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Therapy and recovery


Saunas, cold plunges, equipment, tips, and more! The Manual has all the helpful advice, tips, tricks, and equipment to help you recover from a tough workout – or just relax and unwind.

Panoramic barrel lounge benches in Divine Sauna

Come home, relax, and climb into your very own personal sauna

After a long day, wouldn't it be nice to unwind in your very own personal sauna? No traveling, just hop in, and enjoy. Divine Saunas can make it happen.
Sauna accessories in the glow of a tea light.

The best at-home infrared sauna options: Our top picks

SunHome Saunas Equinox 2 two person sauna sponsored

One of our favorite home infrared saunas is $400 off today

Sauna accessories in the glow of a tea light.

The absolute best saunas for home use

Birch vihta hanging in a Finnish sauna.

The best home saunas for ultimate relaxation

Infrared sauna in the corner of a room.

How to choose the best infrared sauna for you

Four men sitting in a sauna.

The hidden costs of installing a home sauna you need to know about

An infrared sauna turned on.

These are the different types of infrared saunas — find out which one is right for you

Black sauna bucket on top of a sauna bench.

Getting a home sauna? What you need to know before you install

MiHigh sauna blanket

The best infrared sauna blankets: Our top picks

Barrel sauna inside

The unwritten rules of sauna etiquette

man swimming in ice

How Finns take the polar plunge to the next level with avanto

Birch vihta hanging in a Finnish sauna.

This is why Finns beat themselves with birch in the sauna

This traditional practice, known as “sauna vihta” involves clipping a bundle of fresh branches off of a birch tree and beating themselves with it in the sauna.
People using a sauna.

Way Day 2022: Get a Sauna Delivered to Your Door for $90

Wayfair has some excellent deals on single and double-use saunas that won't break the bank, so grab one today while the sale is on!
manly spa treatments for new years eve man with mud mask

Treat Yo Self: Manly Spa Treatments to Get You Ready for the New Year

From massages to facials, these guy-friendly spa treatments will help you ring in the new year looking — and feeling — bright and relaxed.
Howard x Higher DOSE sauna

What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas?

Sweat out your jet lag, sooth your sore muscles and lift your spirits in one of HigherDOSE's infrared saunas now at New York City downton hotel, 11 Howard.

This Solar Egg Sauna is Worth Traveling to Sweden For

Solar Egg, designed by Bigert & Bergström, was created as a social monument for residents of Kiruna to remember their cultural identity over a sweat.