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Ross Collicutt

Ross Collicutt

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ross is an outdoor adventure writer, amateur photographer, and computer programmer based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. When not writing or editing photos for his own website, Pure Outside, he can be found attempting every outdoor sport available. So far he loves backcountry skiing and is terrible at yoga on stand-up paddle boards. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Ross’ work.

Leatherman signal fishing

These are the best multi tools you need to have in your EDC kit, hands down

If there's one tool that you should always have with you, it's a tool that is actually 20 tools in one. These are the best multi-tools for any situation.
Close-up of a mountain lion with its mouth open against a green blurred background.

Here’s how to fend off a mountain lion attack and live to tell the tale

Do we need to worry about mountain lion attacks? We talked to the experts to learn more about cougars and how to both avoid and survive encounters.

The ultimate ultralight backpacking gear list: This is everything you need

If you want to move fast on the trail, you need ultralight backpacking gear. Here's our ultimate packing list for ultralight adventures.

The 9 Best Wireless Headphones for Running in 2022

For many, music is a requirement for running. With a lot of options out there, make sure to pick a pair that won't force you to fiddle with wires and settings.
A woman sitting and drinking a warm beverage by a green tent.

Our 9 Best Camp Coffee Makers for Fresh Morning Java

Take your morning coffee with you on any backpacking or camping adventure! Try our best camp coffee makers and mugs for an energy boost in the great outdoors.
Redtail Overland carbon fiber rooftop tent on a white SUV camping in the mountains.

The Best Carbon Fiber Gear for Outdoorsmen in 2022

Although these best carbon fiber gear may have a high price point, they are without a doubt built for maximum durability and cutting-edge sleekness.

Tent Buying Guide: How To Find the Best Tent for Your Trip

We put together this handy tent buying guide to help you find a good shelter quickly so you can get off your computer and be back outdoors.
Tips and Gear for Running at Night

Tips and Gear Recommendations for Night Running in 2022

Night running is the best workout for runners who live busy lives. If this sounds like you, read on for our top tips and gear picks for running at night.
People swapping out one of the best portable power pack batteries.

The 7 Best Portable Power Packs for Car Camping Like a Pro

With these beefy power packs, you can explore far off-grid with the juice to charge all your electronics.
Motorcycle Camping

Everything You Need to Start Motorcycle Camping

Being prepared for the worst is the best way to have a good time while going on a camping trip with your motorcycle. Here's what you should bring.
Best Waterproof Duffel Bags

9 Best Waterproof Duffel Bags to Keep Your Stuff Dry

Hardcore adventuring requires hardcore baggage. So we’ve rounded up the best waterproof duffel bags for your most epic expeditions.
Male freediver

Learn to Freedive with the 7 Best Freediving Gear Components of 2022

By shedding the bulky apparatus required for scuba diving, freedivers are rewarded with the most up-close, organic interactions with the underwater world.
Best Kayak Fishing Accessories

The 10 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories That Every Angler Must Own

Explore rivers and shorelines in just inches of water with the best kayak fishing accessories for 2021, guaranteed to elevate your angling experience.

The 7 Best Action Cameras for Your Outdoor Adventures

Sure, you could strap your iPhone to your helmet and bomb down that dirt track on your bike, but it likely won’t make it out alive. You need an action camera.

The 9 Best Backpacking Stoves for Cooking on The Trail

There are a lot of great backpacking stoves out there, but these are the best for mild climates and tougher conditions alike.
best dehydrated meals 2021

The 7 Best Dehydrated Meals to Fuel Your Adventures

Dehydrated food used to be unrecognizable mush, but that has changed drastically in the last decade. These are the best bag meals you can get today.
Camping looking out his tent door in a sleeping bag

The 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Backpacking and Camping in 2022

Before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, here are the best sleeping bags that you can trust to send you off to dreamland after backpacking all day.
Best Outdoor Backpacks

8 Best Outdoor Backpacks for Men in 2022

Carrying 40 pounds on your back doesn't sound like a "great escape," but with our 2022 roundup of backpacking packs, you can forget about back pain.
how mount everest grew in 2020 walking to base camp nepal

How Mount Everest Grew Even Taller in 2020

The mountain, called Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet, is now officially 29,031.69 feet tall according to a joint survey done by Nepal and China.
greg hill interview greghill img 3022 credittravisrousseau edited

Meet the Incredible Adventurer Who Has Skied Over 2 Million Feet

Greg Hill is a ski guide known for skiing 2 million feet in a single year. We asked him about 57 hours app and his electric adventures to save the planet.
what is a microadventure man sleeping on mountain by trees against sky

Why You Should Plan a Weekly Microadventure

With many people staying close to home right now, it's the perfect way to get out an adventure, even if it's just your backyard.
Garmin Montana 750i

Why Garmin’s Top-of-the-Line GPS Device Is an Outdoor Essential

The Montana 750i GPS from Garmin is built to military standards to withstand water, dust, and shock and can send satellite messages from anywhere in the world.
biolite brand profile

How This New York Energy Startup is Bringing Power to Africa

BioLite uses its unique wood-burning process to create energy and cook food at the same time, improving the lives of thousands in Africa.
running problems injured ankle

5 Common Running Problems and How to Fix Them

There are so many problems that arise with this whole jogging thing, day in and day out — most people give it up. We don't want you to do that.
live stream smartphone cooking show

A Quick Guide to Livestreaming for Beginners

Why livestream? It's fast, it's fun, and it's immediate.
Bluebird Backcountry

You Never Have to Wait for a Lift at a Human-Powered Ski Resort

Bluebird Backcountry is America’s first human-powered ski resort. It has no lifts and no lift lines, just 1,500 acres of untouched snow begging to be skied.
Fedor Konyukhov After Southern Ocean Row Akros Boat

Fedor Konyukhov, the 68-Year-Old Adventurer, Plans to Balloon into Space

What do flying around the world in a hot air balloon, rowing 154 days across the ocean, and dogsledding a 1,150-mile race have in common? Fedor Konyukho.
Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

10 Companies Going Climate Neutral in 2021

Climate Neutral is an organization that certifies companies that have offset 100% of their carbon emissions. Founded in 2018 by Peak Design, BioLite, and Avocado, it now has over 80 brands measuring their 2021 carbon emissions. Will your favorite brand certify Climate Neutral?
Jelle Veyt Rowing

Jelle Veyt Is Cycling and Rowing Around the World to Tackle the 7 Summits

Belgian adventurer Jelle Veyt is completing a human-powered 7 Summits journey, riding and rowing over 50,000 miles to the tallest mountain on each continent.
best camera bags peakdesigneverydaybackpackzip

Pics or It Didn’t Happen: 5 Best Camera Bags for Trail or Travel

Carrying around thousands of dollars in glass and electronics is tough to do. Now take it up a mountain or to a different country — even harder. We've rounded up the best camera bags to keep you comfortable and your expensive gear safe in the city, the mountains, or other countries.
Climate Neutral

How to Run a Business and Not Kill the Planet With Climate Neutral

How do we save the planet and continue to build gear we need? Peak Design's Peter Dering and Climate Neutral have an answer.
rivian electric adventure vehicles 2018 11 r1s 2

How Rivian Will Power Electric Adventure in the Near Future

Is Rivian, a company that only just revealed its first electric vehicles after nine years of operation, ready to take on the adventure travel world with its SUV and pickup truck?
best backpacking chairs helinox chair

The Best Backpacking Chairs for Your Next Adventure

There’s nothing like putting your feet up in a comfortable chair around the fire at the end of a long day. Here are our picks for your next adventure, which include the best backpacking chairs that are above the ground and on the ground, and stools.
path projects running shorts review liners featured image

Runners, Say Goodbye to Chafing with Path Projects Running Shorts

A half -marathon is over 26,000 steps. If something is rubbing in the wrong place, that’s hideous torture, not a mood-boosting run. The short and liner system from Path Projects get rid of chafing once and for all.
Brad Keselowski Las Vegas Motor Speedway Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski on Crashing, Winning, and Creating a Legacy

We sit down with Team Penske racer Brad Keselowski to discuss his career, how he got started, what he does in his free time, and more.
The Best Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather

The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather

Shoulder seasons can be cold, miserable times transitioning into different weather. But they can also be the best times of the year. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right -- if you dress for them. These heritage-inspired pieces keep the cold out.
adrian ballinger

Professional Climber Adrian Ballinger on the Savage Mountain, No-Oxygen Climbing, and YouTube

K2 is the second-tallest mountain in the world and has killed 86 people, nearly 25% of those who have attempted the climb. Professional climber Adrian Ballinger wanted to summit it without oxygen — and did.
2020 Subarau Outback Hands-on Review

Escape the City and the Roads this 2022 with the 2020 Subaru Outback

The 2020 Subaru Outback, with its off-road ability and plenty of storage room, promises to be one of the best ways to get out of the city and to the adventure. We were on our own adventure to find out if it lived up to the hype and tried not to get lost in the redwoods of northern California.
apres hike gear

Après-Hike: The Best Gear Kit to Sport After the Adventure

After a long day of hiking, you come back to your car starving, thirsty, and muddy. Do you have to wait hours of driving to eat and get cleaned up? Or do you have a nice kit waiting in the car for you with clean clothes, snacks, and even a hot shower?
Mission Workshop Hayes

7 Shirts You Can Wear on the Trail and to the Office

Work shirts can be uncomfortable. They don’t breathe or wick moisture well. They don’t regulate temperature. They stink after a hard day. But does it have to be that way? These shirts can actually handle an adventure and look good doing it.
google earth national parks tour yosemite national park

Effortlessly Explore 31 U.S. National Parks from Home with Google Earth

National Parks Week is a time to celebrate the natural wonders and history within the United States. However, if we’re stuck working, we can’t just drop everything and jet around the country — but with Google Earth, you can.
Best Offline GPS Apps

The Best GPS Apps for Navigating without Reception

GPS used to require expensive devices but now the power can be found in our pocket. We’ve rounded up the best offline GPS apps for tracking, hiking, hunting, traveling, and everything in between.
e bike commute man suit

Are E-bikes the Future of Transportation?

The humble bicycle has seen only incremental change since it was invented in 1817. Now, lightweight motors and lithium-ion battery technology are creating the fastest, easiest, and highest fun-factor methods of transport: the e-bike.
Skiing Volkl M5 Mantra Skis Mountain

Don’t Miss the Latest Snow Gear Deals of the Season

With the winter season coming to a close, it’s time to break out the patio furniture, dust off the bicycles, and buy some snow gear. All the top retailers need to make room for next year’s products, which means this year’s perfectly good gear is deeply discounted.
snow peak way 2018

Camp, Fish, and Actually Talk to Humans at Snow Peak Way 2022

How long has it been since you last got the recommended dose of nature bathing and happy hour around the campfire? Probably too long. Snow Peak can help.
kammok mantis hammock

Kammok Says This Is the Ultimate Ultralight Backpacking Hammock

In their endless striving for lighter and lighter setups, some ounce-counting backpackers (without sore backs) have picked up hammocks as lightweights shelters that pack down small. Kammok's new Mantis is an all-in-one hammock system that could replace your backpacking tent.
Indoor rock climbing gear

The Essential List of Best Gear for the Climbing Gym

Even when it’s 0 degrees outside or raining sideways, you can still climb inside in a climbing gym. Most offer cheap single sessions, gear rentals, and classes if you need them. Here's the gear you need to start.
jeff bowman 375 company profile

The Innovation of 37.5 Tech According to Its Daredevil CEO

While that perfect fabric doesn’t exist yet, there is something that comes close: 37.5. Jeff Bowman is the CEO of Cocona, the company behind 37.5. We chatted with Bowman over email to see how his wild lifestyle led to overseeing such an innovative brand.
Skiing snowboarding goggles gear

10 Tips to Get Ready for Ski Season Now and Not Pay For It Later

The ski season has started. Do you have your passes? Do you know where your gear is? Have your legs done anything more than walk around the office in the past six months? These tips will help you prepare so your first day at the resort isn’t all yard sales and cursing.
rent camping backpacking gear with campcrate outdoors

New to Nature? Start Backpacking and Camping with Rental Gear from CampCrate

How do you plan for a backpacking trip in Yosemite when you have no gear? Simply rent what you need from CampCrate and ship it back when you're done. Founders Chad Lawver and Mason Gravley want to make it as easy as possible for beginners to go backpacking.