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Jennifer Ryan Jones

Jennifer Ryan Jones

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jennifer Ryan Jones is a fashion and grooming expert who contributed regularly to The Manual and Her past experience includes overseeing all of the men’s style and grooming content for Playboy magazine. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Jennifer’s work.

Man putting on body spray

Tom Ford, Kenneth Cole, and more: The 10 best men’s body sprays for 2024

Ditch your heavy cologne for a lighter men's body spray that won't suffocate you on a warm afternoon. These are our favorite body sprays for men.
Man with long hair wearing a hat

Dealing With Hat Hair This Fall? These 5 Products Will Fix It

Wet towels? A quick dunk in the sink? Nah! Our expert styling tips and carefully selected hair products are enough to combat hat hair in fall 2021.
salt cave halotherapy therapy treatments explained santa barbara

What’s a Salt Cave and Why Are They So Damned Relaxing?

One of the easiest ways to decompress, detoxify and soothe your skin has to be chilling in a salt cave. Surely you’ve seen those Himalayan salt lamps? Just imagine what sitting in a dimly lit room with 14 tons of the stuff can do.
Ski Butler

Ski Butlers are a Thing. We Went to the Rockies to Find Out What they Do and Why

Yes, ski butlers are a real thing. We went to the Rockies to find out all about why the saviest skiers and smartest shredders enlist the help of a ski butler to service and set up their gear.
san juan old town puerto rico

Puerto Rico is Back and Ready for Your Next Vacation

Now more than ever, it’s time to visit Puerto Rico. The hotels are open, the beaches are breathtaking, and the food is delicioso. Your tourism dollars will help bring the island back 100 percent. Here are a few hotels, restaurants, bars and more to consider for your next Puerto Rican vacation.
athlete grooming tips

Hot Weather Grooming Tips For Athletes and the Active

Before you take your fitness routine to the great outdoors this summer, you’ll want to address hot weather issues like chafing, sunburn, and swamp ass with the right grooming propducts.
four seasons chicago bourbon spa treatments for men massage

Overindulge this National Bourbon Day with Whiskey Grooming Treatments at Four Seasons Chicago

When life has you over a barrel, you can retreat to the Chicago’s Four Seasons Hotel for a total mind-body reset. The Spa is serving up a shot of luxury relaxation minus the hangover with bourbon infused man-tastic spa treatments. Relax and rejuvenate as the professionals smooth out your rough spots.
summer stuff to do colorado rocky mountains peter pryharski 111529 unsplash

All the Best Stuff to Do in the Colorado Rocky Mountains this Summer

You might be shocked to learn how the locals of Vail and Aspen feel about the winter wind down. Even die-hard cold weather sports fans, originally lured to the area by the stellar skiing and snowboarding conditions, are stoked for the arrival of warmer temps because that means, biking, hiking, and more.
mccourty twins

New England Patriots’ McCourty and Hollister Twins Talk MVP Grooming

Even twins don't have the same routine when it comes to shaving. We sat down with two New England Patriots duos — the McCourty twins and the Hollister Twins — to pick their brains on locker room grooming and their favorite shaving products.
Birchbox Man Off The Clock Limited Edition Box

Ready to Relax? This Box of Grooming Goodies from Birchbox Man Can Help

Life is stressful. You deserve relaxation and a little pampering. Thanks to Birchbox, every grooming product you need is now all in one place — Off The Clock Box — which can be delivered straight to your door. Take a peek inside.

Lil Yachty Chats Braids, Body Wash, and Being Yourself

We caught up with Lil Yachty to chat about his signature red hair, how he keeps up with his personal style, and his new work with Axe.
old spice 80th anniversary promo

Smell Like a Sea Captain (in a Good Way) with the Old Spice 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection

We caught up with Old Spice product development scientist, Jaime Stahl, to talk scents, 80 years of Old Spice, and the celebratory capsule collection.
green grooming products st patricks day vitamin cleansing bar italian lime pomegranate mens body care

We’re Giving these Grooming Products the Green Light for St. Patrick’s Day

The color green is considered a symbol of positivity and health, so it makes perfect sense for you to incorporate green grooming goods into your daily routine. You'll find a healthy serving of green ingredients in these men's products, all of which also happen to be green
the art of shaving hair styling products

The Art of Shaving Launches New Line of Hair Styling Products

From the brand that has perfected, well, The Art of Shaving comes a brand-new collection of hair styling products that provide varying levels of hold and shine.
soap on a rope

Suds Up in Style With Soap on a Rope

Soap on a rope is no joke. It smells great, lathers up nice, and can hang with the best of them. Elevate your shower experience with these luxe bath bars.
dr woo tattoo aftercare artist

Celebrity Artist Dr. Woo Talks Creativity and Tattoo Aftercare

Dr. Woo knows a thing or two about tattoos — just ask his clients Miley Cyrus and Drake. The famed artist reminds us that tattoo aftercare should be simple.
botox with Deion Sanders

Has Botox For Men Gone Mainstream?

Botox for men is on the rise, but we still have questions — so we turned to to plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, MD, FACS for answers.
mens grooming tips

These Tips from Celebrity Stylist Vaughn Acord Will Help You Live Your Best-Groomed Life

With clients like Bruce Springsteen and Daniel Day-Lewis, it's safe to say that V76 founder Vaughn Acord knows a thing or two about men's grooming tips.
Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers Salon shave

Get NYC Handsome With Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers

Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers tells us all about their new line of skincare and shaving supplies while forecasting the latest fall grooming trends.
overnight skincare

Five Overnight Skincare Treatments that Work While You Sleep

Wake up looking decidedly less rough with these fantastic overnight skincare treatments that help to repair, and re-moisturize your hide after a tough night
elvis pompadour american crew presley getty images v2

Celebrate Elvis’ Iconic Pompadour with American Crew

Get your pompadour in place, put on your blue suede shoes and head to Graceland with emerging artist Jonathan O'Neal and American Crew.
grow long hair men man with

Long Hair, Don’t Care! How To Grow It Out

There's just something sexy about a man with long hair. But if you're the guy who's growing it, it's not easy. These tips will help.
Noah Neiman

Fitness and Grooming Tips from RUMBLE Boxing Co-founder and Trainer, Noah Neiman

Protect your face by eating clean, boxing to get lean, and grooming like a champion with these tips from RUMBLE Boxing Co-founder, Noah Neiman.
man taking a bath with natural body wash

Smell Like Vacation With BILT Bar Soaps and Body Washes

Suds up with BILT's travel inspired, fragrant bar soaps and body washes that will leave you smelling like your favorite vacation spots.
Howard x Higher DOSE sauna

What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas?

Sweat out your jet lag, sooth your sore muscles and lift your spirits in one of HigherDOSE's infrared saunas now at New York City downton hotel, 11 Howard.
the duderobe

Why The DudeRobe Is Much Better Than The RompHim

Get cozy and chillax in your new favorite DudeRobe, the perfect piece of loungewear that you had no idea you wanted or needed.

Chemistry 101: Skincare Myths Debunked

When it comes to skincare, you should get to know your formulations. We're debunking a few common skincare myths and getting to the bottom of "all natural."

Rock Your Best Hair Ever with Fatboy

Steriogram frontman, Tyson Kennedy couldn't find a hair product that worked for him. So he made his own line: Fatboy Hair.
drone photography

Tips on Shooting Drone Photography from Phenom Drone Master Chase Guttman

Chase Guttman might be just getting started, but he knows a thing or two about drone photography. Elevate your images with these tips from the master.

Adventure Travel: Catch the Next Wave with SurfYogaBeer

With group fitness disguised as play, local foods, surfing, sight seeing, and of course beer, SurfYoaBeer encourages team spirit and adventure.

5 Things Dudes Should Know about Facials for Men

Everyone can benefit from a facial-even you. We sat down with a couple pros to figure out just what the deal is with facials for men and why you need one.

Every Day Is A Good Hair Day With Saturdays NYC

Launching a line of grooming products aligned with Saturdays NYC design sensibility makes perfect sense. And it all starts with your hair.

Get Your Hair Cut And A Bourbon Neat At Otis & Finn

We chat with Shawn Dixon and Kirk Riley, the co founders of Otis and Finn about spring haircuts, beard maintenance and bourbon.
pete nelson treehouse contest dove men care 1200

Winning: Stay in a Pete Nelson Treehouse Thanks to Dove Men+Care

You can stay in Pete Nelson’s treehouse and experience Dove Men+Care Elements from high in the sturdy trees of Chattanooga. Read more to enter and win!

Fragrance Creation 101 With New AXE YOU

When AXE set out to formulate their new AXE YOU fragrance they went straight back to olfactory master, and expert perfumer, Ann Gottlieb.
oil cleansers

Hey Slick! These Oil Cleansers Will Get You Clean

Oil cleansers gently lift toxins & break up the gunk that can clog pores without drying out your skin or leave it looking slick.
celebrity inspired red carpet grooming tips feat

Celebrity Inspired Red Carpet Grooming Tips

Get ready for your close-up and own the red carpet with these celebrity inspired black tie grooming tips.
detox grooming

Detox Grooming Fixes For a New Year (and New Face)

After a long, holiday season spent overindulging; it’s time to put your best face forward. Clean up with these detox grooming products.
apothecary preparations from kiehl's

Custom Skin Solutions From Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations

How can you be sure the skincare you're buying will work for your skin type? Kiehl's can help dial in your grooming routine with Apothecary Preparations.
holiday grooming

Get Handsome For The Holiday Season

If you want to look your best while making the rounds this holiday season, spend a few extra minutes on your holiday grooming routine with these products.
hawthorne for men

Customize Your Cologne With Hawthorne

If you like the idea of having your own signature scent but cringe at the thought of suffering through those retail spritzers, consider Hawthorne for men.
uppercut deluxe travel kit

Uppercut Deluxe Has Knockout Grooming Gifts

How about spreading some old school cool this holiday season? Treat all the surfers, skaters & rockabillies in your life to gift boxes from Uppercut Deluxe.
sore muscles

Recover With A Post-Workout Sore Muscles Soother

If you’re really grinding you’re going to be sore. No pain, no gain! Drink lots of water and get relief from one of these post-workout sore muscles soothers
best hand creams

Our Five Favorite Hand Creams

Winter can really hurt your hands. Hot water & cold weather lead to chapping, drying, and cracking. Heal your hands this winter with our best hand creams.
clean fragrances

Stay Fresh With CLEAN Fragrances

CLEAN fragrances aren’t just your run of the mill colognes. These innovative scents are inspired by old-fashioned freshness. Think warm cotton, rain, & air.
summer grooming

Seven Sea Worthy Skin Savers

Get on board with these Summer grooming products made with nourishing marine extracts. Seaweed, sea salt and algae will moisturize & restore your dry skin.
tattoo balms, tattoo aftercare

Tattoo Balms to Heal Your Fresh Ink

If you’re using the wrong aftercare products, your new tattoo can be more painful than the needle. These tattoo balms will help you heal.
harry's and target

Harry’s and Target Bring You The Best Shave Ever

Whether you’re just discovering them or already a loyal customer, check out this limited-edition starter shave set from Harry's and Target.
solid cologne

Travel Smart With Beardbrand’s New Solid Colognes

Solid cologne is the key to smelling great while on the road. Beard care brand Beardbrand’s new collection of solid colognes make great travel companions.
summer skincare, summer skincare routine, summer skincare tips, mens summer skincare

Your Summer Skincare Routine From Brickell

Has the sizzling heat and sticky humidity left your face looking like a grease pit? If so, you may have to tweak your summer skincare routine.