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Ah, the great outdoors. Don’t let a lack of experience keep you from enjoying it. We’ve got gear suggestions, guides, and how-tos for aspiring adventurers and seasoned explorers alike. Camping, hiking, and survival essentials are our focus, but we also touch on activities like snow sports, off-roading, and extreme experiences, as well as general fitness and exercise.

A tent near a body of water with a view of the rising sun.

The 13 Best Camping Gifts for Your Favorite Outdoorsman

Looking for the perfect camping gift? We've got plenty of suggestions that will help your recipient get more from the great outdoors.
Two men walk a trail using the BioLite HeadLamp 425.

BioLite Headlamp 425 review: Recharge your winter adventures

Growatt’s newly launched INFINITY portable power station gets a Black Friday deal

Clouds surrounding a mountain in Alaska

More people disappear in the Alaska Triangle than anywhere else

Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

These gifts for men are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for guys in your life

burton mystery series snowboarding event

Is the Burton Mystery Series coming to a resort near you?

Runhood RALLY 600.

Runhood offers award-winning, unique, ‘infinite’ portable power station design

Snowboarders Walking

Revealed: The best snowboarding gear to hit the slopes with in 2023

Riding a mountain bike in the Five Ten Freerider Pro BCA shoes.

Help fight breast cancer with these limited edition Adidas shoes

Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard

Keep warm and look good with the best snowboarding clothes of 2023

Völkl Skis

Hit the slopes in style this season: Our top picks for all the best ski gear

Snowboarder catching some air at the Olympics.

New to snowboarding tricks? This is the video you need to watch

micro guide beech mountain n c snowboarding

Snowboarding tips: Set your snowboard stance for a winter of shredding

Setting up your snowboarding stance is the foundation of getting your ride right. Get your setup sorted now for a winter of shredding.
evo membership rewards program snowboarding skiing discounts flagship store seattle

New rewards program turns snowboard purchases into discounted snowboarding trips

Snowboarding and skiing just got a lot better — and less expensive — with evo Membership, a new rewards program that even discounts trips worldwide.
Blood Moon during 2018 eclipse.

There’s a total lunar eclipse next week: Here are the best places to watch it

The Manual and team up to investigate the best spots in the US to see the full moon lunar eclipse on November 8.
Collection of survival food and dehydrated meals.

The 8 best survival food kits to stock up on in 2022

Having a survival food kit stashed away in your apartment or your car might come in handy sooner than you think. Here are the best survival food kits this year.
beginner skiing guide man top ski trail

How to wax skis to maximize your slide down the slopes

Properly waxed skis will have you gliding effortlessly down the slopes. Start your winter off right with these ski wax tips.
A man hauling a gray Pelican cooler on a beach.

These are the 9 best coolers like Yeti, but cheaper

If you’re looking for solid Yeti alternatives -- coolers like Yeti but cheaper -- here are the nine best options on the market right now.
A man puts another log on the campfire wearing Ibex Nomad pants.

Ditch the hiking pants: these Ibex merino joggers are the answer to cozy camping

Fall is all about being cozy. Whether you're sitting around a campfire or looking for cozy pants for van life this fall, check out these merino pants from Ibex.
EcoFlow DELTA 2 portable power station on the counter.

Review: How the EcoFlow Delta 2 held up to Hurricane Ian and its aftermath

While weathering Ian, the recent hurricane that rocked the eastern coast, I had the opportunity to write an EcoFlow Delta 2 review. Here's my experience.
How To Fell a Tree

How to cut down a tree without ending up in the emergency unit

Learn to safely fell a tree by picking a direction of fall, escape routes, and knowing how to make your cut to avoid kickback.

How to safely remove a leech (or avoid them altogether)

Leeches get a bad rap, but it's not altogether undeserved. Learn how to remove one of these blood suckers safely, before you find one hanging from your leg.
Jackery is great for vanlife.

I’ve tried all the Jackery solar power generators: So which should you buy?

Jackery makes a bunch of different solar power generators. So which is right for you? Find out which capacity will best suit your needs.
A man sits on the far side of the campfire while smoke rises in front of him.

How to build a campfire in 6 simple steps

Learn to build a campfire safely and effectively before your next camping trip.

How to survive a bear attack: Your essential guide

Bear attacks are uncommon, but knowing what to do in the event of one is part of being a skilled outdoorsman in the backcountry.
A man runs through the desert on a trail running event.

Why this year’s Backyard Ultra Team Championship might be the most extreme yet

The backyard ultra marathon is the ultimate test of endurance, but what about if you pitch runners from 37 countries up against one another?
Four-season sleeping bag

Myth or fact: You should sleep naked in a sleeping bag to keep warm

The age-old myth suggests that sleeping naked in your sleeping bag keeps you warmer, but is it right or should you wear clothes?
A campfire pot hanger holds a kettle over a stone circle.

Campfire cooking: This is the absolute best way to make a pot hanger

There are many different ways to hang a campfire cooking pot, but this adjustable pot hanger lets you adjust the heat exposure and go from boil to simmer.
Using a Ryobi String Trimmer on a lawn.

Best cheap Ryobi tool deals for October 2022

Best cheap Ryobi tool deals for October 2022

There are so many Ryobi yard tools and power tools that keeping track of the best Ryobi deals can be a challenge, but we do it for you.
Hikers wearing Jack Wolfskin tapeless jackets.

This waterproof jacket just might solve your rainy hike woes

The Tapeless Jacket, a more breathable shell, is the new waterproof jacket now available from Jack Wolfskin in select stores and on its website.
Golf clubs in a bag.

The best golf club deals for October 2022

The best golf club deals for October 2022

Beginners and even intermediate golfers can get confused and even overwhelmed by the advertising and marketing rhetoric that surrounds golf clubs.
best golf ball deals callaway diablo tour

The best golf ball deals for October 2022

The best golf ball deals for October 2022

Because playing golf can be a drain on your wallet if you play regularly, we scouted out the best golf ball deals you can buy today.
best cheap knife deals sales japanese 2020

Best cheap knife deals and sales for October 2022

Best cheap knife deals and sales for October 2022

Here, we've rounded up a selection of cheap knife deals and sales, spanning daily carry knives, all-purpose camping knives, and hunting knives.
Caroma electric skateboard

Best cheap skateboard deals for October 2022

Best cheap skateboard deals for October 2022

It's always a good time to find cheap skateboard deals, so if you're shopping for a skateboard deal, check here often because we'll update this list regularly.
Potensic T25 Drone

Best cheap drone deals for October 2022

Best cheap drone deals for October 2022

If you're looking for cheap drone deals, your timing is excellent. Drone prices continue to fall as the markets for hobbyist and action video drones soar.
how to grill a filet mignon on gas barbecue gourmet entrecote steaks at summer party

Best Grill Deals: Get Your Grilling Hat on From $107

Best Grill Deals: Get Your Grilling Hat on From $107

Looking for a new grill to begin or carry on your grilling adventure? Here are the best grill deals going on plus what to look for when shopping.
skiing vs snowboarding for beginners man powder  alps zauchensee austria

7 essential things you have to do now so your ski gear is ready for winter

Winter is just around the corner, so prepare your ski gear and yourself for a winter on the slopes with our guide.
Juiced Bikes Scorpion

Best cheap electric bike deals for October 2022

Best cheap electric bike deals for October 2022

Here, we've rounded up all the best cheap electric bike deals you can shop today.
Yvon Chouinard Patagonia

6 eco-friendly brands fighting climate change you can feel good about buying

These inspiring sustainable clothing brands are leading initiatives to ensure a natural world that can be enjoyed by future generations.
A man mows his lawn with the Black Max self-propelled lawn mower.

Best Lawn Mower Deals for October 2022

Best Lawn Mower Deals for October 2022

This is an excellent time to find cheap lawn mower deals on last year's models and the newer models now filling retailers' inventories.
Garmin Vivoactive Watch

Best cheap Garmin watch deals for October 2022

Best cheap Garmin watch deals for October 2022

If you are searching for the best smartwatches for men in 2022, you'll definitely want to check the best Garmin watch deals.

Best cheap smoker deals for October 2022

Best cheap smoker deals for October 2022

We scoured the internet to find the best cheap smoker deals available today, plus handy tips on how to choose a smoker.
Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Best cheap bicycle deals for October 2022

Best cheap bicycle deals for October 2022

Summer is an excellent time to save on a new bicycle purchase, so we found the best deals in several categories.
rei 4th of july sale 2020 tent

Best cheap tent deals for October 2022

Best cheap tent deals for October 2022

Starting out camping can be tough and expensive, which is why we've gathered a list of the best tent deals you can shop today, and we update it regularly!
campfire cooking

Fall camping tips: The ultimate guide to campfire cooking

Make the most of your time in camp this fall and go beyond the skewer, with these campfire cooking tips.
Zendure SuperBase V power station product image on blank background.

Zendure’s SuperBase V Is Like No Other Power Station: EV Charging Is Here

Zendure’s SuperBase V Is Like No Other Power Station: EV Charging Is Here

Zendure's SuperBase V power station offers energy anywhere, anytime, with many industry firsts -- like Semi-Solid-State technology -- and EV charging too!
A table and tent under the trees in fall.

Fall camping tips: 6 simple ways to avoid a miserable trip

Keep your fall camping trips enjoyable and prepare for long nights outside with these camping tips.
the best winter sleeping bag for trekking camping and mountaineering

Cold weather camping tips: How to stay warm in your tent through fall and winter

Cold weather can shift the whole camping experience. Here are some surefire ways to help make chilly nights in the backcountry a little more comfortable.
how to wash a sleeping bag mountaineering gear

How to wash and care for your sleeping bag so you can use it season after season

Learn how to clean and care for your sleeping bag to give it a longer life and keep you warmer at night.
Man hiking along trial in forest on foggy morning.

Fall hiking essentials: Don’t leave home without everything on this checklist

As the seasons change, you need to gear up for everything that fall can throw at you. Our fall hiking essentials will keep you warm and in control on the trail.