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blue agave

The best gifts for tequila and mezcal enthusiasts

Tequila and mezcal have risen in popularity, and make a great gift for good friends and acquaintances alike.
A vodka martini with olives

These are the best potato vodka options on the market

Potato vodka is the "healthiest" of vodkas, due to its gluten-free and sugar-free make. Here are a few savory, versatile vodkas that are worth a taste.
Red wine being poured into glass

The best red wine under $20: Our top picks

Red wine doesn't always have to be expensive to be delicious. These are some of the top red wines you can find under $20.
Estelle champagne coups

10 amazing gifts for the wine enthusiast in your life

Looking for the perfect gift for a wine enthusiast? From gadgets to wine gift baskets, these wine gifts will be a hit.

All-Clad kitchenware, GIR spatulas and more: The best kitchen gifts for anyone who lives at Williams Sonoma

Give the gift of cooking and baking with some of the best kitchenware presents for those who love to spend their time in the kitchen.
A Kuleana Rum Works sugarcane field.

It’s time to pay attention to Hawaiian rum — why this liquor should be on your bar cart

People don't think of rum when they think of the U.S., but that's changing thanks to a Hawaiian movement stressing sustainability and some quality distilling.
Powered stevia in a bowl

Is stevia bad for you? Everything you want to know about this popular sweetener

Stevia sometimes gets a bad rap. We'll break down its benefits, side effects, and more

Gin gift guide: Everything your favorite drink enthusiast needs to craft the perfect cocktail

High-quality gin (and the tools and accessories needed to make that perfect gin & tonic) make the perfect gift.

Whiskey gift guide: Give the present everyone wants this year

When it comes to holiday gift giving, you can't go wrong with whiskey. Check out these whiskies that make great stocking stuffers.
Thanksgiving dinner table at home.

The best Christmas beers to drink this holiday season

Santa would appreciate one of the best holiday beers of 2023 a lot more than cookies. Here are some of our favorites for season.
Glass of white wine

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Riesling

Learn the secrets of a great Riesling wine. A wine that is typically a light-bodied beverage and very easy (sometimes too easy) to drink.
Freeze-dried strawberries on a slate counter

A guide to freeze dried food: 4 easy methods to preserve your produce

Freezing-drying is a great way to preserve groceries or garden produce. So, how do you freeze-dry food? Here is what you need to know.
winter squash flat lay with warm beverage

Winter squash — why RDs love it (and their favorite ways to eat it)

An RD tells us why winter squash is incredible, and we give some advice on the best ways to enjoy it

Beer 101: What’s the difference between an ale and a lager?

Know your beer! We dive into the similarities and differences between ale and lager
Pouring a cup of coffee.

Why does coffee make you poop? Science explains

Once that first sip of coffee hits, we start to feel the effects. Why does coffee make you poop and is it anything coffee lovers should be concerned about?
Beef stroganoff in a bowl

The perfect comfort food: Make this beef stroganoff recipe in just 30 minutes

For the ultimate comfort food that only takes 30 minutes to prepare, look no further than this recipe for easy beef stroganoff that tastes like it took all day.
Two bowls of bone broth

Our bone broth recipe is embarrassingly easy and better than store-bought

This bone broth recipe is really easy, incredibly good, freezes well, and is cheaper (and better!) than store-bought
Schlafly Beer Nitro Irish Stout

Stout vs. porter: The real differences between the beers

Let's talk beer; Stout vs. porter to be exact. There is a difference and this is why.
Black cup of coffee next to a pastry

Why is mushroom coffee suddenly so popular? We’ll tell you

Mushroom coffee is suddenly really popular, but why? We go over its benefits and the most popular brands
Omni Grove Park Inn Gingerbread competition

This is what an award-winning gingerbread house looks like

Tis the season for gingerbread house decorating. Check out these award-winning designs to inspire your next holiday activity.
Jägermeister in a bottle next to a glass of it

Drambuie, Jagermeister, Schnapps, and more – our after-dinner liqueur guide

Drambuie, Jagermeister, Schnapps — the list of liqueurs is seemingly endless, but we'll help you find the best ones.
Baked roasted hasselback chicken stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach

10 delicious weight loss meals that are 300 calories or less

Calorie deficits are an important part of any weight loss plan. These 10 meals are all under 300 calories.
White wine glass tip

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about chardonnay

Everything you ever wanted to know about Chardonnay - where it's from, why it's great, and more

This ravioli recipe hack is 100% inauthentic but makes homemade ravioli 100% easier

Homemade ravioli is incredible, but difficult. Most people won't follow an authentic ravioli recipe, but this hack makes it much simpler.
Chattanooga Whiskey

This newly released ‘rare’ single barrel whiskey is a limited edition – and less than $50 per bottle

Limited edition single barrel whiskey fior less than $50
mediterranean diet benefits study meal including greek salad  seven grain salmon and blueberries concept

A new study says the Mediterranean diet is good for more than just weight loss

The Mediterranean Diet has long been known for health benefits related to weight loss, but a new study has found that it can also be good for your mind.

The best imperial stout beer to drink this winter

These are the best imperial stout beer options for anyone who loves strong, dark beer.
baked sugar cookies for the holidays

A registered dietitian reveals the ingredient swaps that will keep your favorite Christmas cookies from ruining your weight loss goals

There's nothing wrong with holiday favorites, but these baking substitutes will let you eat those Christmas cookies while maintaining weight loss goals.
The Chef Show

Is It Cake?, Best Leftovers Ever!, Cooked, and more: The best food shows to stream on Netflix right now

Craving a new food series? We foraged through the Netflix catalog to find Taco Chronicles, The Chef Show, Street Food, Ugly Delicious, Nailed It!, and more.
whiskey Glass

This $80 bottle of straight bourbon whiskey just won an award as the best spirit in the South

Old Dominick Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey just won an award as the best in the South - and it's only $80!
Egg nog

What to mix with eggnog: The ultimate guide to this seasonal drink

Eggnog is a classic holiday tradition with many variations. When it comes to what to mix with eggnog, this guide lays out all the options.
Man cutting ham in the kitchen

Oven, smoker, and more: The many different ways to cook your Christmas ham

Here's an informative look at how to cook a Christmas ham in the oven, slow cooker, over a campfire, and in a smoker.
Carte Blanche cocktail.

Soju, shochu, and more: An Asian spirits guide for the intrepid imbiber

Our expansive, informative guide on asian spirits like soju, shochu, and Japanese gin.
Chocolate rum truffles

11 easy-to-make Christmas cookies and treats for the baking inept

Holiday baking is a beloved tradition, but sometimes we need a little help. These delicious recipes will make your Christmas season much easier.
chestnuts in a person's hands

Chestnuts are a fall and winter favorite, and an RD tells us why you should be eating as many as you can

Should you be eating more chestnuts? A registered dietician says yes - here's why
Two glasses of wine and Christmas balls on a table in a room with Christmas tree.

Holiday wine: Wow your guests with these incredible options

We’ve curated a selection of the best Christmas wines that we think are perfect for the season and for pairing with your holiday feast.
peppermint tea with chocolate

Is peppermint good for you? An expert weighs in on this holiday season favorite

Peppermint is commonly found in holiday cookies and, of course, candy canes. Is it good for you? An expert weighs in.
Japanese beef on teppanyaki

Why grass-fed beef is worth the hype

Grass-fed beef is now found everywhere, and we tell you why it's worth the spend.

This challah recipe is surprisingly simple and will be a hit on Hanukkah

Challah, a yeast bread, braided into a stunningly beautiful loaf, is a traditional staple.
Spanish coffee cocktail

Beyond the espresso martini: A speakeasy mixologist teaches us all about coffee cocktails

From how to pair coffee with your cocktail ingredients to how to make a Black Manhattan, this is your expert guide to coffee cocktails.
Carrot soup

4 delicious crock pot recipes: These low-carb, keto-friendly soups are perfect for winter

If you're craving a soup in the cool weather, these low-carb foods are easy to make in the slow cooker or crock pot.
A large roasted ham on a wooden chopping board with assorted plates of food

Ham is a holiday staple: Where to buy the star of your Christmas dinner

To help you get started planning the perfect holiday dinner, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best ham brands you can buy online.
Beer pint

Alpha acid to wet hopping: A craft beer terminology guide

Craft beer has it's very own lingo, like so many things. Here's what to know.
Cucina alba Eggplant Parmigiana.

Why chocolate is the must-add ingredient for the perfect eggplant parmesan

Executive Chef Adam Leonti of the restaurant Cucina Alba is adding an interesting ingredient to his eggplant parmesan — chunks of bitter chocolate.
Wild Turkey

This new Wild Turkey bourbon is the brand’s highest-proof release ever (and its most expensive)

Wild Turkey is a household name in bourbon. Check out its most expensive, highest-proof offering.
Close-up of a glass of beer

Why you should stock up on this Costco fan-favorite beer

This is our favorite beer for the season. And to make life even merrier, you can stock up on enough from Costco to get you through the holidays.

Matthew McConaughey’s hit new tequila brand is selling out

This is everything you need to know about Matthew McCounaughey's new tequila brand.
Sankt-Petersburg/Russia - July 21 2019: McDonald’s worker holding bag of fast food. Hand with a paper bag through the window of mcdonalds car drive thru service.

Keto diet breakfasts on the go: How to order at Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A

Eating a keto diet? How to order breakfast at McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A — and not break your diet.
Making a cocktail

Make fantastic cocktails: The 10 best bartending apps to fuel your inner mixologist

With just a quick click and scroll, you can become a bona fide mixologist in no time, thanks to these handy bartending apps for beginners and pros alike.
Group of people sharing a holiday meal sitting at the table

Eggnog, sangria, and more: How to lower the calorie content of your favorite Christmas cocktails

Enjoy the holiday season with a classic cocktail like eggnog without the calorie count that is typically associated with doing so.