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Christopher Osburn

Christopher Osburn


Christopher Osburn is a food and drinks writer located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. He's been writing professionally for almost twenty years. In that time, he has traveled all over the world from San Diego to Sydney in search of mouthwatering food, frosty beer, exciting cocktails, and complex whiskeys and other spirits. He has the pictures to prove it.


Coca-Cola used A.I. to create its next big drink because that’s ‘what the future tastes like’

Coca-Cola, long famous for its century-old recipe, is utilizing A.I. to create its next big drink
Pint of beer

Take a break from pumpkin beer: The best Oktoberfest beers to drink this fall

Pumpkin beer may get all the hype in the fall season, but these Oktoberfest beers should be on your list to try.
Campfire whisky

10 smoky scotch whisky options to make those fall campfires magical

Scotch whisky can be a lot to handle, but these smoky scotch whisky options go down smooth as silk.
Whiskey glass

Whiskey upgrade: How to fat wash your favorite whiskey or bourbon to add new depths of flavor

Ever heard of fat-washing? It's a great way to add interesting flavors to any whiskey or bourbon
Cantera Negra

Kick off Hispanic heritage month with these 2 incredible tequila drink recipes from mixologist Javier Ramirez

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15, but these two tequila drink recipes are sensational all year long
Gimlet cocktail in a coupe glass

Up your cocktail game: How to make the perfect gin gimlet

Looking for an elegant, easy gin gimlet recipe? We've got one of the best.
Rye whiskey

10 rye whiskey bottles we love: You should have at least one on your bar shelf

Rye whiskey is complex and wonderful, and these are the bottles you should have on your bar shelf.
A glass of gin

10 floral gin options to help make what’s left of summer truly epic

Gin is a liquor with a lot of nuance and subtlety. Most people overlook how complex gin can be, and these floral gin options prove a point.
Man making alcoholic drink.

This $25 book can make you a more creative, expert home bartender (really!)

There's one book that unlocks the secrets of home mixology and bartending, and this is it
Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or cognac with ice cudes on black stone table and wood background

How to drink bourbon like a pro: A beginner’s guide

Tasting bourbon (and all whiskeys) is done in steps. It’s more than just drinking and thinking.
Coors Light Chill Throne

Coors Light ‘Chill Throne’ is the silliest tailgating chair ever – and it’s $750

Coors Light has made the "Chill Throne," a limited-edition tailgating chair it plans to sell for $750

11 single malt whiskies that aren’t Scotch (but are still great)

Even though they're most often thought of, Scotland isn't the only place to make single malt whiskies. Here are seven from other places around the world.
Ocean Fathoms bottles

A California wine company illegally aged wine in the ocean, and now 2,000 bottles have been destroyed

It all started when a California-based wine company called Ocean Fathoms decided that the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel were a good place to age its wine.
Kirkland Signature Vodka

Costco is refunding people on Kirkland vodka because a few batches are pretty terrible

People who bought Kirkland vodka may be eligible for a refund directly from Costco
spanish gin tonic recipe jez timms jiejftgdu3w unsplash

How to make a Spanish gin tonic, the fruity alternative to a classic drink

The Spanish gin tonic is the fresh way of looking at the classic gin & tonic
Dogfish Head

The best East Coast IPAs to drink this summer: 10 great alternatives to West Coast IPAs

These are the 10 Best East Coast IPAs you need to drink this summer.
anheuser busch sells 7 brands amid bud light boycott

Bud Light maker Anheuser Busch is selling 7 of its better beer brands to Canadian company: Report

The Bud Light boycott helped drive sales down at Anheuser Busch, which is now selling off 8 brands, per a report.
A wheat beer and a pils are standing on a table in a beer garden

Plan your end-of-summer road trip: The 10 best beer cities to visit

These are the ten best beer cities to visit this summer.
Bartender making a whiskey highball

9 incredible bourbons to mix into a summer highball

The highball is a classic summer drink — and these are the best bourbons to perfect your cocktail.
Tatyana Vega/Unsplash

10 classic summer cocktails everyone should know how to make

While a glass of wine or frosty beer is sure to hit the spot, we’d rather enjoy a summer cocktail.