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Gin terminology guide: Everything you ever wanted to know

There’s more to gin than simply the fact that it’s a neutral spirit that has floral, piney, and fruit flavors.
barman pouring paper plane cocktail

Get an AI cocktail recommendation using this new site

If you're looking for a cocktail recommendation with a twist, then a new website from spirits behemoth Diageo offers cocktails recommendations based on AI.

Here are the finest scotches of the year, according to experts

The year's best scotches have been named, according to the expert judges at the Scotch Whisky Masters.
Glass of whiskey with ice cubes served on wooden planks.

Rebel unveils its limited edition single barrel bourbon, aged for 10 years

For those who enjoy a classic bourbon, there's a new release to look out for: the brand Lux Row Distillers is bringing out a limited edition release.
hakubai dining room

Experience Japan in New York: Inside The Prince Kitano Hotel

Looking to experience Japan in New York City? The Prince Kitano Hotel offers everything from authentic kaiseki cuisine to tatami mats.
Person holding red wine glass

How to appreciate wine like fine art

Wine is still intimidating to many. Use these pro tips to break through and appreciate the stuff a lot more.
the dalmore luminary no 2 rare 49 year old auction

Rare bottle of The Dalmore whisky sells for $120,000 at auction

A rare bottle of whisky from The Dalmore has sold for £93,750 (more than $120,000) at auction, with proceeds going to a local Scottish museum.
margot robbie papa salt gin expansion new beverage launches from hard tea npd to whisky innovation jpg 1

Margot Robbie’s gin brand, Papa Salt, is expanding beyond Australia

Margot Robbie's gin brand Papa Salt Coastal Gin is coming to the UK to be found at the high-end department store Harvey Nichols.
anchor brewing liberty ale

What Anchor Brewing Company’s new owner, Chobani’s Hamdi Ulukaya, has planned

The iconic San Francisco brewery, Anchor Brewing Company, is to get a second lease of life thanks to a new ownership deal.
Pork shoulder cuts.

Pork shoulder vs pork butt: What’s the difference (and when should you use each)?

Pork shoulder and pork butt are two very different things. Here's what to know about the varying protein styles.
gin cocktail

You’ll love these 3 refreshing summer gin cocktails

Try something new this year with these 3 summer gin cocktails that are easy to make and require minimal ingredients.
Grilled salmon

Don’t make these common mistakes when grilling fish

When fish are grilled, mistakes are made. Here's how to carry out the act right, just in time for summer.
Mojito on a bar ready to serve

Don’t muddle mint for your next mojito — do this instead

While muddling will extract beneficial flavors, it also brings forth vegetal, bitter, organic, and downright bad flavors as well.
Cilantro in tacos

How a taco stand won a Michelin Star

Michelin Stars aren't just for white table cloth restaurants. Now, they're for exceptional taco stands too.
Close-up of beer in a glass

It’s official: These are the best beers in the world

They judged various types of IPAs (American-style IPA, Experimental IPA, West Coast IPA, Imperial IPA, and more), pale ales, strong ales, sour ales, and more.
Barbecue ribs with sauce

A complete guide to the different types of ribs you should be cooking

We've got you covered when it comes to answering all of your rib-related questions.
Steak on a cutting board

Don’t ruin your meal: This is how long to let steak rest

The most important step in cooking steak has nothing to do with seasoning or searing but simply leaving it alone. 
Summer beer

These are our go-to summer beers (and they’ll be yours, too)

Since summer is barreling towards us like a train fueled by hops, barley, and ale yeast, we figured now was a great time to dive into summer beers.
A man and a woman eating snacks as they look ahead

Fuel yourself for the trail ahead and avoid hiker hunger

Here are our time-honored tips for keeping yourself fueled on the trail and avoiding hiker hunger and the sugar-crash cycle.
Closeup glass of greyhound cocktail decorated with grapefruit at bright bar counter background.

The 2-ingredient greyhound cocktail is perfect for summer gatherings

It’s only made with two ingredients. Gin or vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. Really, that’s it.
Jungle Bird cocktail

Why the Jungle Bird deserves to be a cocktail you mix up this summer

The Jungle Bird is a sophisticated, boozy drink that deserves to be on your list of summer cocktails. Let's find out why.
Neutral alcohol

The ultimate neutral grain spirits guide

There's a somewhat hidden player in the drinks realm and it goes by the name of neutral spirits. Learn more about them in our guide.
A set of Traditional Thai food Khao Chae on brass bowls and platters

The ultimate guide to Thai food, one of the world’s most dynamic cuisines

The richness of Thai food goes far beyond standard takeout orders of Pad Thai and chicken satay.
Cacio e pepe with mangetout served in a bowl

6 classic Italian pasta recipes to make in your own kitchen

For a delicious and ambitious Italian feast, indulge yourself with these classic Italian pasta recipes, a must-cook for any pasta lover.
Brewer-Clifton vineyard view.

The coolest summer travel destinations for wine lovers (that aren’t Napa)

Wine vacations are the best vacations. Here's where to go, what to sip, what to eat, and more.
Red pasta noodles

How to reheat pasta so that the leftovers taste just as good

Pasta is an incredibly versatile food, Here's how to reheat it so it is as delicious as the first time.
Redbreast Missouri Oak

Redbreast adds an Ozarks twist to pot still whiskey with this limited edition bottle

Redbreast has added an American twist to its traditional tipple with its limited edition "Missouri Oak" whiskey.
Miller Lite Big Green Kegg

You can now own a Miller Lite, Big Green Egg beer keg (if you act fast)

The Big Green Kegg has a built-in Miller Lite tap handle and pump to help grillers keep one hand on the cooking tongs and the other on the perfect pour.
Dos Hombres

Dos Hombres’ Mezcalero shares the smoky secrets of this sustainable celeb mezcal brand

Dos Hombres’ sustainability practices, the age its agave is harvested, and how it gets its popular smoky aromas and flavors.
Sliced watermelon in a pile.

How long is cut watermelon good for? Learn how to make this summer fruit last

Due to the high water content of watermelon, which makes up about 90% of its ingredients, proper storage of watermelon is essential to keep it fresh.
A pair of mocktails

Our 5 favorite summer mocktails (they’re all bartender approved)

Summer is a time for celebration and that can mean a trusty mocktail. Here are some great recipes to explore.
Steaks on a plate

If you want the world’s best steak, you’ll have to go to Buenos Aires

There are a lot of great steak destinations out there. This one was just named the very best.
Two white wine glasses cheering outside.

Sommeliers reveal the best summer wines

Summer means gatherings, dinner parties, and any number of events that could use a good wine. Here are some great sommelier-backed bottles.
Steak on a cutting board

How to get a good crust on a steak every time

These tips and tricks that will help you get the perfect steak crust every single time. 
Grill and beer

Crisp lagers are the best beers for barbecues (and these are our top picks)

We just believe that outdoor grilling is best paired with crisp, refreshing lagers.
Tuna steak

How to grill tuna steaks (plus, the most common mistakes everyone makes)

A beautifully seared tuna steak is one of the easiest meals you can make for the fanciest of guests or the most mundane of Tuesday nights.

Upgrade your Memorial Day BBQ with these tasty, quick 3-ingredient dips

These dips contain just three ingredients, are absolutely delicious, and come together in seconds.

This distillery just released its first-ever single-malt Scotch whisky

It’s simply called The Ardnahoe Inaugural Release and single malt fans are (not surprisingly) very excited.
Singapore Sling

How to make the controversial Singapore Sling cocktail

The history of the Singapre Sling cocktail has been muddled over time. But no matter its origins, there is no arguing that this cocktail is a classic.
Varied wine glasses

Are you drinking from the wrong wine glasses? A guide for every type

Deciding which glass to use for your wine should depend on a few factors, for not every wine glass is created equal.
People enjoying coffee cocktails.

This is our new favorite cold brew concentrate for nightcaps and coffee cocktails

This cold brew concentrate from Explorer — sans caffeine — is the perfect way to drink your next espresso martini without it keeping you up all night.
Chocolate milkshake and whipped cream on a table

How to make a perfect milkshake at home every time

Milkshakes are at their tastiest only if you make them correctly. In this guide, we're going to tell you exactly how to make your own perfectly.
Turkish Adana kebab plate with grilled vegetables

How to grill spicy Turkish Adana kebabs (and more tips)

One of the most famous kabob styles is the Adana kebab, a spicy Turkish lamb mince fragrant with chili peppers.
Three friends cheering with glasses of pilsner beer

The history of Pilsner, one of the planet’s most popular beers

The history of Pilsner is part technology, part simplicity, and part fed-up beer drinkers. Here's the story of the famous beer.
Hot honey on meat

How to make your own hot honey at home (so you can add it to your food and drinks)

"Hot honey" refers to an infusion of hot peppers (either fresh or dried) added to honey (either pasteurized or raw). Find out how to make your own.
The Vancouver cocktail

How to make the Vancouver cocktail: Reviving a vintage classic

As a cocktail that almost got lost in time, the Vancouver is making waves with its sweet combination of gin, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters.
Hanwoo beef

What to know about Hanwoo, the Wagyu beef of Korea

Its flavor can best be described as a combination of Wagyu and American Angus. For many beef lovers, Hanwoo is the best of both worlds.
Sidecar cocktail

How to make a heavenly Sidecar cocktail

Cognac is back and one of its greatest incarnations is the classic Sidecar cocktail. Here's how the experts prepare one.
Man grilling

How to cook on a charcoal grill: A beginner’s guide

This is everything you need to know about cooking on a charcoal grill.
Pisco sour

What is pisco? Exploring South America’s grape brandy

While pisco is one category of brandy, there are significant differences between the ones that are produced in Chile as opposed to Peru.