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Rachel Dennis

Rachel Dennis


As a visual artist and writer, I paint vibrant narratives about lifestyle, sustainability, and the thrill of the great outdoors. My knack for solopreneur content is as spicy as my cooking and as engaging as my favorite book. Off the clock, I'm your laughter-filled, conversation-loving kitchen maestro with a book on my bedstand always calling my name.

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A man looking up in the woods, seemingly lost

Study reveals haunting truth wabout getting lost in the wild—and how to avoid it

This study reveals how people made it through harrowing trials in the great outdoors and shows which survival skills are most important in this situation.
A man holding an America the beautiful parks pass wearing a button down top and blue jeans standing outdoors

Is the America the Beautiful pass worth it? Here’s how to decide

The America the Beautiful pass lets visitors enjoy every national park for one annual fee. But is it worth the investment for your upcoming travel plans?
a man sitting next to a campfire near a lake

Camping insurance is a good idea, and you may already have it

Camping insurance is a good investment since you're more exposed to risk outdoors. Here's how to get it and a few ways to see if you're already covered.
A man floating on a river in an inner tube on a cloudy day with hills in the background

These 5 river tubing experiences will float your worries away

When things heat up, river tubing can cool you down, and it's a relaxing way to see the best nature out there. Here are our 5 favorite floating spots to enjoy.
Image of the cape flattery reef at the end of the trail off a cliff

The Cape Flattery Trail offers wild coastal views that are worth the trek

What's at the end of the northwestern-most point of the United States? Take a trip down the Cape Flattery Trail to find out.
Yosemite park on a warm day, featuring a waterfall

The National Parks Service offers free entry to celebrate Juneteenth 2024

Want to visit some of the most popular national parks for free? On Juneteenth, all national parks will waive fees to celebrate this moment in black history
Mount Rainier, a water view, and a pink warm sky view.

Planning on hiking Mount Rainier this summer? NPS now requires reservations

Are you headed to Mount Rainier this summer? To make sure you can get in, read all about the new reservation requirements and how to book your trip.
An empty campsite with a picnic table and firepit

Abandoned campsites are a big problem for campers: Here’s how to cope

According to a study, most campsites are abandoned. Here's why and what you can do about it to get your deserved spot.
Moss and Lichon covered tree in the Quinault Rainforest

Lake Quinault’s 33-mile rainforest tour transports you to a fantastical world

The enchanted Quinault Lake Tour transports visitors into a lush ranforest paradise, just hours away from metro Seattle. Here's what you can expect to see.
A picture of the Yosemite Valley during Spring Time

Yosemite National Park is getting a new glamping site with the luxuries you want

Under Canvas, a popular glamping company, is bringing new accomodations to Yosemite National Park.
A solo stove popcorn maker placed over a solo stove standalone fire pit

Forget s’mores: Solo Stove has a new camping-ready popcorn maker

The new Solo Stove Popcorn Maker simplifies the process of preparing a popular campfire snack with it's compact and efficient design. Let's take a look.
A man soaking in a natural tub outside of an RV during dusk with a mountain range behind him.

Calm camping is officially the trend for summer 2024

Camping trends are redefining traditional approaches to escaping into the great outdoors. This study highlights the 3 most prominent trends this summer.
a man standing on a stone pillar in Grand Canyon National Park

A new study ranks the safest national parks to visit (Spoiler: Grand Canyon is pretty dangerous)

This safest national parks study reveals the best places to experience nature and wildlife with minimal risk.
a view between a valley in Yosemite national park during February

This clever hack bypasses Yosemite’s complicated new reservation system

Yosemite National Park has a complicated new reservation system a lot of people are complaining about - but we've got a workaround
A smoldering campfire heating up an iron pot in the dusk

Think you know the best campfire wood? These 7 wood options might have you thinking twice

Different firewood is good for different campfire needs. This is what you should know.
An RV driving through the mountains

What RV is right for me? Every type you can get (and which one you should)

From camper vans to motorhomes, there are a variety of RV options. This is what you need to know.
Snow capped mountains with clouds above at Mount Olympic National Park

National parks in Washington state: 7 hidden treasures you should know about

A guide to the best national parks in Washington state, ranked
A man walking down a trail during the winter in the snow

Cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and more: 6 unique winter activities you simply have to try

Looking for something to do this winter? Have you tried cross-country skiing yet? We have six activities you might love.
A beautiful view of Lost Maples State Park with Limestone bluffs along a clear river with a vivid reflection

Discover the best Texas state parks: A guide to natural beauty you can enjoy year-round

State parks in Texas are well funded, well maintained, and are in a region where camping can be enjoyed nearly year-round — and these are the best.
Moose sitting in a field in an open clearing during the day

Why you need to be just as wary of moose as bear attacks (and what to do when you encounter one)

Moose aren't normally dangerous, but you really don't want to get on their bad side. Here's what to do when one is approaching quickly.