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Our Place tamales.

How to reheat tamales: Learn the secret to every method

Reheat your tamales while still retaining their flavors with these tips on how to reheat them using a steamer, microwave, stove, oven, or air fryer.
parchment paper tip for cooking fish salmon

This fish cooking trick gives you perfect crispy skin without messing up the pan

This clever little hack from ChefSteps is here to save your cookware and your sanity with just one quick and easy addition to your fish cooking process.

The 10 best aprons for men: Cook your meals in style

Kitchen aprons are a chef's best friend. Here are the best aprons for men, all of which you can count on to upgrade both your cooking and personal style.
Paella from La Pulperia.

The ultimate guide to world-class seafood paella, according to an executive chef

Want to make seafood paella? We've gathered insight from expert chef Miguel Molina to learn how to make world-class seafood paella.
a vegan burger on a cutting board

Study: By 2040, over half of the meat we eat will be vegan or lab-grown

A new study shows that lab-grown and vegan meats are about to get even more popular in the years to come. Here's what else it found.
Ways to Make Coffee

Colombian or Kona coffee: Which is the superior drink?

Many coffee types are worth exploring, but the two coffee varieties that people seem to be the most drawn to at the moment are Kona and Columbian.
how to truss a chicken 16619015518 fa5e11b4b1 o

Video: Let the great Jacques Pepin teach you how to properly truss a chicken

If you have struggled with this process in the past, it's time to take a lesson from the master himself and learn how to properly truss a chicken.
Plate of oysters on ice.

A chef breaks down East Coast vs. West Coast oysters (plus, which is best)

A chef breaks down East Coast vs. West Coast oysters (plus, which is best)

Oysters are delicious and confusing. Chef Michael Cressotti of Mermaid Oyster Bar explains the differences between East Coast and West Coast oysters for us.

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