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Lindsay Parrill
Lindsay Parrill

Lindsay is a graduate of California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, San Francisco, from where she holds a degree in Culinary Arts. Her favorite passions are food and creative writing, and loves to combine these two pursuits by writing about everything food and drink. She has over a decade of food writing experience, including several articles and restaurant reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Food and Wine section. More recently, she has researched and written several articles for She is also trained in the art of food styling and photography, which she has mingled with her part-time job as a photographer.

When Lindsay isn’t developing new recipes, devouring the latest cookbooks, and writing about all things culinary arts, she is busy trying to coax her children into eating anything but macaroni and cheese.

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Honey dipper and honeycomb on a table

We found a really clever use for sous vide nobody talks about

A sous vide machine isn't just for cooking your favorite foods. One Reddit user cleverly figured out a whole new use for this versatile machine.
Whiskey being poured into a glass.

7 delicious whiskey mixers that aren’t Coke

While whiskey neat or on the rocks is likely the way distillers would prefer their products be enjoyed, these are the best ways to make a whiskey taste better.
Boubon in a glass

It’s time to learn about bourbon — here’s your guide

Born in the land of the free and the home of the brave, there is no spirit more American than bourbon. Here's a quick but thorough lesson on this whiskey.
Parmesan cheese

Why Parmesan isn’t the cheese you should put on your pasta

While Parmesan is certainly a very adequate choice — is it the best choice? We say no. If you ask us, Pecorino Romano is the superior alternative. 
Carving prime rib

How to cook prime rib like a boss

To understand the finer points on how to cook prime rib, we tapped the culinary wisdom of Beau Carr.
Man cuts fresh salmon while looking at a tablet

HelloFresh alternatives: Have you considered these great options?

HelloFresh is a popular meal kit, but what are the best HelloFresh alternatives and competitors? Find out here.
Al Pacino in The Godfather.

Which came first: Pasta Alfredo or Al Pacino? The Manual investigates

They both provide comfort in our darkest hours. They both bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our souls. They are: pasta Alfredo and Al Pacino
Gulab Byblos

Give Mom what she really wants with one of these 10 Mother’s Day cocktails

Once you’ve made her a delicious breakfast and presented her with a gift, there’s only one thing left to do: drink. Make one of these cocktails for Mom.
Blowtorch on creme brulee

Fire up the blowtorch to perfect these 9 delicious foods

Have you ever sat around and thought, "Man, what can I cook with this blowtorch of mine?" Well, here's your answer.
Using a French press

It’s time to learn how to use a French press coffee maker

If you want to learn how to use a French press coffee maker, look no further. We've got all the information you'd ever want or need.
Himalayan rock salt blocks with meat

How to cook on a Himalayan salt block

You can cook pretty much anything on a Himalayan salt block. Need to bake? The salt block's got you. Here's how to use it.
Spaghetti bolognese

How to thicken sauce for just about every dish

You don't have to be an expert to put together the perfect sauce for your pasta or steak. Learn how to make your sauce thick and luscious with this guide.
Salt with a wooden spoon

The FDA is changing its stance on salt substitutes — here’s what a dietitian says you should know

The FDA has just made a pretty major shift from simply permitting salt substitutes, to actually recommending them.
Chopping onions

These are the 10 most important cooking skills everyone should know

While food delivery apps are great, learning some basic kitchen techniques is a pretty important life skill. Here are some of the best ones to master.
ted lasso biscuit recipe

This incredible Ted Lasso biscuit recipe tastes like buttery goodness

Whether you're a fan of Ted Lasso or not, these little treats will have you filled with the same love and tenderness that the hit show is so famous for. 
Braised tripe

It’s time to stop being intimidated by beef tripe — here’s how to clean and cook it

If you've ever wondered how to clean and cook beef tripe, these tips from Chef Michael Simmons outline how to do it at home.
Serving pasta

How to reheat pasta so that the leftovers taste just as good

Pasta is an incredibly versatile food, with many cultures around the world having their own unique variations. Here's how to reheat it so it is as delicious as the first time.
Four flavors of ice cream

7 KitchenAid ice cream maker recipes to try right now

Ice cream season is here (as if it never left). These are the best ice cream recipes you can make with your KitchenAid.
coronation quiche recipe closeup

This delicious quiche recipe is fit for royalty (literally) and perfect for brunch

The "official food of the Coronation" is quiche. And whether you care about the royal family or not, this recipe is damn good.
Glasses of cosmopolitan cocktail.

WaterTok: Flavored water, TikTok’s latest trend, is really not all that new

Flavored water has undergone some changes. Humdrum flavors like "strawberry" or "lemonade" are, of course, the stuff of boomers and cave people.

Esquites is the side dish your spring and summer menus need (and we have a great recipe for it)

Esquites has all the flavor of Mexican street corn, but rather than being served on a stick, it can be served neatly in a bowl, Here's an easy esquites recipe.
Pouring olive oil

Adding olive oil to coffee: Is Starbucks’ latest trend worth the hype?

When it comes to both coffee and olive oil, we're big fans. But combining them? The jury's still out.
Soy-Marinated Flank Steaks on a wooden chopping board from Food Network.

You need to try these incredible beef marinades

Want to add more spice and flavor to your meat? Try out one of these mouthwatering beef marinades to up your grilling game.
White eggs in an egg carton

This is how to tell if your eggs have gone bad

There are a few tried-and-true steps you can take to see if it's time to toss those eggs, or if you can still squeeze one more Sunday brunch out of them. 
Dark chocolate bar

Your favorite chocolate bar brands now have vegan options

These are the classic candy aisle names we've all known and loved for years that now have vegan options widely available.
Holding uncooked bucatini pasta

Please stop making spaghetti and eat this instead

Bucatini is shockingly delicate with the light wispiness of spaghetti's strands, but the ability to contain and highlight the most delicate white wine sauce.
A whole avocado behind a sliced avocado on a wooden surface

This Mexican company is turning avocado pits into biodegradable cutlery

This remarkable company has discovered a way to make biodegradable cutlery and other items like straws, to-go containers, and plates... from avocado seeds!

Meatless meals are good for the planet — Try these tasty recipes on Earth Day

Check out these delicious meatless recipes to help the environment this Earth Day.
Solgaard sustainable brand

The 11 best sustainable brands for Earth Day (and every day)

Our list of the best sustainable brands for Earth Day includes home, fashion, and travel gear that's practical, stylish, and beneficial to the environment.
Cup of herbal tea

The 5 most relaxing and energizing CBD tea brands

Looking for a new type of tea for your daily cup? We've rounded up the best CBD tea brands for 2023 — they're as relaxing as they are tasty.
Dill pickle pimento cheese dip

Exclusive: this easy dill pickle pimento cheese dip recipe is perfect for spring snacking

Looking for an easy dip recipe? Try our dill pimento cheese dip, which takes minutes to make and will please any crowd.
Whiskey in a crystal glass sitting on a rock in front of a fire

This is why you should be cooking with whiskey

Whiskey can be added to foods all across the culinary board. From savory steaks to delicate desserts, whiskey can add depth and richness to just about anything.
Dry brined steaks

You should be dry brining your steaks — here’s why

When you dry brine a piece of beef, pork, or poultry, allowing salt to penetrate your meat, you're creating flavor magic.
Classic Roast Chicken sits next to kitchen utensils on a wooden table.

5 delicious (and easy!) recipes for rotisserie chicken leftovers

Rotisserie chicken is such a versatile ingredient, delicious on its own, and a perfect start to hundreds of meals
Rinsing chicken in sink

10 basic food safety rules every new chef should know

Before you uncork the wine or peel the garlic, these are the most important food safety rules you should know.
best air fryer recipes ai fried buffal chicken wings franks hot

These are the hottest hot sauces in the world — are you brave enough to try them?

We’ll let you in on a secret. We’re not brave (or crazy) enough to try the hottest hot sauce in the world. No way. But here's the list.
Clase Azul

These are 4 of the world’s most expensive tequilas

Want to show off to friends, family, and anyone who follows you on Instagram? Pick up a bottle of one of the most expensive tequilas in the world — if you can.
Man eating a big burger.

A doctor tells us why the latest TikTok trend might actually be a problem for your health

Why the latest Tiktok trend might become problematic for those who aren't paying better attention to their diet and health.
KFC storefront

KFC is bringing back a fan favorite from the ’90s

We have to say, we are here for the sass and can't wait to get our hands on some of these finger-lickin' nuggets.
deviled eggs

The best deviled eggs recipe for the perfect Easter appetizer

After the Easter festivities, use up those extra eggs by making these delicious deviled eggs.
Pouring a glass of whiskey

These 7 wheated whiskeys are great alternatives to Pappy

Cult whiskey Pappy Van Winkle still retains its appeal for bourbon fans, but here is our list of the best wheated whiskey alternatives.
how to make hollandaise sauce what is served with

This incredibly easy poached egg hack will change your eggs Benedict game forever

Most mornings, unless you're one of those crazy morning people, a quick breakfast means cereal, toast, or protein bars. Until now.
Bacon of the Month Club

This genius bacon hack will completely change your breakfast game

Every once in a while, a new tip or trick comes along that has me questioning my entire bacon-loving identity. Check out this bacon storage hack.
A stack of cookies with a glass of milk

The secret to perfect crispy-gooey cookies every time

It turns out, this trick is the magic factor in a perfectly moist, chewy, and tantalizingly chocolate chip cookie. We tried it ourselves and were blown away!
Hard apple cider in a glass, surrounded by apples.

How to make hard cider (it’s not as complicated as you think)

Learning how to make hard apple cider and actually making it are fairly straightforward. So, here's a quick and easy guide to doing it at home.
Grilled bavette steak fajitas with grilled tortillas from Omaha Steaks

5 incredible Easter dinners that focus on our favorite steak cuts

On Easter, people seem to be pretty equally divided between their allegiance to either ham or lamb. But, what if you don't like either? We've got you covered.
A large roasted ham on a wooden chopping board with assorted plates of food.

The best holiday hams to roast for your Easter dinner

To help you get started planning the perfect Easter dinner, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best ham brands you can buy online.
Homemade Easter Marshmellow Peeps

How to make marshmallows: This recipe is the perfect Easter treat

If you’ve got kiddos or just a really big sweet tooth, follow this recipe from McCormick for at-home marshmallows this Easter.
Caraway cookware on a kitchen table

Review: Is Caraway cookware worth all the hype?

Caraway couldn't possibly be as great a brand as it's hyped up to be, right? Well, we decided to see for ourselves.
Filet Chateaubriand New York Prime Beef

Filet chateaubriand is the deluxe dish your Easter meal needs

Up your Easter dinner game by crafting this delicious Filet Chateaubriand recipe, the Ferrari of beef-centered dishes.