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prosecco granita cocktails aleisha kalina g2cxnrermkm unsplash 2d5786

Prosecco granita is the base for your new favorite summer cocktail

How to make barely-frozen prosecco ice that's perfect for summer sipping, and is the basis for endless slushy cocktails.

Shandies and Radlers are summer classics — these are our favorites

When it comes to refreshing alcoholic beverages, it’s difficult to beat the appeal of a shandy or Radler.
Different raw steak cuts

Yes, a lean steak can actually be juicy and delicious — try these

These are a few of our favorite lean cuts of steak, and how to prepare them.
Rum cocktail

The 5 best Jamaican rum brands for your favorite summer cocktails

Jamaican rums, while known for their notes of molasses, fruit, and gentle spices, they’re also known for fermented funky, lightly barnyard aromas and flavors.
lost lantern summer bourbon full collection v2

Lost Lantern’s summer releases show off the diversity of bourbon

Lost Lantern isn't a distillery itself but rather a bottler, taking bourbons from across the U.S. and bottling or blending them to share in releases.
Making Turkish coffee

Step back in time and learn how to make authentic Turkish coffee

We went to Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Turkey to learn how to brew traditional Turkish coffee: ingredients, method, and what treat to pair with it.

Find bars specializing in alcohol-free cocktails with this search engine

Whether you're doing a dry month, you're off alcohol altogether, or you fancy trying something new, visiting a bar specializing in mocktails can be eye opening.
Beer and grill

We paired summer beers with grilled meats and veggies — these are our fave combos

There’s a better way to get the most out of your summer beer experience. Certain beers pair better with specific meats and vegetables.
Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or cognac with ice cudes on black stone table and wood background

Sip in style with these cocktails for National Bourbon Day

Today, June 14, is National Bourbon Day, a celebration of that quintessentially American spirit.
russells reserve 15 year old rr15 rickhouse interior jpg

Russell’s Reserve has a 15 year old bourbon limited release coming out

The 15-Year-Old 2024 Limited Release comes in at a proof of 117, and this high proof helps to carry its flavors of dried fruits, caramel, coffee, and dark oak.
Wolves Whiskey bottles being adorned with labels

Wolves Whiskey crafts classic American-made whiskeys with complex, unique flavor

Must-see: Dan Gaul sits down to talk with Eduardo Gonzalez the Operations Manager and Head Blender for American-made Wolves Whiskey in a candid interview.
penelope bourbon rose casks introduce jpg

This unusual bourbon is finished in rosé wine casks

Penelope Bourbon is debuting its Rosé Cask Finish, available now, which is aged in Grenache rosé wine casks from the Southern Rhône region of France.
Man eating a hiking snack

The best hiking snacks to fuel your time on the trail

When it comes to fueling your next outdoor adventure, these best hiking snacks deliver.
Charcuterie board and glasses of wine on a wooden table

How to build the perfect charcuterie board for your date night

From the authentic to adventurous and themed, here's how to take a pedestrian cheese plate and turn it into sensational charcuterie board.
Tofu dish from Top Burmese in Portland, Oregon

A beginner’s guide to Burmese cuisine

Burmese food is generally overshadowed in the realm of Asian cuisine, but it's diversity and big flavors are very much worth exploring.
orange wine

The best orange wines for something satisfyingly in between a red and white

Orange wine have been around for ages. But now might just be the best time to enjoy them, as these options suggest.
spicy hot ones vodka heat check bottle imagery 2

Spicy ‘Hot Ones’ vodka is a thing that exists now

A collaboration between the show Hot Ones and New Amsterdam Vodka is creating a chili-infused spirit to show off the rich, fruity, funky flavors of hot chilies.
Strong Spirits Set. Hard alcoholic drinks in glasses in assortment: vodka, cognac, tequila, brandy and whiskey, grappa, liqueur, vermouth, tincture, rum. Vintage bar counter background, selective focus

The best selling spirits of 2023 aren’t what you’d expect

If you were asked to name the best-selling spirits in the world, what might you choose?
Reynolds Wrap Butcher Box

Reynolds Wrap and ButcherBox collab to create ultimate grilling tool this summer

Two iconic summertime grilling must-have brands - have teamed up to create the ultimate summer grilling tool, the "BBQterie Kit."
glen grant glasshouse collection jpg

A Victorian glasshouse inspired these luxury Scotch whiskies

Another high-end whisky release is on the horizon, with Scotch distillery The Glen Grant releasing three new expressions as part of its Glasshouse Collection.
Shrimp Scampi with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

How to make a crowd-pleasing shrimp scampi

Garlicky and buttery, shrimp scampi is equally delicious by itself or with pasta.
George Dickel Whiskey Sour

A brief history of the whiskey sour cocktail (and how to make different versions)

The whiskey sour officially dates back to the 1860s, but sailors in the British Navy had been drinking something very similar long before that.
New England-style Clam chowder

How to make clam chowder, the ultimate recipe for those who love this seafood favorite

Clam chowder is royalty in the bowl and satisfying to eat. Here's how to make it and how it and its many styles came about.
St. Anselm

10 NYC steakhouses that are better than Peter Luger

NYC has a lot of great steakhouses beyond big names like Peter Luger. Here are 10 of the very best to dine at.
Sazerac (with the red feather boa) is the official cocktail of New Orleans for summer drinks

New Orleans in a glass: Stirring up a seductive Sazerac

With Sazerac's history dating back to the 1800s, you can now immerse yourself in 19th-century New Orleans with our seductive, yet easy-to-follow recipe.
Espresso martini cocktail

The best espresso martinis aren’t made with vodka

Here's a hot take for today: the best espresso martini recipe doesn't contain any vodka.
founders brewing hop water microsoftteams image 32 jpg

Founders Brewing’s non-alcoholic hop water is rolling out across the U.S.

The hop water trend has seen releases from big craft beer brands in recent years, including the Hoppy Mood from Founders Brewing Co.
A glass of beer on a beach

The classic West Coast IPAs you have to drink now

When you envision an IPA, you’re probably thinking of a West Coast IPA.
old forester presidents choice oldforester presidentschoice revised

Grab a bottle of Old Forester President’s Choice before it’s too late

Popular whisky brand Old Forester is coming out with a new release of its rarest expression, President's Choice.
Seafood that is high in vitamin B12

Need an energy boost? Try these 12 foods high in vitamin B12

Foods high in vitamin B12 provide essential energy-producing nutrients.
Fish to Fork Sprouting Project Lunch 2024

Omni Amelia Island’s Fish to Fork is the culinary event of the year

This is truly the foodie event of the year, so make sure to reserve a spot in your calendar for next year's event.

What is Cachaça? It’s not rum (but it’s close)

Cachaça is sort of like rum, but not exactly. For starters, it’s a geographically specific spirit as it’s only made in Brazil. But it’s so much more than that.
pastis mauresque cocktail stephan coudassot fbzljy8kmpy unsplash

Grab some pastis and try a Mauresque cocktail

Pick up a bottle of the French anise spirit pastis and mix it with orgeat to create a delicious Mauresque cocktail.
Scotch drams

These new whiskies from Chivas Brothers can only be found in duty free

Two new whisky collections from Chivas Brothers are on their way, but you'll need to check your local airport next time you're flying.
dogfish head northern monk collab screenshot 2024 06 10 184512

Dogfish Head and Northern Monk are collabing for a trans-Atlantic rye IPA

Iconic U.S. craft brewery Dogfish Head is collaborating with hip British brewery Northern Monk to create a rye session IPA.
Pouring alcohol. Barman working at night and wearing uniform pouring alcohol into glass with ice

Drinks 101: What’s a brand ambassador (and are any worth paying attention to)?

Everybody seems to be a brand ambassador these days. But in the drinks industry, there are some worth paying attention to.
Yamas in Walla Walla.

The traditional Greek food you need to try when you visit Greece

Grecian food is culinary gold. Here are some of the best traditional dishes to enjoy while navigating the category.
Man with apron in industrial kitchen

Why these methods of cooking are best when you want to retain nutrients

Cooking can enhance digestion and increase the absorption of certain nutrients, lead to the reduction of key vitamins, minerals, and other important compounds.
Person grilling

This is how Bobby Flay makes store-bought barbecue sauce taste amazing

These simple ingredients will turn bottled barbecue sauce into something special.
Beer in ice

There’s a scientific reason why cold beer tastes better

A recent study from the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests that the reason the temperature of beer impacts the flavor is based on several scientific factors.
Whole coffee beans

Hawaiian coffee is about to taste a lot better

Hawaiian coffee is getting a boost from some new legislation. Here's what to know.
Three glasses of white wine together

The best affordable white wine money can buy

There's a lot of great white wine out there. Here are the affordable best options.
Smoked meat brisket

How to smoke a brisket: A complete guide

If you're ready to embark on this delicious day-long endeavor, read on to learn how to smoke a perfect brisket.

Make the perfect summer meal: Our favorite sides for burgers

These are five of our absolute favorite summertime sides that will perfectly complement your burgers this season.

These refreshing citrus flavored gins are perfect for summer mixing

While we love a good London dry gin or a well-made artisanal take on the spirit, sometimes we crave a little extra flavor.
Spanish gin tonic

Raise a glass for World Gin Day

Tomorrow, Saturday June 8, is World Gin Day, so what better excuse to kick back on a lazy afternoon and enjoy a gin cocktail?
Whiskey in a glass

This historian is auctioning off his rare whiskey collection

Who better to collect historical rare whiskies than a trained historian? The collection of historian Paul S. Hirsch is now going up for auction.
mayenda reposado double cask pour jpg 75

This unique reposado tequila is aged in two types of cask

The brand Mayenda has released a tequila aged using two different types of cask for a complex flavor, the Mayenda Reposado Double Cask.
Grilled vegetables

How to grill vegetables: Your complete guide

Grilled vegetables are truly something special and very easy to prepare if you follow a few simple guidelines. 
Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or cognac with ice cudes on black stone table and wood background

Highland Park offers a new cask-strength whisky that promises complex flavors

Highly regarded whisky brand Highland Park, the northernmost distillery in Scotland, is coming out with another desirable release in its cask-strength series.