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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best 40-ouncer of beer or the best $40,000 whiskey, because we cover it all. From profiles of industry-leading chefs and bartenders to recipes for homemade cocktails or brisket, The Manual serves up content that will make you hungry, thirsty, and ready to put your apron on.

The 5 best ways to cook Lil Smokies, the perfect appetizer for any gathering

Little Smokies are a quick and easy appetizer that most people love. Here are 5 way to prepare this delicious app for the any gathering.
Ginger on cutting board.

Benefits of ginger: 5 reasons why you should add it to your grocery list today

Office of Mr. Moto sushi entrance.

Want incredible sushi in NYC? Go to this speakeasy (really!)

best tequilas under 20 espolon tequila

The best tequilas you can buy for less than $20

best kegerator on amazon

The best kegerators for keeping your favorite beers cold and fresh

White eggs in an egg carton.

Egg nutrition: Should you eat the whole egg or stick to egg whites?

borg drink recipe

The Borg drink is a viral Gen-Z favorite that’s really not all that new

erythritol in keto diet advice

Is erythritol harmful? What a dietitian says new data means for your Keto diet

unusual and unique cocktails sourtoe cocktail

Feeling adventurous? 5 of the weirdest cocktails from around the globe

Hands holding wine grapes.

These foods high in melatonin will help you sleep better


The 8 best protein shakes that are ready-to-go

toblerone chocolates new packaging

This is the major change coming to Toblerone chocolate

Cans o RisEau cbd drinks.

The 7 best CBD-infused drinks we tried in 2023

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
green velvet cake recipe zac young

Celebrity chef Zac Young gave The Manual his Guinness Green Velvet Cake recipe, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

Need a great green velvet cake recipe? We have one of the best - from one of the best. Check out Zac Young's Guinness green velvet cake.
margarita tequila cocktail lime strainer

Here’s how to make a margarita, according to top bartenders

A great margarita is not a given, it's a lesson in balance. Here's how you make the best one, according to two top bartenders.
pizza hut brings back mini basketballs for march madness 06 satx 027

Pizza Hut brought back an iconic item for March Madness — but you can’t eat it

Just in time for March Madness, Pizza Hut has released one of every Millennial's favorite 90s throwbacks - mini basketballs.
hill country barbecue market brisket 3

Expert pitmasters reveal their top tips to make smoked brisket

If you've ever wanted to barbecue a brisket in your own backyard, these six experts tip from professional pitmasters will guide you through the process.
Glasses of different kinds of wine

Bubbly? Full-bodied and red? Zesty and white? Your favorite wine types, explained

Wine is a beautifully complicated, ever-changing quiddity. Let's start with the basics.

10 incredible whiskey decanters (they’re not just for wine)

10 incredible whiskey decanters (they’re not just for wine)

Don Draper and Jack Donaghy used one. Should you start buying the best whiskey decanters? If you're all about keeping up appearances, then yes, absolutely.
Bowl of bone broth.

Everything you need to know about the bone broth diet

We dig into the facts behind the Bone Broth Diet so that you can decide for yourself if it's the right option for your health journey.
Chef Guo food.

This NYC restaurant’s $518, 19-course tasting menu of Chinese cuisine is amazing

For a taste of what the emperor of China once ate, try the food at Chef Guo in NYC. While expensive, the experience is well worth the price tag.
Our Place tamales.

How to reheat tamales: Learn the secret to every method

Reheat your tamales while still retaining their flavors with these tips on how to reheat them using a steamer, microwave, stove, oven, or air fryer.
Group of happy friends drinking and toasting beer at brewery bar restaurant.

This St. Patrick’s Day, grab an Irish beer from one of these 5 craft breweries

If you are lucky enough to experience St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, then you should spend some time checking out the growing Irish craft beer scene.
best corned beef and cabbage recipe 2

Corned beef and cabbage: Learn how to make this St. Patrick’s Day classic

Corned beef and cabbage is a dish that, when done properly, is exquisitely delicious.
guiness draught

Sip on these tasty Irish-style stouts this St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness is the standard bearer, but there are plenty of other Irish-style stouts, both from Ireland and the United States, you should drink.
parchment paper tip for cooking fish salmon

This fish cooking trick gives you perfect crispy skin without messing up the pan

This clever little hack from ChefSteps is here to save your cookware and your sanity with just one quick and easy addition to your fish cooking process.
Fish fillets, chicken meat, and red meat on top of distressed white cutting boards along with nuts, cheese, dairy, and eggs.

Want to build muscle? A doctor says you should eat these foods

Muscle building requires proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Combined with a good strength-building routine, these foods will work for optimal muscle growth.
Hot dogs.

This is how a hot dog is made (and yes, it’s as gross as you think)

If we shove our fingers in our ears far enough, we don't have to really think about "how the sausage gets made." And then a video like this comes along.
whiskey bar

The best Irish whiskeys come in these 12 bottles

Craving for Irish whiskey? Forget traveling to Ireland to get your whiskey fix, for we've got you covered with the best Irish whiskeys for 2022,
fast food and casual restarants with worst bang for buck burgers on grill

Study: Which fast food restaurant gives you the worst bang for your buck?

In a recent study, some fast-casual restaurants fared better than others when it came down to the best bang for your buck.

How to make a caipirinha, a perfect day drink

Brazilians are a diverse bunch, but one thing they all definitely agree on is that the caipirinha is the most appropriate cocktail for bright celebrations.

Make shopping easy: The best gifts for men (no matter what he’s into)

We rounded up the best men's gifts of 2023 to get any man the best present for any occasion, including yourself.
how to hold a wine glass what is the proper way

Wine tasting etiquette: How to look like you know what you’re doing

Many people are too intimidated to ask some of the more awkward questions or know exactly how to act during a wine tasting. We're here to help. 
pizza cassserole.

4 delicious casserole recipes to try right now (it’s the comfort food you need)

Try all 4 of these best casserole dishes out there today. You won't be disappointed in these recipes.

The 10 best aprons for men: Cook your meals in style

Kitchen aprons are a chef's best friend. Here are the best aprons for men, all of which you can count on to upgrade both your cooking and personal style.
mai tai

Warm up with these 10 stellar Tiki cocktails

Give these 10 classic Tiki cocktail recipes, collected from the best bars and spirits brands across the country, a try in 2023.
Homemade omelette on plate next to toast and orange juice.

How to make an omelet: A step-by-step guide for the perfect breakfast

The omelet is a classic dish great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. See how to make a perfect omelet every time.
ButcherBox corned beef brisket with aromatics on wooden board.

The 5 best Irish food recipes for a tasty St. Patrick’s Day feast

If you're looking for a perfect Saint Patrick's day celebration, make these delicious and crowd-pleasing Irish recipes.
6 Must-Try Irish Spirits

Here are a half dozen Irish liquors worth trying (that aren’t whiskey)

While whiskey undoubtedly reigns supreme among the Emerald Isle’s hard-liquor offerings, Irish distillers have plenty of other well-crafted spirits to offer.
Spicy Shallot Nam Prik in a basket.

Nam prik, the fiery Thai chili dip you should be adding to everything

Spicy and complex, nam prik is a Thai chili sauce you'll crave after one bite. Interested? Chef Prasert of Spicy Shallot is here with the details.
Meat and poultry served on a chopping board.

These 9 foods will boost immunity naturally with zinc

These are the 9 best foods highest in zinc to help with your immune system.
Buckwheat Honey Old Fashioned on table.

This is how to mix cocktails with honey for a flavorful drink

Honey improves just about everything it touches, especially cocktails. Here's how to utilize the stuff while mixing drinks.
beer head mug glass

Drink these delicious Irish beers on St. Patrick’s Day (and beyond)

Drink these delicious Irish beers on St. Patrick’s Day (and beyond)

Cast the Killian's aside this St. Paddy's Day and sample some other Irish beer options.
Paella from La Pulperia.

The ultimate guide to world-class seafood paella, according to an executive chef

Want to make seafood paella? We've gathered insight from expert chef Miguel Molina to learn how to make world-class seafood paella.
Refreshing Cold Tequila Ranch Water Cocktail with Lime.

How to make Ranch Water the right way for a day-drinking gem

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make the Ranch Water, the best way to ride out the end of summer.
Ikimi Dubose-Woodson.

The Roots Fund is changing the American wine scene for the better

Thanks to organizations like The Roots Fund, the American wine industry is finally becoming more diverse and inclusive. Here's what the group is up to.
A hand serving a glass of Mojito on a table.

The 9 best rums for Mojitos that you can get behind

A perfectly blended Mojito relies on fresh ingredients, but the rum matters as well. Here are your best options.
napa valley

Someone ranked the California wine counties — here are the top 10

When you're in California, chances are you're not far from a gem of a winery or two. But these are the best of the best California wine counties.
a vegan burger on a cutting board

Study: By 2040, over half of the meat we eat will be vegan or lab-grown

A new study shows that lab-grown and vegan meats are about to get even more popular in the years to come. Here's what else it found.
irish coffee

This is how to make an Irish coffee like a pro bartender

There may be no better combo than coffee and whiskey. Thus, we present you five Irish coffee recipes, and how to make 'em like the pros do.