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What’s the difference between a suit and a tuxedo? Are skinny jeans still a thing? Where can you find the best sneaker sales? The Manual aims to answer all those questions and more with thorough explanations of sartorial concepts (like the elusive cumberbund) and curated buying guides that focus on everything from underwear to umbrellas. We don’t tell you what to wear, but give us a garment and we’ll tell you how to wear it.

best rolex watches for men submariner lede

The best Rolex watches for men you can buy right now

Rolex is one of the most famous, luxurious, and recognizable brands in the world. When you're ready to invest in a timepiece, these are the best of the best.
man running by mountain

Salomon made a running shoe designed to be beat up – then recycled

Why your wardrobe needs a waxed canvas jacket (and the best ones to get)

unspoken suit rules need know chris hemsworth boss bottled 2017 campaign

How to wear a suit: The unspoken rules (and 2 styles you need to know)

Sperry brooks brothers cordovan shoe.

Brooks Brothers and Sperry’s new shoe collection is just what you want it to be

Harry Shum Jr. standing with James Hong wearing an eastern inspired tuxedo

These 4 men made the Oscars more stylish with the best looks of the night

style tips for holiday party outfits green and tan

How to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day — style tips you need to look your best

paul jays pajamas review pxl 20230220 072532307

Review: These men’s pajamas cost $600 — are they worth it?

Nixon Spectra gold watches for men in style.

The best casual watches for men (to upgrade your everyday style)

fourlaps lounge pants

The 10 best men’s lounge pants to wear all day long

best rolexes for men rolex suit

The 10 most expensive men’s watches in the world

man tying sneakers outside

How to tie your shoes and make any pair in your closet slip-on shoes

St. Patrick’s Day: What to wear (without looking like a leprechaun)

We picked out some great green options so you don't have to resort to a T-shirt with a leprechaun drinking green beer this year. Stay classy out there.

The 10 best men’s workout shirts to help you get fit in 2023

With brands like Vuori, Under Armour, and Lululemon, featuring moisture-wicking, anti-odor technology, here are some of the best men's workout tees.

Make shopping easy: The best gifts for men (no matter what he’s into)

We rounded up the best men's gifts of 2023 to get any man the best present for any occasion, including yourself.
best citizen watches watch

These Citizen watches are fantastic gifts for men

Watches are a gift that any man would love to receive. If you want to give dad something that is elegant and worth the money, consider these Citizen watches.

The 10 best aprons for men: Cook your meals in style

Kitchen aprons are a chef's best friend. Here are the best aprons for men, all of which you can count on to upgrade both your cooking and personal style.
Kanye West wearing a hoodie and a hat

Fashion news: Adidas may set fire to Yeezy gear rather than sell it

The saga of Kanye West continues as his empire falls, and the ripple effect hits Adidas. They are holding the bag of $500 million in unsellable product.
a luxury watch with a black wristband

It’s a down economy — are watches a good investment? Experts weigh in

Are luxury watches for men a good investment during economic uncertainty? Experts weighed in on that and how to get the most bang for your buck.
best automotive inspired watches for men omega speedmaster racing

The coolest automotive-inspired watches for men who love cars

Car enthusiasts who want to expand their passion for four wheels to timepieces should explore these nine options.
Various dress clothes out ready to be packed.

A Stitch Fix expert tells us what to pack for a long weekend getaway this winter

Don't ever be caught unprepared when you go on a weekend getaway. Use this packing list from a Stitch Fix stylist to create the perfect travel list.
Amazfit GTR 4 watch.

We tried the Amazfit GTR 4 watch to see if it’s worth the hype

The Amazfit GTR 4, a smartwatch built for all conditions, has arrived. It has a lot going for it, from great sensors to a stylish build.
Man in underwear getting dressed in a bedroom

The Best Pouched Underwear for Unparalleled Comfort

The Best Pouched Underwear for Unparalleled Comfort

Hunting for the perfect underwear can be a chore. Fortunately, we dive into a sea of skivvies and emerged with a list of the best pouched underwear for 2022.

Get these cargo pants for men for affordable workwear style

Cargo pants have made a strong comeback and are trending and as wearable, cool, and fashionable as your favorite chinos or jeans.
Guy wearing cotopaxi.

Why Cotopaxi has become my favorite outdoor clothing brand

Find out why Cotopaxi has become one of the best outdoor clothing brands on the market.

The 25 wardrobe essentials every man needs: Your ultimate checklist

Check out our list of classic, stylish, and timeless menswear wardrobe essentials that every guy needs in his closet—day after day, year after year.
how to clean sneakers nike air max jpg

How to clean sneakers so they look new again

Nothing makes you want to cry more than scuffing your shoes the first time you wear them. Learn how to clean sneakers for the sake of your sanity.
David Beckham

Signature style: How to look your best no matter the occasion

Signature style: How to look your best no matter the occasion

The ultimate goal of your Signature Style is to become the most elevated version of yourself and find the perfect balance in all areas of style.
6 Simple Ways To Remove Shoe Scuffs

How to remove scuff marks from shoes (6 different methods that really work)

When a clean cloth and elbow grease or warm water and mild liquid soap doesn't do the trick, switch over to our tips for how to remove scuff marks.

The 6 best men’s watches you can buy for under $200

Looking for a watch to flaunt without breaking the bank? These stylish men's watches are affordable and can run the gamut from whimsical to traditional.

The best boxer briefs for men looking for both comfort and style

The best men's boxer briefs provide style, security, and comfort. Our list has the best brands to get in 2023.
An Apple Watch SE being worn on someone's wrist with the apps displayed on its screen.

What we want the Apple Watch to be in 2023

Remember when the Apple Watch launched and was all about being well-designed and flashy? What happened? This is what we want out of a new Apple Watch.
An image of the Meta symbol on the smartwatch face floating in air.

The rumored Meta smartwatch might not be as dead as we thought

Apple has been the dominant force in the smartwatch game, but will Meta's rumored smartwatch get the chance to compete?
A clean pair of eyeglasses on top of books on a bedsheet.

How to remove scratches from glasses in 5 easy steps

Realize that's not dirt on your glasses, but something a bit more permanent? Here's how to remove scratches from glasses when the inevitable happens.
running workouts fitness jump rope

The best stylish workout gear to help you stick to your 2023 fitness resolutions

The best stylish workout gear to help you stick to your 2023 fitness resolutions

New Year Resolutions can be challenging to maintain after January. Check out these stylish gear to help get you back on track.
Alo yoga brand.

The best men’s athleisure brands in 2023 for year-round style and comfort

Athleisure is the combination of loungewear and athletic clothes and these are some of the best brands in 2023.

The best loafers for men: These shoes offer a modern twist on a classic design

Featuring a rich history, loafers look great with anything. We highlight the best slip-on shoes to buy in 2022, from a casual wear to a stylish dress shoe.
signature mens fashion guide commander in chief obama

Signature style: How to dress as sharp as the commander in chief

The Commander in Chief archetype finds the perfect balance between work and play. Here's how to let men's fashion speak for you with this Signature Style.
Man with headphones sitting on couch using cell phone and laptop in a blazer

Dress in tailored style: The best men’s blazers

The best men's blazers are packed with style and versatility for all your dressing needs, even in these casual times. Here are some of our favorites.
Nixon watch

Nixon watches are a fine choice for a first quality timepiece

Nixon watches bridge the gap between cheap, functional watches and pricier, luxury chronometers. For this reason, these watches a great investment
Marathon Navigator

The 9 best men’s watches you can buy under $1,000

The best men's watches that range in price from around $500 to just over $1,000, each selected for its ability to own a moment in time.
smoking jacket

The most sophisticated smoking jackets: Our top picks

While pipe smoking may have fallen out of fashion, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a smoking jacket this 2023.

The best luxury watches for men don’t have to cost $10K

There's something elevated and refined about investing in one of the best luxury watches for men during any time of year, but especially right now.
Man doing sprints and jumps.

The best workout brands for every fitness routine

The best workout brands for every fitness routine

Here are the best workout clothing brands in 2023 regardless of your level of fitness. Be sure to grab some new gear and hit the gym!
fashion trends that should die this year sling bag

4 controversial men’s fashion trends we hope to never see again

2022 had a few clothing trends that blew up and a few that we're hoping to leave behind in 2023. Here are the four we want to get rid of.
best winter socks for men version 1613548668 day by fireplace

The warmest winter socks for men to keep you cozy

Winter season calls for socks. They are durable and plush, making them a must-have in this cold weather. Here are seven of our favorites.
Saul in Desert

Why Saul Goodman is a men’s fashion icon

To fully understand why Saul's outfits have reached legendary status, it's important to grasp his character arc and how clothes symbolize his journey.

Soft and warm, these are the men’s cashmere sweaters your wardrobe needs

The best cashmere sweaters for men bring an added dose of luxury and essential layering to your wardrobe this season and beyond.
10 Best Men's Dress Boots

The best men’s dress boots for your 9-to-5 wardrobe (and beyond)

We've rounded up the best men's dress boots for 2023, offering both versatility and comfort so you can feel great about the way you look in any setting.

The 7 best turtlenecks for men: Be effortlessly stylish with this classic look

Turtlenecks are essential for the colder days ahead. So, here are the best turtlenecks you can purchase this season, with versatile styling potential aplenty.