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Brittney Bertagna, RN

Brittney Bertagna, RN

Brittney is a graduate of California State University, Chico, where she completed a Bachelor's degree in Business. Her academic success continued when she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University. As a Registered Nurse, Brittney is an advocate for healthy living. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds solace in the world of horticulture, traveling, and immersing herself in the great outdoors.

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Sliced oragnes

These are the fruits high in vitamin C you should be eating

Although oranges are often regarded as the best source of vitamin C, there are a number of other fruits that also offer substantial amounts.
Grilled steak with glass of red wine

What is the Atlantic Diet? It’s similar to the Mediterranean diet

After a cycle of restrictive diets, do you feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled? We’ve got you covered.
Fruit Salad

What is the healthiest fruit? 5 items you should be eating daily

The healthiest fruit is not a single fruit, but rather a variety of fruits that offer a range of nutritional benefits.
Man lifting deadlift bar

These are the 3 types of exercise you should be doing for better mental health, study says

Exercise has been shown to improve symptoms of depression, new study finds.
Friends sharing a meal in a restaurant

Intuitive eating is different from any other diet: 5 tips you need to know to succeed

Intuitive eating isn't just a fad diet; it's a whole new way of approaching your relationship with food.
Man and women sharing a meal together

Intuitive eating: The hottest new dieting hack, explained

Intuitive eating is an empowering approach that teaches you to listen to your body's natural hunger signals rather than external dieting rules.
Person standing on asphalt holding a dumbbell in each hand.

BMI vs set point weight – There’s a clear winner

BMI is a rigid, old standard. Your "Set Point Weight" may be a better indicator of your actual well-being. Here's why.
macros for weight loss ratio pexels michael burrows 7129726

This macros ratio will help you reach your weight loss goal without feeling deprived

This is the ideal ratio of macros for weight loss so you can fuel up with healthy foods and get the results you're looking for.
Man smiling to the camera with woman working out behind him

Noom, WW, MyFitnessPal: Do you really need a weight loss app?

Weight loss apps promise big results, but are they really necessary?
Handsome happy bearded man is preparing wonderful fresh vegan salad in the kitchen at home

A new study says you can increase life expectancy by up to 10 years by following this healthy diet

Following these guidelines can lead to gains in life expectancy, especially if dietary changes are adopted earlier in life.
Man sitting on floor cross legged

This is the secret to reducing stress and improving your mood

Stress can affect us in many harmful ways. Meditation is a practical, effective way to reduce your stress.
Man outside holding a cut head of lettuce

Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and more: Science says one is actually the healthiest choice

We all know lettuce is healthy, but which is the healthiest type of lettuce? This is what you should know
Avocado cut in half

Weight loss while eating more fat – Here’s how it works

Can you realize weight loss while still eating fat? Yes! Here's how it works, and some advice to follow
Mediterranean meal of greek salad, seven grain salad, salmon fillet and a small bowl of blueberries, surrounded by Mediterranean diet foods.

A new study says the Mediterranean diet is good for more than just weight loss

The Mediterranean Diet has long been known for health benefits related to weight loss, but a new study has found that it can also be good for your mind.
Group of people sharing a holiday meal sitting at the table

Eggnog, sangria, and more: How to lower the calorie content of your favorite Christmas cocktails

Enjoy the holiday season with a classic cocktail like eggnog without the calorie count that is typically associated with doing so.
Whole coffee beans

Cream or sugar? New study finds adding one of these to your coffee is associated with weight gain

Coffee has been linked to weight management, but does that hold true if you add cream or sugar? New study reveals the answer.
yoga class side bend seated on mats

What is hot yoga? Why this should become your new winter workout

Hot yoga is the workout you need this winter. Find out why.
Three meals in glass containers

This one simple healthy food trick may get you to eat better more often

In an ideal world, we'd eat healthy food all the time, but that isn't always possible. With this trick, eating healthy will be a lot easier.
Young man talking by mobile phone while running on treadmill in office

Is walking at a treadmill desk really that helpful? We investigate

Walking workouts at a treadmill desk have become more and more popular. This is what you need to know before making the change.
Containers of different gummy candy

Ultra-processed foods are seriously unhealthy (and these are the items hiding in your pantry you didn’t realize you should avoid)

Want to build a healthy diet? Ditch these ultra-processed foods.
Scale with measuring tape on top

How to lose belly fat fast: Your daily checklist

So many products promise they're the best way to lose belly fat, but this is the routine you should follow to get the job done.
Blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries in the same container

Study: 25% of people cancel out healthy eating with snacks (but you can fix that by doing this one thing)

Learn how snacking can ruin your diet and cancel out healthy habits.
Spoon full of stevia with a raspberry on top

Increase energy throughout your day with the glycemic index

A low glycemic diet can improve your energy levels and daily routine. This is what you need to know.
Fruit wrapped in measuring tape

The 5 lowest-calorie foods on earth

Calories are the currency of energy for our bodies. Understanding the caloric content of the foods you consume is essential to monitoring your eating habits.
Table of healthy foods in small bowls

These are the signs you have a healthy metabolism (and when you should worry)

These signs tell you if you have a healthy metabolism, and when to worry if your metabolism isn't so healthy after all.
Red apple with measuring tape around it

Can an OMAD diet help you with weight loss? What you need to know

OMAD dieting is popular, but can it lead to weight loss? We research and report
Mookie Betts playing baseball

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with his own portable kitchen so he can eat healthy no matter where he goes

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with a portable kitchen so he can eat right anywhere he goes
Gluten free cereals corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, pasta and flour with scratched text gluten on brown wooden background,overhead horizontal view

The pros and cons of a gluten-free diet, according to an expert

The gluten-free diet is trendy, but is it good for you? An RD weighs in.
Person sitting cross legged on the ground holding a sound bowl.

Stress killer: 5 ways to practice mindfulness throughout your day to reduce stress

Feeling stress in your day-to-day life? Practicing mindfulness may help - here's how to do it
CBD Hemp oil, Doctor holding a bottle of hemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf, cbd and hash oil, alternative medicine

CBD 101: A doctor tells us how to use CBD for sleep, anxiety, and pain

CBD has a variety of use-cases, but many don't know where to begin. A doctor tells us how to use CBD, including the right dosage for sleep, anxiety, and pain
Closeup view of man with slim body in oversized jeans on grey background. Weight loss.

This weight loss chart may be the secret key to a slimmer physique

Weight loss is tough for everyone, but this chart might help you eat better and avoid putting the weight back on
Protein food sources on a surface next to a bar bell

Muscle-building diet: How (and what) to eat to build muscle and trim fat

Want to build muscle and lose fat? Who doesn't?! This is our best advice for creating a muscle-building diet.
Fresh Watercress bundle

The CDC just released its list of top superfoods, and we bet you’re not eating most of them

These are the absolute top 5 superfoods, according to the CDC.