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Have you ever thought, “I wish I had more time to read?” Now is your chance. As you hunker down at home, pick up a new novel or non-fiction read. We’ve got reading lists for all of your favorite genres.

Man making alcoholic drink.

This $25 book can make you a more creative, expert home bartender (really!)

There's one book that unlocks the secrets of home mixology and bartending, and this is it
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

A man reading a book

Treat your mind: These are the best short stories ever written

Man reading a book.

The best poetry books: You owe it to yourself to read these

Terrance Hayes' So to Speak and Watch Your Language.

These 2 book releases should be on your list of summer reads

Ripe by Sarah Rose Etter.

Books to read this summer: ‘Ripe’ by Sarah Rose Etter offers a frighteningly familiar dystopia

The Shining movie still

Movie vs. book: Which is better? 6 adaptations taken to task

A man reading a book on a couch in the living room.

19 classic books everyone should read (or reread) at least once

best ian fleming james bond books ranked flemming book tour getty images

The best James Bond books by Ian Fleming

Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

Best new books.

The most exciting new book releases for the rest of 2023

Someone about to sink a shot while golfing.

Reading this $10 book can save you thousands on golf lessons

surreal man with telescope looks at infinity from the top of a stack of books in the outdoors.

These are the best fantasy books to indulge in this weekend

Eager to enter the world of dragons and wizards? These books are an excellent starting point and guide to fantasy literature.
best john steinbeck books our essential reading list ranked

8 essential John Steinbeck books everyone should read

John Steinbeck's books spur adventure and encourage compassion. Here are his best literary works, from hard-boiled reporting to whimsical allegories.

The 30 best biographies to add to your reading list

Every man should read these best biographies at least once, all chosen because of the subject matter as well as the biographer.
man reading

Calvin and Hobbes mastermind Bill Watterson is back – but no tigers this time around

Bill Watterson is back with a new novel — but he's not the illustrator, and it's nothing like Calvin and Hobbes. Here's what to know.
Ernest Hemingway

Our essential Ernest Hemingway reading list

Hemingway is considered by many the greatest author of all time. Find out which of his novels we rank at the top featuring our list of the best Hemingway books.

The best history books to transport yourself to the past

The best history books not only transport you into the past but help make sense of the present. Check out our roundup of the must-reads.

The 13 best Stephen King books to read in 2023, ranked

From an oeuvre of almost 100 books, here are the 13 best Stephen King books in 2023, ranked. They're as chilling as they are well-written.
Vietnam War.

The greatest Vietnam War books ever written

Including authors from the United States and Vietnam, this reading list of Vietnam War books provides a diverse range of perspective on the topic.
A man lies asleep in bed

The 7 Best Books About Sleep to Help Curb Your Terrible Bedtime Habits

Reading is fundamental. These books about sleep will help you get more of it.
Caution tape atop library shelves containing banned books

Banned Books That Will Expand Your Worldview

Here are a few potentially illegal tomes that might be illegal in your town. Feel free to crack a spine to learn what might lie inside these insidious works.
Parking lot Pride party

Know Your Pride History With These Books

PRIDE is here, a time to appreciate but also educate one's self about the LGBTQ+ movement. Here are some books to help.
person writing in their planner.

The Best Planners to Organize Yourself in 2022

The best planners are designed to make your life simpler. For your convenience, we've gathered the best planners for 2022.
An Amazon Books store.

Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Bookstore Initiative Slams Shut

First, Amazon killed traditional bookstores. Then it opened its own. Now, Amazon is doing away with its bookstores.
Books on a window background.

The 20 Best Books of 2022 For Your Next Read

Looking for the latest and greatest reads? Here's our guide to the best books of 2022.
The Best Self-Help Books for Men

The Best Self-Help Books for a Better Perspective on Life

These are the best self-help books for a healthier perspective on life and how to view the world around you.
pack for a trip to cuba magazine

8 Best Magazines That Deserve Your Subscription in 2022

We curated a list of the best magazine subscriptions for men so you can step away from your screen and go analog with the greatest glossies.

11 Best Coffee Books: Brew Up a Pot of Knowledge

Coffee has a background and history that is as full-bodied as its taste and aroma. Read these best books about coffee from its sociology down to its history.
A Kids Book About titles featured image with purple background.

Meet A Kids Company About, the Team That Helps You Tackle Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

A Kids Company About is helping parents tackle conversations about difficult topics with kids, using intuitive media like books, podcasts, and more.
Daredevil, Season 3, preview image

Fan Wishes Granted — Marvel Confirms Charlie Cox to Return as Daredevil

Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed that 'Daredevil' would return to the MCU, moving from Netflix to Disney+ for a fourth season in the works.
Man laying down on couch reading book next to window.

The 15 Best Gifts For Book Lovers this Holiday Season

You may not know much about their favorite genres or authors, but you can make the act of reading more enjoyable with these best gifts for book lovers.
man with glasses reading

9 Great Books by Latin American Authors To Read This Month

Latin American literature is hardly monolithic -- no single theme informs the major works and no set historical events define the bulk of writing.
A man sitting on a chair and reading a book in home library.

The 10 Best Classic Horror Books to Scare Yourself Silly This Fall

Anyone looking for accursed fall reads or a good scare should start with the best classic horror books, from the enigmatic to the absurd.
The University of Maine is a public research university located in Orono, Maine, United States.

How To Travel Maine Like Stephen King

Experience traveling like the undisputed master of horror Stephen King by heading to Maine and visiting one or all of these fascinating destinations.
Young man reading a novel with a cup of coffee next to stack of books.

The Best Mystery Books To Sink Your Teeth Into

Grim days, long nights, and a sinister chill in the air are made for delving into a mystery book.

8 Best Graphic Novels For Newcomers To The Genre

Let's get one thing straight right from the get-go: Graphic novels are not comic books.
best new books releases worth reading fictions feat

16 Essential Non-Fiction Books To Add to Your Shelves

From harrowing tales of adventure to memoirs of the most famous people in recent history, this list of the best non-fiction books will inspire you.
barbecue grilling meat ribs

11 Best Barbecue Cookbooks to Heat Up Your Grilling Game

Want to up your grill game? From recipes to culture, check out the best barbecue books to add to your shelf today.

11 Fantastic Beach Reads for Your Next Seaside Vacation 2022

When you're at the beach, there's only so much people watching you can do. Elevate your relaxation by checking out one (or all) of these great beach reads.
best travel books reading list to inspire your next adventure 2021

21 Best Travel Books to Inspire Your Next Summer Adventure

Travel to the backcountry... or just stay at home. Check out our best travel books to stimulate your imagination, be it traveling to the Amazon or outer space.
best cookbooks six seasons

The 23 Best Cookbooks of All Time

The world, with all its grandeur, is meant to be relished one dish at a time, which is why we assembled this nourishing list of the best cookbooks of all time.
anthony bourdain world traveler feature 0

Retracing the Late Anthony Bourdain’s Steps, and Thoughts, in ‘World Traveler’

“He spoke in a similar way that he wrote, and he wrote in a way that was tremendously engaging and conversational."
best audiobooks for road trips roadtrips 2021

The Best Audiobooks for Road Trips

Enjoy the hours spent traveling from coast to coast, past miles of empty highway and through long nights, with these best audiobooks for road trips.
little and often trent preszler 0

How This Winery CEO’s Canoe-Building Quest Healed a Lingering Family Wound

Writing a memoir that has received early praise from Nick Offerman was a thing that Preszler never planned to do but has since done masterfully.
apple podcast subscription launch iphone12 podcasts codeswitch theathletic midnightmiracle 042021 big jpg large

Apple’s New Podcast Subscription Will Change How You Listen to Podcasts Forever

One might believe this is a long-overdue change within the Podcasts platform, which has seen little intervention or innovation in its 15-year history.
best wine books 2021

8 Best Wine Books to Sip On in 2022

Wine is a lot of things, but it should never be boring. Scores of books have been written that cover every facet of the industry. These are 7 of our favorites.
best running books for runners 2021

The 7 Best Running Books to Read For Every Kind of Runner

The writers featured here will help inspire any non-runner to strap on a pair of shoes, and inspire current runners to push harder, faster, and longer.
best inspirational books young man reading a book in the mountain

The Best Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life

10 inspirational books to help you feel ready to face what's next this year.
cabin porn inside zach klein interview coffee table book feature

The 20 Coffee Table Books Every Man Should Consider for His Home

Coffee table books are a great way to add style and interest to your home.




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