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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best 40-ouncer of beer or the best $40,000 whiskey, because we cover it all. From profiles of industry-leading chefs and bartenders to recipes for homemade cocktails or brisket, The Manual serves up content that will make you hungry, thirsty, and ready to put your apron on.

Fast food.

These are the most delicious food rewards programs delivering big savings

The Manual rounds up the best food rewards programs and the best bonuses on offer from some of the country's leading franchises.
bacon peregrino Ibrico de bellota

The secret to tasty, crispy bacon is something you already have in your pantry

First cultured hamburger being fried in 2013.

FDA approval of lab-grown meat signals major changes are coming to our tables

Bowl of popcorn.

Got the munchies? Good healthy snacks don’t have to be boring

sliced raw sweet potato.

10 reasons you need to eat more sweet potatoes

how to make kimchi

How to make kimchi at home so you always have this tasty Korean staple on hand


10 insanely clever kitchen hacks you need to start using

weirdest culinary delicacies from around the world 3189396114 49ff470d21 c

The most shocking culinary delicacies and weird food from around the world

Merlot being poured into a glass

A red wine guide for beginners (and 12 options to try)

Bowls of bone broth on a tray

The 7 best foods to break a fast — without undoing all your hard work

Image of quality food

These are the 25 best restaurants in America right now

how to chop onions the right way chopping 2

How to cook: 10 cooking skills everyone should have mastered by 30

Tofu brick.

These are the 5 best plant-based protein sources for your meatless meals

Following a plant-based diet? Here are the 5 best plant-based sources of protein.
beurre monte recipe

Beurre Monté: The 2-ingredient sauce you never knew you needed

Beurre Monté is a French butter sauce that has countless delicious culinary uses. The key to this special sauce is getting the emulsification process down.
Beer bottles and a soccer ball.

Soccer fans are getting inventive when it comes to Qatar’s World Cup alcohol ban

How the Qatari ban on alcohol at 2022 World Cup venues is affecting fans foreign and domestic after the tournament's first week.
a hamburger on a wooden table

These 15 foods are ruining your skin (and, in some cases, your overall health)

Is your diet bad for skin health? Here's what to know about foods and skin health, including clearing up some rumors about diet and acne.
how to reheat tamales different ways mexicanos  mexican tamale spicy food in mexico

How to reheat tamales: Learn the secret to every method

Reheat your tamales while still retaining their flavors with these tips on how to reheat them using a steamer, microwave, stove, oven, or air fryer.
Fans at the World Cup.

Qatar may have banned beer, but you can make these World Cup-inspired cocktails

The World Cup call for some eclectic cocktails. Here are eight popular recipes from nations competing in the tournament.
what to know about purple tomatoes 306474509 8095292573877031 5395651914688981461 n

Purple tomatoes are now a thing, and they could have some major health benefits

Purple tomatoes are coming. So what's all the fuss about? Turns out these purple little cuties are so much more than just a delicious taco topping.
collagen supplements.

These are the collagen benefits you need to know about

Collagen has numerous benefits for your health. You can find out more about this key component of your body here.
high cholesterol burger.

How to lower cholesterol without medication

There is good and bad cholesterol. You should try these tips in order to help keep it all under control.
thanksgiving dinner turkey family

Eat smart during the holidays: 7 easy tips to keep you from wrecking your diet

Eat smart during the holidays: 7 easy tips to keep you from wrecking your diet

Want to enjoy the holidays without undoing the weight loss progress you have made this year? Take a look at our tips to eat smart and tasty this holiday season.
Poached egg with green asparagus and caviar.

Video: This ‘new’ way to poach eggs might be the best (and simplest) ever

How to cook a poached egg to a subtle, almost perfect delicacy — cooked, almost crispy white surrounded a lush, runny yolk.
how to roast garlic

This secret ingredient can be the key to your holiday meal: How to roast garlic

Roasted garlic is a tasty ingredient that can be used to improve almost any dish. Roasting your own at home is extremely easy and only takes a few ingredients.
turkey dinner.

This is how much you should actually be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner

We all love Thanksgiving leftovers, but sometimes, there can be just too much of a good thing. Learn how much of each dish to make per person .
A giblet gravy in a gravy boat on a table cloth, surrounded by various dishes.

Make rich, savory Thanksgiving gravy with this easy trick

With a few tips and tricks, you can master the art of Thanksgiving turkey gravy. Learn how to flavor this favorite condiment and create a delicious result.
girlfriend receiving gift.

12 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend That She’ll Adore

12 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend That She’ll Adore

Buying a gift for your girlfriend isn't easy. Let us simplify it for you with these girlfriend gift ideas.
Mashed Potatoes

Perfect your mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving with these 3 simple tips

Mashed potatoes are beloved by everyone, but can be difficult to get just right. This easy recipe will have everyone going back for seconds.
Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass

These 2 whiskies go with everything you’re going to serve at Thanksgiving dinner

Looking for perfect whiskey pairings for your Thanksgiving dinner? These two options pair perfectly with all of your favorite traditional dishes.
best sweet potato casserole recipe

This sweet potato casserole recipe will steal the show at Thanksgiving

This sweet potato casserole will blow you away with its combination of all the original flavors we love, paired with a less than traditional, nutty accent.
easy cranberry sauce recipe creanberry 10 1024x1536

This cranberry sauce recipe is as easy as opening a can (but tastes much better)

If Thanksgiving cranberry sauce has always meant opening and dumping out canned jellied goo, this recipe will change your life.
how to make compound butter img 3543

Compound butter: It’s the thing you’re missing in your life — and your meals

Compound butter takes just a few minutes to make and is an easy way to add depth to your dishes. This special ingredient will be your new secret weapon.
unique thanksgiving dessert recipes pavlova

3 unique Thanksgiving desserts that have nothing to do with pie

Bake outside the box with these creative dessert recipes for Thanksgiving.
A Bourbon Whiskey Decanter and Bourbon on the Rocks in a Tumbler sitting on a bar with bottles in the background.

Entertain like a pro: How to set up a self-serve home bar this holiday season

If you're hosting parties this season, you're going to need a good bar spread. Here's how to set up a self-serve home bar.
A California Spiny Lobster in a tank.

This tasty crustacean will make you forget all about the canceled crab season

Spiny Lobster season is here, happening up and down the coast of California and Mexico. Here's how to cook the crustacean and how the fishery is faring.
how to make persimmon pudding recipe

Persimmon pudding: Your new favorite fall dessert is super easy to make

Persimmon pudding just tastes like a down-home hug and it's one you're going to want in your repertoire. 
Mini Bowling Set Table Top Bowling Game — Mini Arcade Table Games

These are the 7 best white elephant gifts under $25

This holiday season, The Manual wraps up the best gifts for friends and relatives. With these best white elephant gifts, explore the best to bring under $25.
mac and cheese recipe hermes rivera 7ld9 ozddqs unsplash

The 3-ingredient mac and cheese recipe you should add to your Thanksgiving menu

The 3-ingredient mac and cheese recipe you should add to your Thanksgiving menu

Make everyone at your Thanksgiving table a believer with this simple and delicious recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese.
A shelf of stout beer next to porter and ipa.

What are the best beers? We did our tasting homework to find the answers

It was a fine year for craft beer. Here are the best options of 2022, from non-alcoholic drinks to wheat beers and IPAs.
Acorn squash cut.

Why you should be eating more acorn squash this fall

The acorn squash is the perfect fall ingredient in so many delicious recipes. Let's dive in and learn a little bit more about this autumnal beauty.

Pomegranates: What are you supposed to do with these sinfully sweet fruits?

Bursting with flavor and full of nourishing vitamins, this little fruit can be enjoyed in any number of ways. Here's how to get the most out of it.
The Chef Show

The best food shows to binge on Netflix right now

Craving a new food series? We foraged through the Netflix catalog to find Taco Chronicles, The Chef Show, Street Food, Ugly Delicious, Nailed It!, and more.
thanksgiving turkey breast photographed by  ren fuller

Small crowd this Thanksgiving? Just reach for the breasts

For your Thanksgiving this year, skip the mess that comes with a whole turkey, and just roast the breasts or tenderloins.
miller lite christmas tree keg stand 313338650 10160112916112381 5481054051366948622 n

Miller Lite has a Christmas tree keg stand for sale (because of course it does)

If you're looking for a peculiar and boozy Christmas gift this year, look no further than Miller Lite's Christmas Tree Keg Stand.
An assortment of liquor bottles on shelves

Level up your drinks: These amazing spirits belong on every bar cart

It was a banner year for spirits. From brandy to bourbon, here are some of our favorite selections of the year.
how to make a pumpkin spice martini 1

This Thanksgiving, serve up a pumpkin spice…martini?

No one wants to admit it, but come Thanksgiving, we're all in dire need of a stiff drink. This pumpkin spice martini will solve all of your turkey day problems.
Fall tempura tacos from Damian in Los Angeles.

How to make some very tasty, very autumnal tacos, according to a pro chef

Fall stands for a lot of things and fish tacos is often not one of them. Not anymore, thanks to this thoughtful recipe.
CBD cream.

Embrace the health benefits of CBD: Our top product picks

Whether you're new to the CBD world or an experienced veteran, you'll find a new favorite here in our list of the best CBD products.
three spotted cows standing in a grassy field

This chart shows dairy milk has a massive impact on the environment

Dairy farming is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. But are other types of milk really better for the environment? Read to learn more.
thanksgiving turkey alternatives fancy dinner table setting

5 Thanksgiving turkey alternatives if poultry isn’t your thing

Whatever your reason for skipping the turkey this Thanksgiving, we've got you covered. You can still enjoy a beautiful feast without the bird.