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Does beard growth oil work? What you should know

Find out if beard growth oil help you grow a fantastic facial mane

Bearded man applying a product on his face.
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The quest to grow a perfect beard, or at least a good beard, never stops, it seems, which has undoubtedly caused many a guy to wonder, “Does beard growth oil work?” You can go through many processes to bolster your beard, from using the best beard oil to softening and exfoliating your follicles with one of the best beard brushes. But before you start grooming, shaping, and styling your mane in general, it’s sometimes helpful to start the process.

Think of it as a helping hand for your facial hair: Beard growth oil, sometimes in the form of a beard growth kit. Think of it like a multi-faceted approach that goes well beyond simply not shaving for some time. You’ll find beard growth oil on its own and in kits like The Beard Club’s beard growth kits, which can help you on the way to bearded greatness.

But that certainly still begs the question: “Does beard growth oil work?” Let us answer that question for you, and before you know it, a robust and healthy beard will be well within your reach.

Beard Club Kit
Courtesy of Beard Club

What is beard growth oil?

On the surface, beard growth oil might seem similar to the oil used to nourish and moisturize your beard down to the roots. Think of beard growth oil as a more fortifying, intensive oil meant to jumpstart the process rather than maintain it. Regular beard oil, after all, is beneficial to treat itchy skin and beard hair, but some beard growth oils pack more of a punch in terms of vitamins and crucial ingredients.

Beard growth oils often include ingredients that target multiple fronts, be it the moisturizing properties of jojoba oil, avocado oil, or the soothing properties of tea tree oil. It’s like a super cocktail of ingredients to revamp your facial hair.

In The Beard Club’s beard growth kits, for instance, the beard growth oil included features castor and coconut oil, which can stimulate the growth of facial hair that’s healthy and high-quality, not scraggly or patchy. Start at the root, quite literally, to grow a beard with strong (but not overly scratchy) hair, and you might be pleased and impressed by the results.

Man applying beard growth oil
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How does beard growth oil work?

That super cocktail of helpful oils and vitamins stimulates healthy hair follicles and breathes new life into strands that haven’t grown as quickly or fully. Vitamins in these oils (and a vitamin supplement like the ones found in The Beard Club’s helpful kit) also provide energy and nutrition to beard follicles.

Beard growth oil also works on moisturizing the skin under your beard, which also promotes healthy beard growth. It can also help reduce dandruff in your beard (and who wants that?) as well as work to reduce beard itch. The approach, of both moisturized skin and amped-up hair itself, often leads to improved, fuller beard growth.

Hot oil beard treatment
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Other benefits of beard growth oil

Besides promoting beard growth, these beard oils also have a number of other benefits. According to Healthline, beard oil can help make your beard look fuller, while also helping reduce those out-of-place hairs that can make your beard look unkempt.

There’s nothing worse than a smelly beard. Who needs that? Beard oil can help with that as well. Many beard oils have scents that you can use like a cologne to make your beard smell its best for that big date.

Healthline says to get the most benefit from beard oil, apply it after a shower and shampoo. Doing it this way will make sure your pores are open and your skin will absorb it. In the case of beard oil, the principle of less is more applies. If you use too much, instead of having a full, lush beard, you just might end up with a greasy, ungroomed mess.

Man with beard oil
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Are there any side effects of beard growth oil?

Notably, beard growth oil leads, first and foremost, to a healthier, fuller, and more complete beard! As with regular beard oil, there aren’t generally any ill side effects from using beard growth oil unless allergies are a factor. However, high-quality ingredients can often negate any potential negative impacts of using beard growth oil.

Long story short, beard growth oil is an ideal, safe way to improve the health of your beard hair and the skin beneath it. Used according to instructions, it can result in a beard so luscious you’ll be moved to upgrade to regular use of beard oil and beard wash. As we said, if you’ve been asking that all-too-common question, “Does beard growth oil work?” we’re here to say that yes, it can and hopefully will result in a beard you never thought possible.

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