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Culture is the best phrase to describe the experiences, art, and knowledge that affect our daily lives, including design and architecture; our favorite media to consume, like books, podcasts, music, and TV; and general life skills. This is where you’ll find the most guides, from how to smoke a cigar to tips for your first tattoo.

super bowl tickets version 1675362824 lvii

Headed to Super Bowl LVII? Here are the best deals, according to experts

Want to watch the Eagles take on the Chiefs in person for Super Bowl 2023? Check out these Super Bowl flight deals that have been vetted by the experts.
best david fincher movies davidfincher

These are the best David Fincher movies, ranked

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet these 10 influential Black leaders in history

Man giving woman a bouquet of roses.

The best Valentine’s Day flowers you can buy (Don’t wait for the last minute)

man with beanie on in the cold

Do you have winter blues? Try these 12 tips to get a serotonin boost

Denzel Washington in Malcolm X.

10 best Black History movies to watch in February and beyond

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

These are the best action movies on Hulu to stream now

The lady-approved list of Valentine’s Day gifts for her for 2023

Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, and other actors playing as American soldiers riding a boat in "Saving Private Ryan."

The 15 best war movies of all time, ranked

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams in Game Night.

The best Jason Bateman movies of all time

ufc 257 poirier vs mcgregor 2 ppv bundle deal conor v donald cerrone

UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere

the last of us season 1 episode 3 recap murray bartlett nick offerman

‘The Last of Us’ episode 3 is a perfect bottle episode of television

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street.

The best Jonah Hill movies to watch online

Jonah Hill is a gifted actor, and each of these movies showcases what he's capable of.
Vietnam War.

The greatest Vietnam War books ever written

Including authors from the United States and Vietnam, this reading list of Vietnam War books provides a diverse range of perspective on the topic.
Netflix logo on tv with red back lighting

People just might hate Netflix ads a little less than previously thought

Netflix's new ad-supported tier may be hurting its business a little less than some thought.
Couple posing at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney, PA

Did you know you could go to a groundhog reveal (and they’re kind of a big deal)?

See Punxsutawney Phil and experience Groundhog Day 2023 in person.
best seth rogen movies sethrogen

The 10 best Seth Rogen movies, ranked

The Canadian raised, well-known stoner-comedian has more than just his pop culture career to go on. We're here today to praise his achievements in the movies.

The 14 best action movies on Netflix

Fight scenes, chase scenes, race scenes — all the hallmarks of a cinematic adrenaline rush. Here are the best action movies you can watch on Netflix this year.
woman listening to podcast and smiling

These are the best music podcasts to cue up in 2023

The podcast is the new book and when music is the topic, great stories are told. Here are some of the best music podcasts to give a spin.

The 13 best Netflix documentaries to stream right now

We've found the best documentaries that you can stream on Netflix right now across a wide array of genres.
stranger things

The 11 best sci-fi series to stream on Netflix right now

If you want to escape from the boring reality we call life, these best sci-fi shows on Netflix this year will guarantee an out-of-this-world viewing experience.
Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born.

The 10 best Bradley Cooper movies of all time

As one of the great actors of his generation, a Bradley Cooper movie is almost guaranteed to be good.
how to pick a lock white man picking a lock

Learn how to pick a lock like a pro in 6 easy steps

Whether you're just forgetful or you're planning for the end of the world, pro lockpicker Ryan Brown has key advice on how to pick a lock for newbies.
best movies disney plus princessbride  1

The 13 best movies on Disney+ to binge right now

Disney+ contains all the Disney movies we know and more, detailed in this list of incredible movies available to stream.
the last of us episode 2 recap anna torv bella ramsey pedro pascal cropped

These are the 2 biggest highlights in ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 2

These are the 2 biggest highlights in ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 2

The beauty of the scenes in the second episode of HBO's new mega-hit "The Last of Us" is in the simplicity and execution of their production design.
Blade Runner 2049

The best Ryan Gosling movies of all time

Ryan Gosling has had a fascinating, diverse career. We've gathered his best movies here.
best ryan reynolds movies pikachu

Most video game movies are terrible, but these are the best ever made

Most video game movies aren't great, but these are the the ones that defy that general trend.
weirdest things tsa found in luggage

Guns in chickens? The weirdest places TSA found illegal items last year

Air travel is a challenge — from hustling to wait in line to packing, only to remove clothing. TSA's list of most shocking 2022 finds reminds us why.
Jack Nicholson in Chinatown.

Catch this neo-noir classic before it leaves HBO Max

Chinatown is a classic neo-noir, and it's leaving HBO Max pretty soon.
a ton of $20 bills

The U.S. government has a real inflation calculator anyone can use

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a real, live inflation calculator. Be warned: The results are pretty grim, though true.

The 12 best Amazon Prime movies to stream right now

Amazon Prime has some of the best movies to stream online right now, but finding them can be a real pain. We've rounded up some top picks right here.
Workouts for the Cold and Snow

These winter workouts get you out of the gym and into the great outdoors

Winter isn't the easiest time of year to get outside and stay fit, but these four ideas can help you to change it up this year and keep up your fitness journey.
headphone laptop podcast

15 true crime podcasts to obsess over this year

True crime is one of the most popular podcast genres out there, and these are the best pods to start with this year.
Sexy banana.

The best sex toys to heat things up, whether you’re flying solo or sharing

Looking for the best sex toys for couples or individuals? These spicy special somethings are best shared.
best shows on hulu arresteddevelopment

The 16 best shows on Hulu to stream right now

Looking for a new show to watch? We've narrowed down the best options on Hulu, all of which are well reviewed and heavily binged by viewers.
the last of us episode one recap cropped pedro pascal

Recap: Everything you missed in the first episode of ‘The Last of Us’

After over a year of hype and speculation, HBO's television adaptation of the legendary "The Last of Us" video game finally premiered.
A man listening to headphones.

This website is a curated musical time machine we can’t stop listening to

Time travel and music are two of the best things out there. With Radioooooo, a internet radio site, you can engage in both.
Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Yang in 'Everything Everywhere All at Once.'

Ranked: The best movies of 2022 (and what we’re most looking forward to in 2023)

The best movies of 2022 have only gotten us even more excited about what 2023 may bring.
Weed in thailand.

Weed is now legal in Thailand: Here’s what you need to know

Hurrah! Thailand has legalized weed! Here's everything you need to know about the new laws, where to get it, and what it costs.
The Last of Us

TV shows to watch: The binge-worthy list you’ll need this year

These are the TV shows that are helping us get optimistic about 2023.
Bojack Horseman and Princess Caroline

The 33 best Netflix shows to stream now

You don't need to waste time browsing for the perfect title — we've found the very best shows on Netflix to binge this month.
A scene from CES 2023.

CES 2023: The Manual’s Editors’ Choice winners are…

Here are our favorite finds from CES 2023, ranging from urine analysis gadgets to cars and electric bikes. Buckle up and take in the future of tech.
Playin' Pickleball's YouTube page.

There’s a new way to play the game of pickleball right in your own living room

Virtual pickleball becomes a reality via the official launch of "Playin Pickleball," which simulates real-life gameplay with Meta Quest 2 VR Goggles.
best snowboarding movies and documentaries the 9 to add your 2021 watch list

The 8 best snowboarding movies and documentaries to add to your watch list

If you're craving some spice and action from the comfort of your home, you may want to watch these heart-stopping snowboarding movies and documentaries.
RMS Titanic floating on water in an old black-and-white photo.

This is how the Titanic’s engine worked before an iceberg sunk the ship

While the Titanic is known for being one of the largest and most luxurious ships, its engine was one of its more noteworthy features.
ski downhill mountain

The 6 best ski movies and documentaries of all time

There's never a wrong time of year for a good ski movie. Here are the best of all time.
adult happy meals are here nonthaburi  bang yai 29 there is a 2017 logo mcdonald s

Mcdonald’s explores automated store, so our dystopian future is one step closer

Last month, McDonald's launched their first fully automated, no-humans-required, soulless, and lovin' it restaurant, and people have feelings.
Netflix logo on tv with red back lighting

The 23 best Netflix movies to stream right now

From Netflix originals to acclaimed older films, we've got you covered with an updated list of the best movies to watch on Netflix this month.
A whole lot of psychedelics.

What is DMT? Learn why this powerful drug is unlike other psychedelics

DMT is unlike any other psychedelic. Learn about the experience and what DMT researcher Dr. Steve Barker has to say about this unique, powerful drug.
Robert De Niro in The Godfather: Part II.

You’ll never see Scorsese’s Goncharov starring De Niro — since it doesn’t exist

It's not a real movie, but that hasn't stopped the internet from being obsessed with Scorsese's 'Goncharov.'