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Forget s’mores: Solo Stove has a new camping-ready popcorn maker

A solo stove popcorn maker placed over a solo stove standalone fire pit
Solo Stove / Solo Stove

After enjoying an easy camping meal around a warm campfire, breaking out a nostalgic dessert such as s’mores is customary to finish the night. But for those who prefer a savory snack to end their day in the great outdoors, the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker whips up batches of popcorn quickly and easily.

Solo Stove isn’t new to the scene when it comes to reinventing the fire. The company is known for creating fire pits that are virtually smokeless, from large backyard bonfire pits to portable models.

The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker takes this technology to the next level, creating a product that can evenly roast kernels without creating a lot of soot or burnt pieces. It holds up to 3 quarts, perfect for a group of hungry campers.

How exactly does the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker work? It’s simple. Add 1/3 or less of a cup of kernels; any type will do. Then add your favorite oil and salt, and place the pot on a grate above the fire. In about five minutes, you’ll have hot, fresh, perfectly cooked popcorn ready to enjoy.

The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker is designed to work safely and quickly

A person holding a popcorn maker over a fire pit
Solo Stove / Solo Stove

What makes the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker different from a regular pot? Solo Stove, in addition to implementing its low-smoke technology into the device, offers:

  • Convenient and safe pop-n-pour lid: Hot lids are a major pain point when cooking over a campfire. The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker bypasses this issue with a lid that allows you to tilt the pot sideways and release popcorn without touching the top.
  • Quick-detach handle for ultimate portability: The handle easily detaches from the pot itself, so you can perfectly pack your popcorn maker in your car.
  • Even-heating technology: The pot’s design and materiality ensure you won’t have burnt popcorn or unpopped kernels, which is especially impressive when cooking over a fire.
  • Easy to clean: After enjoying the popcorn, cleaning up is very easy. Use soap and water, and residues will easily lift off.

While the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker is perfect for trips, it’s also a great tool for home use. It works well with other Solo Stove Products and can be used on stovetops. The multifunctional benefits of this culinary tool make it well worth the investment for popcorn-loving campers.

Is the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker a good choice for your next camping trip?

A container of fully popped popcorn over a firepit
Solo Stove / Solo Stove

Could this new tool revolutionize the camping s’more ritual, bringing popcorn out of the movie theaters and into the great outdoors? At just $50, it may be worth trying on your next camping trip to find out.

With sugar consumption declining, a popcorn maker offers a tasty yet healthy treat that’s highly customizable for any diet. Don’t eat salt? It’s easy to omit. Gluten-free? Popcorn is naturally gluten-free. Vegan? Try coconut or avocado oil instead of butter for a delicious alternative.

But what about us who still want that classic taste of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers before settling into our sleeping bags? Well, you can make s’mores popcorn to get the best of both worlds.

Empty your freshly popped popcorn into a mixing bowl using the pop-n-pour lid and follow this recipe for a taste of nostalgia. This isn’t the only way to dress up your late-night snack, and we suspect that new flavorful popcorn variations will emerge as this sleek new camping tool makes its way into the hands of camping enthusiasts.

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