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New York Giants, Andre Williams Has Grooming Game

new york giants andre williams has grooming game
We caught up with New York Giants, Running Back, Andre Williams aka Running Man in New York City. When it comes to his grooming and style routine, this young pro prepares like a seasoned vet both on and off the field. Take a page from William’s playbook and you too can reach the top of the grooming depth chart or at least get in the end zone.

TM: What inspired you to get involved in the style game?

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My schooling in the style game began in my childhood.  Everybody had pointers. My dad used to say, “Dre, it doesn’t make any sense.  You don’t put on a pair of pants if you don’t have a belt to hold them up.” My big brother, Danique taught me how to grow my waves.  He also bullied me until I learned how to make my bed to perfection. Grooming is absolutely a big part of my personal style. It has to be – unless your style is funk and disarray. I am very meticulous about my grooming.

TM: Tell us about Running Man?

The Running Man is someone who understands that simple and easy is not always the same thing. The Running Man is anyone who can keep it cool and casual and still handle his business.

TM: Your facial hair game is strong! Do you have a personal barber? Does he come to you? What’s the routine?

I definitely have a personal barber.  I call him Blacks. He’s my cousin.  His real name is Dwayne Evans and he owns a barbershop in Orange called, Designer Cutz.  Usually, he helps me out on Wednesdays – at my crib.

TM: What does your shower drill look like? Bar soap, body wash, shampoo?

I’m not opposed to a good bar of soap, but only if I’m the only one using it.  Otherwise, I prefer body wash. I always start with my head and work my way down.  I actually keep a hairbrush in the shower at home. After, Cocoa butter or Shea butter lotions are my moisturizers of choice.

TM: One-a-day or two-a-day? Do any of the products change between home and the locker room?

Usually once a day is good enough – unless I get in the pool or have an extra workout.

TM: Do you have favorite cologne?

YSL, Bulgari, and Givenchy all have some awesome scents.

TM: You have probably put your deodorant to the test. Which one can stand up to how hard you train?

Degree gets the job done and doesn’t OD on the scent. I hate when my deodorant is the loudest smell-good I’m wearing.

TM: It’s date night. Do you up your grooming game in any way? Does your wife prefer you to wear a certain cologne, moisturizer, body lotion?

My grooming is pretty consistent across the board, date night or not.  My wife loves what I put on, especially if it’s something she picked out in the store. The only thing she is against is my beard.  But, I keep it tight.

TM: Any game day grooming superstitions? 
I like to wear silky boxers on game day, but I’m not very superstitious.

TM: It’s an away game. Which grooming products make your kit and get to travel with the team?

My toiletry bag includes a hairbrush, a wave cap (to sleep in), toothbrush, toothpaste, Shea butter hair cream, cocoa butter, face lotion, fingernail clipper, and deodorant.

TM: Take us in the locker room. Which NY Giant spends the most time looking in the mirror and the most time with his grooming regime?

It was Steve Weatherford!  But, for the moment there is no clear grooming leader.

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