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Pizza cassserole.

4 delicious casserole recipes to try right now (it’s the comfort food you need)

Try all four of these casserole dishes today. You won't be disappointed in these recipes.
Hot sauce peppers

These are the hottest hot sauces in the world – are you brave enough to try them?

We’ll let you in on a secret. We’re not brave (or crazy) enough to try the hottest hot sauce in the world. No way. But here's the list.
Red Hot Toddy.

The best tea cocktail recipes if you love a hot toddy

Hot tea is great in a cocktail, the hot toddy taught us as much. Here's how to mix with the stuff and a few recipes to try.
Avocado cut in half

1 of 2 American adults aren’t getting enough magnesium – these foods will help (avocado, tuna, and more)

Foods high in magnesium are vital for many functions in the body, from heart health to quality of sleep. Here's what to eat to get enough of the mineral.
multiple indian spices

Turmeric, cardamom, and more: Indian spices and their surprising health benefits

Indian spices have some amazing health benefits. This is your guide to turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cumin, and more.
Hot chocolate

Your new favorite winter cocktail is red wine…hot chocolate?

Blending wine and hot chocolate together makes a surprising, beautifully rich, perfectly fruity, warm and comforting, indulgent winter cocktail
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

It Follows, The Boondock Saints, and more: The 12 best movie drinking games to play while watching the films

Running out of movies to stream? Try spicing up your selection with fun movie drinking games you can play while watching the films.
Winter Spritz Cocktail

12 tasty, versatile sake cocktails to whip up and enjoy

Sake is a clean and versatile spirit, begging to be used in a mixed cocktail. Here are some great sake cocktails to whip up and enjoy.
Large steak on an open grill.

The low-carb diet guide: How to eat better and optimize your health

Here's our guide to a low-carb diet that can help you lose weight and improve your health.
casa bond lobster guacamole.

Secrets revealed: A chef shares a guacamole recipe upgrade you won’t be able to resist

Everyone loves guacamole, but with this chef's tips and recipe, your guac will be even better.
food in air fryer

If you absolutely need an air fryer, you should get a stainless steel one — here’s why

A stainless steel air fryer is a better choice for your health. Here's why.
Chattanooga Whiskey

Chattanooga Whiskey’s latest experimental single-batch whiskey is finished in a 100-year-old Sherry cask

Chattanooga Whiskey's latest experimental single-batch whiskey is finished in a 100 year old Sherry cask
LAzy K Bar Whiskey

Celebrity bourbon: Yellowstone star now has his own brand

Seems every celebrity has their own bourbon these days, and Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is no exception
Cos Mcs McDonalds

McDonald’s is taking on Starbucks with its latest spinoff restaurant – a coffee shop

McDonalds selling coffee was always weird, and now. the brand has its own spinoff coffee shop to rival Starbucks
best whiskey ranked

Our favorite whiskeys for 2024, ranked

Looking for a good whiskey? These are the best bottles to buy in 2024.
Blue Moon

Blue Moon beer has one of the weirdest (and best) Dry January promos we’ve ever seen

For many, Dry January ends on January 12, when people historically give up. Blue Moon wants to keep you dry all of January with its latest promo.
Raw steak on cutting board

You’re probably making these 5 mistakes when cooking steak

Steak is delicious when cooked right, but there are so many ways to mess up. These are the most common mistakes

Our favorite mezcals for 2024, ranked

Looking for a good mezcal? These are the best bottles to buy in 2024.
Cans of RisEau cbd drinks.

Seltzers, cocktails, and more: The 9 best CBD drinks we tried in 2024

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin

These are the best gins to drink straight

We've compiled the best gins to drink straight. These complex botanical spirits can stand on their own.
Using a French press

It’s time to learn how to use a French press coffee maker

If you want to learn how to use a French press coffee maker, look no further. We've got all the information you'd ever want or need.
Whiskey glass

The best bourbon over $100 you won’t regret splurging on

These bourbon options all cost more than $100, but all are well worth it.
Collagen supp[lement.

Collagen supplements: We have all the answers to the question – should you take them?

Collagen supplements can provide you with multiple health benefits. Find out more about collagen supplements here.
A bowl of cereal and a spoon

From Bob’s Red Mill to McCann’s, these are the best healthy cereals for men, according to a registered dietician

Cereal is a popular breakfast food, but not all of them are healthy. Find out which cereals are the healthiest for men.
A balanced Mediterranean-style breakfast with eggs

The best high-fat, low-carb foods for your keto diet

Finding high-fat, low-carb healthy foods doesn't have to be difficult or boring. Here are 11 food items you can use to make healthier and tastier meals!
High cholesterol burger.

How to lower cholesterol without medication: You can do it naturally

There is good and bad cholesterol. You should try these tips in order to help keep it all under control.
is peanut butter healthy close up of on bread

Is peanut butter healthy? All your questions answered about this popular pantry staple

Being a pantry staple in many homes, you might question the healthiness of peanut butter. Fret not as we will address some of the common concerns about it.
Glasses of wine lined up

These fantastic non-alcoholic wines are getting me through Dry January

It's taken a while for the non-alcoholic wine category to carry its own weight, but it does now and with these 18 best options.

Veggies, seeds, and more: These are the best foods for prostate health (and what to avoid)

Eat these nutritious, tasty foods to take care of your prostate health and help delay or prevent prostate issues.
Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, espresso martini, mimosas, and more: Breakfast cocktails everyone should know how to make

These cocktails are the perfect addition to your breakfast or brunch menu.
Whiskey shot cheers

Bourbon, rye whiskey, Scotch whisky, and more: These are the best whiskeys under $35

Not all of us want to break open our wallets for a bottle, which is why we created a list of the best inexpensive whiskeys (and whiskies).
Man applying face mask in mirror

From nuts and seeds to salmon and carrots, these are the best foods men should eat for healthy skin

The best foods for healthy skin for men to prevent skin aging, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, and sun damage. Learn what to start eating for your healthiest skin.
The Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner 28-inch Griddle Cooking Station outside.,

This is your chance to get a Blackstone griddle for under $180

Right now, you can save $50 on a Blackstone Griddle and get it for just $177 (originally $227).
Coconut cocktail rum cream drink

The 8 best rum cream liqueurs you need to know about

These rum cream liqueurs vary from from Jamaican classics and Brazilian coconut flavors to your standard horchata-inspired fare.
Fresh spring sparkling water

La Croix, Waterloo, Schweppes, and more: The best sparkling water on the market

Call it sparkling water, seltzer water, or carbonated water, these delicious drinks deliver flavor and refreshment without the calories.
Spread of wine, cheese, and grapes

Wine 101: Everything you’ve wanted to know about Sangiovese

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sangiovese - where it's from, why it's great, and more
Salad greens high in vitamin K

These 14 foods will add essential vitamin K to your diet

F4od is a great place to find supplemental nutrition. Here are foods high in vitamin K that you should be eating now.
Marinated chicken legs in a baking dish with steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes

12 tasty marinades to flavor up your beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and veggies

Tired of paying money for boring bottled marinades? Check out these great marinade recipes for your meat, veggies, and anything else.
Paloma cocktail

Listen to the experts: Here’s how to make the perfect Paloma drink

The Paloma is the perfect tequila cocktail. We asked a couple of experts how to perfect the classic drink.
Limoncello shots and lemons

How to make limoncello: Everything you need to know about this Italian delicacy

Crafted from an aged mix of lemons and liquor, limoncello is the bright yellow liqueur that's become synonymous with sunshine on the Italian Riviera.
Hands holding wine grapes

Pistachios, mushrooms, eggs, and more: These foods high in melatonin may help you sleep better

Melatonin can help regulate your sleep cycles for more restful sleep. Learn about these foods you can add to your diet that are high in melatonin.
Pouring milk from a glass bottle into a glass with a black background

These are the foods high in calcium you should eat (and why it’s important for your bones and beyond)

Foods high in calcium support bones. teeth, and beyond. The good news is that if you don't eat dairy, there are still many foods high in calcium to choose from.
Whiskey sour cocktail

How to make a proper whiskey sour

The whiskey sour is a classic, and this is how to make one the right way, every time.
Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

These are some of the best cookbooks of all time – one for every type of chef

The world, with all its grandeur, is meant to be relished one dish at a time, which is why we assembled this nourishing list of the best cookbooks of all time.

The best vodka mixers: Orange and cranberry juice are just the beginning

When it comes to vodka drinks, the Skyy is the limit. (See what we did there?) These are the best vodka mixers for nice, simple cocktails.
Ghost Tree Grill pork belly

Our ultimate Bandon Dunes golf resort restaurant guide

Want to dine in Bandon Dunes while you're in town for golf? Here are the best picks, including the resorts new multi million dollar restaurant
Absinthe with sugar cubes and spoon

The best absinthes for a green drink that will make you paint the town red

There's really no better time than now to hit the dance floor with the green fairy by trying some absinthe.
Thai shrimp soup

Easy soup recipes: My Thai shrimp and coconut soup is incredibly delicious – and done in 20 minutes

Healthy soup recipes aren't always the most satisfying, but this one feels like a warm and cozy, deliciously spicy hug.
A hamburger on a wooden table

Don’t ruin your skincare routine by eating these 15 foods

Is your diet bad for skin health? Here's what to know about foods and skin health, including clearing up some rumors about diet and acne.
Medical CBD oil on dark background with cannabis leaves

Why quality CBD oil is really important – and how to know if your oil is any good

What does CBD oil feel like? Like all legal drugs, the decision to take CBD is up to you, but this guide may prove helpful as you weigh your options.