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What’s the difference between a suit and a tuxedo? Are skinny jeans still a thing? Where can you find the best sneaker sales? The Manual aims to answer all those questions and more with thorough explanations of sartorial concepts (like the elusive cumberbund) and curated buying guides that focus on everything from underwear to umbrellas. We don’t tell you what to wear, but give us a garment and we’ll tell you how to wear it.

burton run dmc collaboration mine 77

Burton and Run DMC partner for new boards, boots, bindings – and a great cause

Burton and Run DMC partnership helps kids in need via two great foundations.

4 summer-ready watches you should wear in winter

how to remove watch links in 5 steps closeup metal on wood

5 great reasons to have a ‘dumb’ watch in 2023

Best winter pants for men

The 10 best winter pants for men to shop right now

Feet wearing Merino wool socks on a blue background.

The best merino wool socks (whether you’re hiking, skiing, or going to work)

Shop Shinesty for this Dark Brown Faux fur coat.

This Valentine’s shop Shinesty, spice things up, and get cozy undies for less

The 10 best tactical watches for men looking for that rugged aesthetic

Apple Watch Series 6 worn by distinguished professional in suit.

An Apple Watch may be your daily driver, but you need a second (better) watch too

The best men’s leather driving gloves to hug the corners in 2023

signature style ralph lauren

Signature style: 3 simple tips to achieve the creative Ralph Lauren look

10 Best Men's Winter Boots

The 9 best men’s winter boots for style and warmth

ibex merino insulated ski gear review whatsapp image 2023 01 15 at 6 34 39 pm

The perfect skiing mid layer? Why this jacket has become my winter gear go-to

hari mari boots for fall and winter chelsea

These winter boots are the best of the best from Hari Mari this year

Give your feet the warmth and style they deserve as you endure the fall and winter months with these must-have boots from Hari Mari.
the best mens leather coats for men

Style meets comfort: The top 5 men’s fashion trends for winter 2023

The secret to looking stylish as it gets colder? The answer is selecting pieces that are practical, comfortable and will make you feel good.
signature style james bond 2

Signature style: Dress like James Bond, the ultimate in suave sophistication

You don't have to be rich to dress like James Bond. The James Bond style archetype will put you in a league of your own.

Here’s how to remove watch links in 5 easy steps for a better fit

A great watch allows you to customize the fit just like your clothing. Be a pro in changing the fit of your watches by following these 5 simple steps.
Smiling nan in a red ski jacket and helmet standing on a ski slope.

The best ski and snowboard jackets for bombing the slopes in 2023

From resort skiing to extreme backcountry powder adventures, these are the best ski and snowboard jackets available right now.
How to choose a men's overcoat

Look stylish everywhere you go: Here’s how to wear that new overcoat

You've gone through the painstaking process of buying an overcoat. Now it's time to learn how to get the most out of it.
James Bond

Let James Bond teach you a valuable winter fashion lesson: Layering

James Bond is a legend in men's style. Let this icon teach you how to layer garments so you can become a legend in men's winter fashion.

These casual styles for men will keep you looking cool while staying warm

When the winter weather comes rolling in, there are some casual outfits for men that can keep you looking great while staying warm and dry.
winter coats for men savage gentleman ketchum

Button up in this year’s best winter coats for men

Guarding against the cold is different depending on your home, but whether in the frozen tundra or mild winters, these 7 coats will keep you stylish and warm.
Man dressed in winter clothes running under the snowy weather.

The best winter running gear: Our top picks to start 2023 off right

These are the best winter running gear you can get to help combat the cold if you're planning on doing any running this winter.
Man sitting in a green corduroy jacket.

Check out these 2023 fashion trends and be the most stylish man in your group

Every year brings new resolutions and new possibilities to reinvent yourself. Here are the 2023 fashion trends that will help you reinvent your style.
Man with black gloves cleaning sneakers.

How to clean sneakers and keep your feet lookin’ fresh

Freshen up your sneakers in no time with our fool-proof cleaning method for fabrics including, suede, leather, and canvas.
A man's hair with hair oil in it

Answer your winter hair problems: The 5 best men’s hair oils

The best hair oils for men are rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish, hydrate, and protect. They can even prevent graying or hair loss.
unspoken suit rules need know chris hemsworth boss bottled 2017 campaign

How to wear a suit: The unspoken rules (and 2 styles you need to know)

Knowing how to wear a suit the right way is hard. Here's an easy-to-follow cheat sheet of the most important rules on how to wear a suit for any occasion.
best rolexes for men rolex suit

You could soon buy a Rolex and write it off as a charitable donation (maybe)

Paddy the Baddy is turning a once-in-a-lifetime gift of a Rolex watch into an opportunity to feed kids and end male suicides.
An adult man.

How to be an adult: 9 things every grown-up should own

Are you ready for some "adulting?" Discover what you need to own before you can truly call yourself a grown-up.

The best men’s shoes for every occasion and every style

Shoes are the first fashion impression people receive. Invest in these essentials and reap the rewards. These are the best shoes for men to buy now.
Close-up bright pink necktie makes a colorful contrast to a neutral gray suit on businessman

How to tie a tie: A step-by-step to 4 popular knots

It's essential that every man should know how to tie a tie with ease. Here are four classic tie knots to master along with step-by-step instructions.
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

The top 5 last-minute gifts under $500 you can get today

Many people procrastinate on their Christmas shopping, but that doesn't mean you can't produce the best gifts under the tree with these five ideas.
The Best Money Clips For Men in 2021.

12 best money clips to help you ditch your bulky wallet in 2023

Money clips don't just act as a refined alternative to your everyday wallet. Here are the best money clips to buy in 2022 to help you stay organized in style.
Presents for couples.

Gifts for me: Treat yourself with these amazing finds no one else will get you

Do you find yourself thinking, "What about gifts for me?" Our self-care gift guide has some great suggestions.
duck boots

What are duck boots (and which ones should you buy)?

Duck boots love the wet seasons. But just what are duck boots and when should you wear these odd inventions?
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

These gifts for men are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for guys in your life

Are you one of those men who are hard to buy gifts for? These gifts for men will impress every time.
Man wearing James Bond cashmere wool sweater.

15 classy sweaters for your Christmas celebration

These are the best sweaters to wear for Christmas and beyond, featuring picks for every type of style or occasion.
how to clean a leather jacket man in

How to dress your age: The ultimate guide for every decade

As we age, our style and our preferences change with our bodies. This is a guide to help you navigate getting older while staying in style at all times.

These fun Christmas socks will add a festive touch to your holiday outfit

These fun and cozy Christmas socks for men are the best gifts for the holidays.
Young Handsome African American Man talking on cell phone outdoor, wearing blue V neck T shirt, holding laptop computer, standing against wall on street, looking down, listening.

The case for the fashionable T-shirt: Make a statement with this simple garment

In a world where men are called slobs for wearing T-shirts, here's your guide on how to wear this comfy stable and be the sharpest guy in the room.

The 14 best clothing subscription boxes for men in 2023

No time to go out and about? No problem. Here are some of the best men's clothing subscription boxes and styling services you can take advantage of in 2022.
how to remove sweat stains

The definitive guide on how to remove sweat stains from shirts

Do you have some odd color down under? Check out our quick guide to learn how to remove stains from shirts without much fuss.
style tips for holiday party outfits christmas

Ditch the ugly Christmas sweater: How to dress for a holiday party

Christmas sweaters are a part of the season, but they also are almost impossible to look great. Opt for one of these outfits for your Christmas party.
The top and bottom of a pair of slip on shoes.

The best men’s slip-on shoes that aren’t loafers or boat shoes

These are the best slip-on shoes you can wear anywhere and that don't work like everyone's boat shoes.
stocking stuffers for men christmas stockings

The 20 best stocking stuffers for men in 2022

Here are the best stocking stuffers to add to your cart for that special man in your life this 2022 holiday season!
scarves for men

The 15 best scarves for men this winter

The 15 best scarves for men this winter

Our list of the best scarves for men features picks for everyone A stylish scarf is key to finishing off your look with both fashion and warmth in mind.
A pair of Yeezy sneakers.

All falls down: How Kanye’s recent behavior impacts his fashion legacy

Now that Kanye West's clothing line is over, what will his legacy be in the fashion world?
Family wearing matching family pajamas.

The best family Christmas pajamas for matching holiday cheer

The best family Christmas pajamas for matching holiday cheer

Create lasting holiday memories with the 10 best family Christmas pajamas.
Presents for couples.

The best gifts under $50 for men this holiday season

Buying gifts for the men in your life this holiday season shouldn't be difficult and expensive. Check out our gift guide to help you out!
6 Simple Ways To Remove Shoe Scuffs

6 different methods to remove scuff marks from shoes (that really work)

You can surprisingly repair most shoe scuffs and abrasions with these common household items: Toothpaste, erasers, petroleum jelly, and more.
Indiana Jones

Signature style: Channel your inner Indiana Jones for the ultimate rugged look

The Adventurer may be one of the most coveted archetypes for men's style. Here's how you can design your wardrobe to channel Indiana Jones.