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Hiking is one of the simplest, most rewarding outdoor activities anyone can do. It doesn’t take much — just a good pair of shoes and an idea of where you want to go or what you’d like to see. Maybe you want to hike up a mountain just to see the morning sunrise – or perhaps you’re considering tackling the Pacific Coast Trail. Whatever your interest level, we’ve got all the best gear and advice to keep you enjoying your hikes.

A man looking up in the woods, seemingly lost

Study reveals haunting truth wabout getting lost in the wild—and how to avoid it

This study reveals how people made it through harrowing trials in the great outdoors and shows which survival skills are most important in this situation.
Panoramic view of mountains and valleys along the John Muir Trail.

A complete guide to hiking the John Muir Trail in California

Big camping green backpack and yellow tent in the mountains.

How to pack a tent in a backpack: A pro guide for beginners in 6 easy steps

Hiking Denali National Park in Alaska

7 real locations from outdoor movies to explore

The Yeti Hopper M12 Backpack Soft Cooler sitting against a tree.

This is my new favorite on-the-go cooler

A camping setup with tents

This is how to avoid getting sick while camping

A view of Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu in Peru

These are 8 of the most dangerous hikes in the world

Dirty, muddy hiking boots

A quick guide on how to clean hiking boots

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

The 20 best U.S. national parks to explore now

Image of the cape flattery reef at the end of the trail off a cliff

The Cape Flattery Trail offers wild coastal views that are worth the trek

The author wearing the wearing the Royal Robbins Merced Anorak on the Oregon coast.

I never go to the coast without this jacket from Royal Robbins

Man eating a hiking snack

The best hiking snacks to fuel your time on the trail

Man shaving outside

All the camping toiletries you need for a weekend (or a week) in the woods

Planning an outdoor adventure? We've rounded up the best, must-have toiletries and grooming products to help you look and feel your best in the wild.
A man looking down into a valley, enjoying the fresh air and taking a pause from a hike.

What is rucking? The latest TikTok fitness trend that has been around for ages

What is rucking? Here's the lowdown on the latest TikTok trend and the benefits of this aerobic exercise
Man hiking with poles near a mountain

Hiking the trail? Here are 9 tips for safe self-navigation

Getting lost on the trail can be a terrifying experience, particularly for solo hikers. But it’s also preventable with proper preparation.
Man fishing on a boat while wearing an Orvis DriCast sun protection hoodie.

Protect your skin in style this summer with the best sun shirts of 2024

The best sun protection shirts can take you bushwhacking in the morning and back to the bar in time for post-adventure drinks in the evening.
A man and a woman eating snacks as they look ahead

Fuel yourself for the trail ahead and avoid hiker hunger

Here are our time-honored tips for keeping yourself fueled on the trail and avoiding hiker hunger and the sugar-crash cycle.
Camping fire

How to gather firewood responsibly while camping

Whether planning a weekend escape or a multi-day backpacking excursion, we should all strive to be good stewards of the Earth by gathering firewood responsibly.
The "secret beach" at Ko Olina in Kapolei, Hawaii.

The best hiking spots across Hawaii – from the Big Island to Oahu

Heading to paradise, but want to spend time at more than just the beach? Check out some of the best hiking spots that Hawaii has to offer.

9 longest hiking trails in the world that you must visit

Long trails provide an intimate glimpse of some of the most fascinating and far-flung places on Earth. Here are the best longest hiking trails in the world.
Moss and Lichon covered tree in the Quinault Rainforest

Lake Quinault’s 33-mile rainforest tour transports you to a fantastical world

The enchanted Quinault Lake Tour transports visitors into a lush ranforest paradise, just hours away from metro Seattle. Here's what you can expect to see.
Cape Royal on the North Rim provides a panorama up, down, and across the Grand Canyon.

Take in the gorgeous views: The top 5 most scenic hiking locations in America

KÜHL has just released an eye-opening study about the top 10 most scenic in the USA.
Mama bear with two cubs

How to use bear spray and live to tell the tale

Avid outdoorsmen know the importance of bear spray in the backcountry. But carrying it is of no use if you don’t know how to use it. Here's how.
A majestic view of Zion National Park Angels Landing in Utah.

The 6 best day hikes in U.S. national parks

Hiking season is here and the trail awaits. Take in amazing natural experiences and stunning landscapes that only require day hikes through U.S. national parks.
A bear bag hanging from a tree branch

Everyone needs to know how to hang a bear bag, including you

If you're heading into the backcountry and you know you'll be in bear-itory, it's time to learn how to hang a bear bag.
Man building a campfire in front of a Winnebago Ekko Springer camper van.

Camper van vs Class B RV: How to choose which to buy for your outdoor adventures

Do you need a Class B RV, or a camper van? Do you know the differences between the two? We tell you all you need to know
Date and cashew bars

How to make nutritious and delicious trail snacks: Your DIY guide

Learn how to make healthy trail snacks that will fuel you for long days of trekking or overnight hikes.
A person hiking

Dust off your gear, it’s time to hit the trail: The spring hiking tips you need

Embrace the rainy weather and muddy terrain with these springtime hiking tips, as well as what to pack for a fun and successful hike.
Man on bike in Apple watch

Garmin, Seiko, G-SHOCK, and more: Our picks for best outdoor watches in 2024

The best outdoor watches for men include brands like Apple, G-Shock, Garmin, Seiko, and Hamilton
A reef knot is tied against a tree

These are the essential outdoor knots every outdoorsman should know

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a knot for all occasions. Here are our most important outdoor knots for camping, backpacking, and survival.
Fingers holding a map and compass in the outdoors

Ditch the GPS: How to navigate using a map and compass

No matter how advanced technology is, the age-old map and compass are indispensable. Learn how to use them with our quick and easy guide.
Hiking in France

6 exhilarating hiking movies to inspire your next trek

When you're stuck inside, get a bit of that wild charm by watching hiking movies (both fiction and nonfiction) that put the natural world front and center.
Man looking over a trail's vista

3 lesser-known tips that can save your life on the trail

Make your next hike a safe and enjoyable one with our brief guide on survival tips and hacks, which includes fighting off bears and navigating the wild.
A midsection of a man wielding a hatchet in the outdoors

Get the best camping axes for cutting, chopping, and prepping your way around the campsite

Every outdoorsman needs a quality camping axe. From survivalist specials to lightweight backpacking models, these are the best hatchets.
A view of the Indiana National Dunes Park.

A guide to Indiana Dunes National Park: Where to visit, what to do, and more

The Midwest has its gems, and the Indiana Dunes National Park is definitely one of them. If you haven't made a visit yet, we have the guide to get you there.
Two people hiking together

8 healthy benefits of hiking you need to know

Whether you're an avid hiker or not, you should take a look at these benefits of hiking to get you inspired to plan your next trek.
A clove hitch tied to a fixed point

Learn to tie the clove hitch for when you need a secure, adjustable knot

The clove hitch is the ultimate answer when it comes to tying an adjustable knot. Our guide teaches you to tie this hitch to a fixed point and for a carabiner.
A person holding a Hydro Flask.

How to clean your hydro flask for tang-free hydration

Using your Hydro Flask daily can take a toll on its cleanliness and condition. Here's a guide on how to clean your Hydro Flask properly so it'll last for years.
Leatherman signal fishing

These are the best multi tools you need to have in your EDC kit, hands down

If there's one tool that you should always have with you, it's a tool that is actually 20 tools in one. These are the best multi-tools for any situation.
Young man checks water filter alongside river

Stay hydrated on the go with our bulletproof water purification tips

Staying hydrated is key to days on the hill, but carrying heavy water bottles weighs you down. Stay ahead of the game with our water purification tips.
A man walking towards a rocky point overlooking a lake

How many calories does hiking burn per hour?

Hiking is a great way form of exercise and can burn a lot of calories. Find out how many calories you burn hiking.
Mount Everest Nepal

This is how much it actually costs to climb Mount Everest

We spoke to mountaineers Alan Arnette and Garrett Madison to find out what it takes to summit Mount Everest and how it feels to stand on top of the world.
Various iPhones on a table.

Forget rice: This is how to actually fix a wet iPhone, according to Apple

We all know the story — you're camping, fishing, or skiing and suddenly, you have a wet iPhone. Here's how to fix it.
Moterra Campervan rental parked in a Utah National Park campsite.

This van life camper van sleeps 8, goes everywhere, and you can rent it for less than a hotel would cost

Looking to give van life a shot? Don't buy - rent! These fully-equipped camper vans sleep up to eight and rent for less than a hotel for a group of people.
Bear running through the water

How to survive a bear attack: Brown, black, and polar bears

Bear attacks are uncommon, but knowing what to do in the event of one is part of being a skilled outdoorsman in the backcountry.
Young man using a portable water filter near a backcountry stream.

Hydrate safely with the best portable water filters

A durable, compact, simple, and reliable water filter is indispensable. There are plenty of great ones on the market today, and we’ve rounded up the best.
HIker standing in the sunrise

Hiking for beginners: A guide to hitting the trail

Our hiking for beginners comprehensive guide has all the tips and tricks you need to hit the trail with confidence this year. So, start your journey now.
Man pouring liquor from a flask

Take your favorite tipple from town to trail with the best camping flasks

From stainless steel to plastic and packable, the best camping flasks let you unload the weight and keep drinks flowing on the trail. Here are our top picks.
Prayer flags in front of Mount Everest.

This is the gross new thing anyone climbing Mount Everest will have to do

If you're thinking about taking the two-week trek up Mount Everest, be prepared for the mountain's newest rule: manage your own excrement.
Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper parked in a field.

We really wish these compact, Korea-exclusive RVs and campervans were available stateside

Korea knows what's up when it comes to minimalist RVs and campervans, like these three ultra-compact campers we really wish were available stateside.