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Want to make the perfect steak? How about a great margarita your friends won’t stop talking about? Our complete recipe guide covers you no matter what you try to mix, cook, ferment, fry, or bake.

Date and cashew bars

How to make nutritious and delicious trail snacks: Your DIY guide

Learn how to make healthy trail snacks that will fuel you for long days of trekking or overnight hikes.
Ducks in the Pig Pen

The 11 best grill and smoker recipes to make now

Pea puree with fish

Your guide to the pescatarian diet for healthier living

Alcoholic cocktail with pieces of fruit and berries in a bowl

Get creative: How to use hibiscus in your cocktails this spring

Pork carnitas tacos

How to make the perfect carnitas, according to a chef

A person cutting up tomatoes for a healthy meal

The 10 best brunch recipes for restaurant-quality meals at home

grasshopper cocktail

The grasshopper drink is a retro blast from the past — this is how to make it

A southern Crawfish plate

Here’s how to crawfish boil the right way (and everything else there is to know about crawfish)

A Banh Mi sandwich

When lunchtime (or anytime) hunger strikes, these are 13 best sandwich recipes to make

Banana liqueur cocktail

The 10 best banana liqueur cocktails for a taste of the tropics

Eggs Benedict from Hash Kitchen

How to make a buttery hollandaise sauce like a professional chef

Baskets of dim sum, a traditional breakfast

What is dim sum? A guide to China’s most famous culinary tradition

Garlic Hawaiin fried chicken

How to make sweet and crispy Hawaiian fried chicken

From fragrant garlic chicken to sweet mochiko chicken, Hawaii is a fantastic place for fried poultry.
Lil Smokies, pigs in a blanket pork sausages

The best ways to cook Lil Smokies, the perfect appetizer for any gathering

Lil Smokies are a quick and easy appetizer that most people love. Here are a few ways to prepare this delicious app for any gathering.
Earthquake cocktail

How to make the Earthquake cocktail in just 4 simple steps

A favorite of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the Earthquake is a brilliant cocktail that can make evening parties end with a bang. Here's our no-fail recipe.
Pulp Friction

Here are the best cocktails to drink during the upcoming solar eclipse

The solar eclipse might only last a few minutes, but the fun doesn’t have to. Here are the best cocktails to enjoy during this spectacle.
best dinner recipes

13 best dinner recipes that are restaurant quality

For every type of dinner craving — from healthy to indulgent and vegetarian to meat lovers — these are the best recipes that are of restaurant-quality status.
Grilled chicken

How to make peri peri chicken, a South African BBQ classic

Want to know about the delicious and spicy peri peri chicken? Read this simple guide and make your own at home with a chef-approved recipe.
Rob Roy cocktail with cherry garnish

A guide to making a Rob Roy, the Scotch lover’s classic

The Rob Roy is a classic among classic cocktails. Here's how to perfect the Scotch-based drink.
A serving of Ranch Water cocktail

How to make Ranch Water the right way

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make Ranch Water, the best way to ride out a warm spring or summer day.
Rhubarb drinks

7 rhubarb cocktails worth adding to your spring drinking rotation

Rhubarb is a bright veggie that functions more like a fruit. Here are seven great cocktail recipes that use the spring-fresh ingredient.
Two glasses of grapefruit cocktail with grapefruit slices and rosemary garnish on a table

The 30 best spring cocktails to cheers the season with

We've rounded up the best spring cocktail recipes just in time for the most vibrant season of the year. So, clink a glass and toast to the warmer days ahead!
Whiskey with a dark background

The Godfather cocktail is an underrated gem (and you only need 2 ingredients)

When it comes to flavorful, simple cocktails, it’s difficult to top the elegant, nuanced palate of a well-made Godfather cocktail.
A plate of onion sauce on pork chops

How to make soubise, a 3-ingredient onion sauce for grilled meat

Soubise is an onion puree turned sauce that goes great with any type of roasted or grilled meat. Learn how it's made.

Make the best ever bruschetta with this simple secret

This bruschetta recipe is truly extraordinary and will soon become your go-to appetizer for every party you have.
A teal bowl of citrus fruit on marble

The 11 best citrus cocktails to make in 2024

To celebrate the prime of citrus season, which is around the corner, we've gathered the best citrus cocktails that everyone can make for a zestier 2024.
Chicken pot pie by Chef Anand Sastry

Here’s the chicken pot pie recipe you need to bake up this comfort food favorite

The best of both worlds, chicken pot pie combines crispy pastry with rich chicken stew.
Table side prime rib Monterey NYC

Tips and tricks: A pro chef reveals how to cook prime rib

The highlight of any celebration or menu, prime rib requires plenty of skill to execute. Chef James Tracey of Monterey helps us break down this classic.
Beef stew

How to make the perfect beef stew, according to a master chef

Here's how to make the perfect comfort food for those cold spring nights.
Boulevardier cocktail and orange zest on wooden table

How to make the perfect Boulevardier

The Boulevardier is the Negroni's delicious, bourbon-based cousin. It's also a classic cocktail you should creat,e and we are here to help.
Garibaldi cocktail

How to make the Garibaldi, the world’s most complicated 2-Ingredient cocktail

The classic 2-ingredient Garibaldi embodies the perfect warm-weather cocktail: Sweet, refreshing, and easy to drink. Here's how to make it.

4 incredible vermouth cocktails you’re missing out on

While bitters are referred to as the “salt and pepper” of the cocktail world, we believe that (depending on the cocktail) vermouth might be just as important.
Negroni cocktail orange

The amazing 3-ingredient cocktails every home bartender should know how to make

Cocktails don't have to be complicated for them to be delicious. So, here are some foolproof recipes for 3-ingredient cocktails you will definitely enjoy.
El Lugar tlayuda closeup

Tlayudas is the ‘Mexican pizza’ you never knew you needed

Tlayudas are a Mexican street food classic. Chef Alex Mixcoatl shares his favorite tips and tricks with The Manual for this Oaxaca dish.
Salisbury steak from The Forked Spoon

How to make Salisbury steak, an American classic

An iconic American classic, Salisbury steak is a savory and hearty dish guaranteed to satisfy any meat lover.
Raw ribeye steak

How to master the perfect ribeye steak: Tips, tricks (and a delicious recipe)

The ribeye is one of the most delicious steaks, hugely popular in restaurants. Here's how to make a perfect one at home so you can enjoy it whenever.
Small clay cup of Indian chai on a wooden table.

How to make chai tea: Tasty recipes for a homemade delight

An excellent beverage for any weather, a cup of creamy Indian chai is second to none. Read on to learn all the tips and tricks to making this amazing drink.
Cooked white rice

How to cook rice perfectly every time, no matter how you choose to make it

We've got two tried-and-true methods for preparing rice: in a rice cooker and on the stove. Here's how to make sure your rice turns out perfect every time.
Grilled corn on the cob

How to grill corn on the cob: The tips, tricks, and recipes you need

Corn is going to be making its way onto the scene very soon. And these are the grilling recipes you should test out for the best grilled corn.
Lobster on a plate

How to cook lobster the right way — boiling, grilling, and roasting

You don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant and shell out for lobster. With a little know-how, anyone can learn to make lobster at home.
Bechamel sauce over lasagna

You should know how to make these incredible sauces

A good sauce can take your kitchen game to new heights. Here are some of the best sauces to have in your culinary arsenal.
Brennan's Bloody Bull.

This is how to make a Bloody Bull – a better, beefier Bloody Mary recipe

Looking at the Bloody Bull, the meaty cousin of the Bloody Mary. How the drink came to be and a recipe to boot.
Fresh home made Tom Collins cocktails with lemon

How to make the finest Tom Collins cocktail, according to experts

The Tom Collins is a classic cocktail made of gin, soda water, simple syrup, and citrus. Here's how to make the very best version of it.
Bowl of Vietnamese Pho with rice noodles, mung beans, cilantro, spring onions and limes

How to make Vietnamese pho, a perfect soup for any time of the year

A steaming bowl of rich beef broth brimming with noodles and fragrant herbs, pho is widely considered the most famous dish of Vietnam.
Grindwittryz dish

The founder of Pacific Rim cuisine shows us how to make the perfect Hawaiian BBQ

Hawaiian BBQ is a diverse and tasty food category informed by many cultures and perfect for life outside.

Rum 101: An enthusiast’s guide to understanding the different types of rum

Our guide helps you understand the nuances of rum production, so you yourself can discover which types of rum you'll enjoy the most.

Move over, espresso martini — This whiskey-based coffee cocktail is so much better

Move over, espresso martini — This whiskey-based coffee cocktail is so much better
A working bartender.

The drinks pro at the Four Seasons Oahu shares his twist on 5 classic cocktails

Classic cocktails don't have to be boring. Here's how they shake up the recipes at the Four Seasons in Hawaii.
People toasting over plates

5 fun ways to sneak whiskey and other booze into your breakfast foods

Everyone knows about boozy breakfast drinks, but our clever hacks let you add booze to your breakfast in unique ways

This is the simple secret to making incredible meatloaf and meatballs

The secret to keeping your meatloaf, meatballs, or even burgers from drying out is called a panade.

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