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Raw steak on cutting board

You’re probably making these 5 mistakes when cooking steak

Steak is delicious when cooked right, but there are so many ways to mess up. These are the most common mistakes
Using a French press

It’s time to learn how to use a French press coffee maker

If you want to learn how to use a French press coffee maker, look no further. We've got all the information you'd ever want or need.
Spread of wine, cheese, and grapes

Wine 101: Everything you’ve wanted to know about Sangiovese

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sangiovese - where it's from, why it's great, and more
Ghost Tree Grill pork belly

Our ultimate Bandon Dunes golf resort restaurant guide

Want to dine in Bandon Dunes while you're in town for golf? Here are the best picks, including the resorts new multi million dollar restaurant
Thai shrimp soup

Easy soup recipes: My Thai shrimp and coconut soup is incredibly delicious – and done in 20 minutes

Healthy soup recipes aren't always the most satisfying, but this one feels like a warm and cozy, deliciously spicy hug.
White wine in glass swirling

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Sauvignon Blanc

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sauvignon blanc - where it's from, why it's great, and more
Fra’Mani guanciale

Ditch the bacon (sometimes): You should be using more guanciale in the kitchen – here’s how

How - and when, and why - to use guanciale in your cooking. It's a component many overlook, but shouldn't.
Hands chopping vegetables

I threw my cutting board away after reading this study, and so should you – here’s why

There are pros and cons to every type of cutting board, but a study confirms a new con for plastic — the addition of microplastics to your food.
Squash soup

My clever hack makes any creamy soup recipe dairy-free (without sacrificing flavor)

Do you love a good cream of broccoli soup, but don't like dairy? Here's the fix for all of your favorite creamy soup recipes.
Souper cubes

Our honest review of Souper Cubes, the Shark Tank product you need in your life

Learn what souper cubes are, how to use them, and how well they really work.
Cream of broccoli soup and bread

Keep this cream of broccoli soup recipe handy for the winter months (it’ll quickly become a favorite)

This homemade cream of broccoli soup recipe is simple, delicious, and perfect for winter.
Red wine glass in vineyard

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about cabernet sauvignon

Everything you ever wanted to know about Cabernet Sauvignon - where it's from, why it's great, and more
Wine bottles

Costco sells a $3,700 bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, which usually has a 12-year waitlist

Premium wine at Costco? You can get a $3,700 bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon at a Costco in California now.
Zac Young's Bourbon Chocolate Stumps

Chef Zac Young’s clever bourbon chocolate cake recipe is whimsical winter perfection on a plate

A bourbon chocolate cake recipe is not hard to come by, but celebrity chef Zac Young's fun take might take the cake (pun intended).
Champagne coups

The 5 best Champagne options under $50 for your New Year’s celebration

Happy new year! Looking to celebrate in style without breaking the bank? These champagne bottles are all under $50, and taste great
Chicken puff pastry

Chicken dinner ideas: These simple Dijon chicken puff pastries feel fancy and take minutes to prepare

Our favorite chicken dinner ideas are easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. This dijon chicken with puff pastry recipe fits the bill.
Citrus pomegranate Champagne twist

The best Champagne cocktail recipes to level up your New Year’s Eve party

We all love a good glass of Champagne. But when you take this delicious bubbly beverage and make a cocktail out of it, something truly magical happens.
Chopping onions

These are the most important cooking skills everyone should know

While food delivery apps are great, learning some basic kitchen techniques is a pretty important life skill. Here are some of the best ones to master.
Fried tarantulas

Weird food? The most interesting culinary delicacies from around the world

Would you eat fried tarantulas? Would you drink anything called "snake wine?" Check out these and other weird food options from around the world.
Candied pecans

Candied pecans are good on everything and make a great last minute gift: Here’s how to make them

Follow this candied pecans recipe for a fantastic holiday treat.
Phyllo pastries

Easy appetizers: This is the secret ingredient you need for the holidays

You may be familiar with baklava, the traditional Greek dessert for which phyllo is so famous, but this flakey pastry is so much more than baklava.

Air fryer arancini: Your favorite appetizer just got a lot easier to make

Air fryer arancini are every bit as delicious as the deep fried version, but with none of the extra calories.
Rick Martinez with Topo Chico

Rick Martinez teams up with Topo Chico for 3 delicious holiday recipes you can make at home

Ready to cook? Rick Martinez and Topo Chico have some great new recipes you can make at home!
Red wine glass in vineyard

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Merlot

Merlot is one of the most popular wines. Learn all about this dry red wine with dark fruit flavors.
Chicken tortilla soup

How to make incredible chicken tortilla soup in less than 15 minutes

Chicken tortilla soup is an easy weeknight dinner, and with this tasty recipe, it'll get even easier.
Warm orange cardamom bread

How to make bread using a KitchenAid mixer

Are you on a homemade bread kick? This is how to make bread using your stand mixer. There's nothing better.
Frozen grapes on a vine

What is ice wine and why is it so special?

No, not iced wine — ice wine is a sweet desert varietal that's made with an unconventional twist.
Eggnog French toast

This eggnog French toast recipe may be your new holiday breakfast favorite (it’s definitely ours)

A french toast recipe perfect for the holidays! Grab your eggnog and get ready for some incredible french toast.
Apollo lotus mixing bowls

The best food gifts for an amateur chef: Cookbooks, Caraway cookware, and more

Foodies can be a handful and really hard to shop for. Here are the best gifts guaranteed to please them.
Estelle champagne coups

10 amazing gifts for the wine enthusiast in your life

Looking for the perfect gift for a wine enthusiast? From gadgets to wine gift baskets, these wine gifts will be a hit.

All-Clad kitchenware, GIR spatulas and more: The best kitchen gifts for anyone who lives at Williams Sonoma

Give the gift of cooking and baking with some of the best kitchenware presents for those who love to spend their time in the kitchen.
Glass of white wine

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Riesling

Learn the secrets of a great Riesling wine. A wine that is typically a light-bodied beverage and very easy (sometimes too easy) to drink.
Beef stroganoff in a bowl

The perfect comfort food: Make this beef stroganoff recipe in just 30 minutes

For the ultimate comfort food that only takes 30 minutes to prepare, look no further than this recipe for easy beef stroganoff that tastes like it took all day.
Omni Grove Park Inn Gingerbread competition

This is what an award-winning gingerbread house looks like

Tis the season for gingerbread house decorating. Check out these award-winning designs to inspire your next holiday activity.
White wine glass tip

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about chardonnay

Everything you ever wanted to know about Chardonnay - where it's from, why it's great, and more

This ravioli recipe hack is 100% inauthentic but makes homemade ravioli 100% easier

Homemade ravioli is incredible, but difficult. Most people won't follow an authentic ravioli recipe, but this hack makes it much simpler.
Chocolate rum truffles

11 easy-to-make Christmas cookies and treats for the baking inept

Holiday baking is a beloved tradition, but sometimes we need a little help. These delicious recipes will make your Christmas season much easier.

This challah recipe is surprisingly simple and will be a hit on Hanukkah

Challah, a yeast bread, braided into a stunningly beautiful loaf, is a traditional staple.
A large roasted ham on a wooden chopping board with assorted plates of food

Ham is a holiday staple: Where to buy the star of your Christmas dinner

To help you get started planning the perfect holiday dinner, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best ham brands you can buy online.
Close-up of a glass of beer

Why you should stock up on this Costco fan-favorite beer

This is our favorite beer for the season. And to make life even merrier, you can stock up on enough from Costco to get you through the holidays.
Pasta carbonara

Our pasta carbonara recipe makes it easy to get great results every time (without scrambling your eggs!)

Carbonara is a great weeknight dinner or a late-night snack, and our pasta carbonara recipe guarantees great results.
Liquor bottles on a bar shelf

The surprising ways vodka can actually be good for you

You surely are familiar with vodka as part of a cocktail. But do you know anything about the health benefits of vodka? Read on to find out.
Bib Tucker Double Char Bourbon Brisket by Chef Steven Raichlen

This bourbon-soaked brisket recipe is absolutely incredible

Chef Raichlen shared this incredible recipe with The Manual, and we can't get enough of its warm bourbon spice.
Friends eating around table

This is the perfect 4 course apres ski dinner menu

After a long day on the hill, apres ski is where it's at. This four-course dinner menu might be the best way to finish your day.
Fried chicken

A chef gives us the secret key ingredient to make perfect fried chicken (and the one step most people get wrong!)

The key to this southern favorite is something you may already have in your refrigerator.
ice cream bread recipe 6289263 1920

Ice cream bread is the lifehack your internal fat kid needs

Ice cream bread is a sweet treat and it's super easy to make.
Cincinnati chili

Slow cooker recipes: Cincinnati chili is easier than you think

Looking for great slow cooker recipes? Our cincinnati chili recipe is incredibly simple and wonderfully flavorful
Healthy sandwich on sweet potato for breakfast or snack

Forget avocado toast – why sweet potato toast is the best fall breakfast

Sweet potato toast: A slice of sweet potato is baked to perfection, crisp on the outside, pillowy on the inside, then topped with whatever strikes your fancy.
Fish fillets, chicken meat, and red meat on top of distressed white cutting boards along with nuts, cheese, dairy, and eggs.

Want to know how to build muscle? A doctor says you should eat these foods

Muscle building requires proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Combined with a good strength-building routine, these foods will work for optimal muscle growth.
Food dinner meal on table for christmas and thanksgiving celebration

5 simple tips for doing Thanksgiving wine the right way

Selecting the perfect varietal for such a high-pressure dinner such as Thanksgiving can be quite intimidating. We're here to answer all of your questions.