your new favorite.
Paloma cocktail

How to make the perfect Paloma drink, a summertime favorite

The Paloma is the perfect tequila cocktail. We asked a couple of experts how to perfect the classic drink.
A jar of brown sugar.

Out of brown sugar? Here’s how to make your own

Since brown sugar is made of molasses and white sugar, we can reverse-engineer this amazing ingredient to create the ultimate brown sugar at home.
People gathered around outdoor table at night

These are the 6 best picnic recipes for a crowd

Better weather means eating outdoors. Whether you're having a cookout or a large picnic, these are the best scalable recipes that will be a huge crowd-pleaser.
Summer cocktails

These unique summer cocktails each offer a refreshing twist you’ll love

Summer stands for fun and these celebratory cocktails will keep you carefree all season long.
Shrimp ceviche

This shrimp ceviche is your new favorite summer dish

Shrimp ceviche is an easy-to-make, bright, flavorful summer dish, perfect for entertaining or a night at home.
Traeger Grills barbecue brisket

A mouthwatering coffee rub brisket will elevate any barbecue

This coffee rub brisket from our friends at Traeger Grills takes some of the best things in the world — coffee, beef, and fire.
Flames from a charcoal grill.

A top chef shares his favorite summer grilling recipes and tips

Summer spells barbecue and flame-cooked goodness. Do it right with these recipes and tips from one of the top chefs in the game.

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