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Everyone thinks the latest Adidas shoes were inspired by Yeezys, but we really have Kobe Bryant to thank

What do you think of these new shoes from Adidas?

Adidas Mad Iiinfinity Shoes
Adidas / Adidas

It wasn’t long ago that everyone was flocking to Adidas to get their hands on the latest Yeezy drop. At the time, many found the designs too farfetched and out-of-the-box, but over time, they became the hottest sneakers. While Yeezys have become less popular, with most having to do with Kanye West’s actions out of the design room, they’re still instantly recognizable sneakers with iterations available in select places. However, thanks to the latest Adidas drop, many are taking the time to recall the Yeezys. 

With Adidas’ Mad IIInfinity Shoes, many see similarities to the old Yeezy design. While there are striking similarities between the two, and the fact they were both produced by Adidas adds to that, the newest Adidas sneaker is reminiscent of a shoe even further in the athletic brand’s past — one that belongs to the late Kobe Bryant. 

Kobe Bryant’s subtle Adidas past

For those unfamiliar with Bryant’s marketing past, you’ll probably only recognize his partnership with Nike. While this collaboration brought some iconic designs and items that are still popular today, Bryant was once affiliated with Adidas. During this time, Bryant and Adidas released ‘THE KOBE’ in 2000. This iconic shoe was bold for its time and its thick and cushioned silhouette around the outside. 

When Bryant departed from Adidas and joined Nike, the company decided to continue with the silhouette under a new name: ‘The Crazy 1.’ Since renaming the shoe, Adidas has released several iterations in different colors and slightly altered silhouette details. 

And while Adidas’ Yeezy shares a similar futuristic silhouette that strays from your typical fashion-forward sneaker, the original Kobe 1 and Kobe 2 have a more pronounced design that makes them look bulkier and more prominent. These original colors also came in various color combinations that made them even more eye-catching and bold, making them perfect under the lights of a basketball arena. 

Adidas’ newest drop

Adidas’ latest drop gave the perfect homage to this once-statement sneaker. The Mad Iiinfinity Shoe is the next iteration of this sequence, along with the Crazy Iiinfinity Shoe. This new version is almost completely void of color except for a silver and blue streak that runs along the shoe. With a more robust bulb shape, this next version is an evolution in the series that was once named after the late Kobe Bryant. 

Those looking to pick up this unique shoe will be able to grab a pair starting February 15 on the Adidas website and select third-party retailers. The sneaker will be available in the sleek “Core Black” color for $180 and is the perfect modern retelling of the once-iconic shoe. Considering the void that Yeezys left in the Adidas platform, there’s no doubt that this Kobe-inspired sneaker will be the next must-have item for sneakerheads. 

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