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How To Straighten Your Beard at Home With a Heated Brush or Blow Dryer

Man Uses Beard Straightener

Whether you’re a beard aficionado or newly bearded, it can be a real challenge to keep your beard well-groomed. The quarantine has truly made life extremely difficult for many businesses and quite inconvenient for a lot of us. Our neighborhood barbers have lost their livelihoods until things open up again — while the rest of us just work from home watching our coiffures and bristles slowly grow out of control.

There are some who have opted for home styling, often shaving it all down for a clean modern James-McAvoy-in-Split kind of look. Others, on the other hand, have decided to take full advantage of the shutdown to allow their fur to achieve maximum effect and length. Of course, the dilemma with all that growth is that a lot of us are also now facing curly and unruly pelts that are badly in need of assistance. One quick look through YouTube channels dedicated to beard maintenance will have you find postings both praising and decrying the benefits of beard-straightening tools. Worry not though, as we’ve spoken to some beard care experts to provide you with a little guidance on the heated topic.

Adam Reyes is the owner of Virile Barber and Shop, with four locations in New Jersey, including two in his hometown of Jersey City. They make up a bedroom community of beards of all shapes and sizes. Reyes grew up in the business, pursuing a career as a musician for a while before being drawn back to his grandfather’s and mother’s profession. 

“I first started using straighteners in the shop for both hair and beards,” Reyes tells The Manual. “A lot of guys have a wave in their hair but still want a straighter look. While I can use a flat iron to get the same effect, it’s easier to use one of these to straighten around the curves and angles of the head. For somebody who wants a tame, straight beard, these tools work well.” 

Another hairstylist is Jeff Chastain, a former Frédéric Fekkai alum who opened his own shop in New York City and specializes in beard work. “I’d use a round brush and teach guys how to style their beards at home,” says Chastain. “I wanted to make it easier, so I started cold-calling manufacturers and drew pictures of what I wanted from a styling tool. I wanted something that would be safe to use around the jawline.” 

In 2017, he debuted the Kuschelbär Hair and Beard Straightener, a heated straightening brush that went viral on YouTube. “At one point I had 25 to 50 million views,” Chastain says. And so a new era of styling hardware was born.

Two years later, another popular beard-straightening device emerged: Væringjar. The heated brush was created by Faiysal Kothiwala, founder of beard care site The Beard Struggle, who came up with the gadget after receiving complaints from customers who would say that their beards had stopped growing.

But that wasn’t the case at all. “The hair has just curled up,” Kothiwala says. “Using a beard straightener will make your beard longer while adding volume and texture.”

Kothiwala tells us that while some people like a more natural beard appearance, a straightened beard is more appealing in a business environment. “The big look in the U.K. right now is super clean-cut: A straightened beard with a slicked-back hairstyle.” 

Ahead, our three grooming aficionados show us how to straighten our beards and the best straighteners to buy now.

How To Straighten Your Beard With a Heated Brush

  1. Make sure the beard is dry. Hair is porous. If it’s still holding water, the heat will singe the hair cuticle, basically cooking it. So get the beard as dry as possible first.
  2. Condition the beard. Because you are cooking out a lot of the hair’s moisture, be sure to use an oil-based conditioner: A beard oil or beard balm is good. A water-based conditioner will just make the hair coil back up.
  3. Create tension. Reyes points out that beyond the hair’s cuticle layer are hydrogen bonds. These bonds are what keep the shape of the hair. Applying heat (like a blow dryer or hot comb), in combination with tension, allows us to reshape those bonds and our hair. 
  4. Comb downward. Run the brush through your beard slowly. Chastain suggests going 25% of the speed of your normal beard brushing. “The slower you go, the straighter it gets,” he says.
  5. Preserve and protect. Add a bit of beard oil or balm to style the beard into the shape you want. “Tamp down the sides a bit,” says Kothiwala. “The beard may flare out from your face from all that added volume.”

How to Straighten Your Beard With a Blow Dryer

If you already own a blow dryer and brush or comb, there’s no reason you can’t use that to straighten your beard. Follow steps one and two in our previous guide, then proceed with your dryer of choice:

  1. Take a section of your hair the same width as the tool you are using; so an inch width of hair if you’re using a 1-inch comb.
  2. Start at the bottom of your beard and work your way up to the cheeks, section by section.
  3. Turn the comb into the beard as you go.

Reyes cautions that, if you have had your beard trimmed at the barbershop, you should be sure to maintain the same style. If you have the beard trimmed while it’s more natural and then straighten it (or vice versa), it may suddenly look messy because the hairs will be at different lengths.

The Best Beard Straighteners for Men

Masc by Jeff Chastain Kuschelbär Hair and Beard Straightener

The Masc by Jeff Chastain Kuschelbär Hair and Beard Straightener

The Kuschelbär features four combs arched around a heat plate so your skin is protected while allowing for maximum control. Chastain claims his device will leave hair (beard or otherwise) straighter and softer. We chose this cordless version (with a USB charging cable) for its convenience, but there are also corded versions. The brush features 40 minutes of high-temperature usage (360℉, 380℉, or 400℉) and a safety off switch. 

The Beard Struggle Vaeringjar Heated Beard Brush

The Beard Struggle Vaeringjar Heated Beard Brush

While The Beard Struggle’s success was built on beard care products, this is its entry into the straightening category. “This version belongs to us, and we have a patent pending on the beard pick part of the brush,” says Kothiwala. “It’s crucial to adding volume to the beard.”  The Væringjar features a USBC cable and three heat settings (320℉, 360℉, and 400℉), though most are happy with the medium setting. Kothiwala recommends using the brush with a heat-protecting spray.

Aberlite Max Beard Straightener

Aberlite Max

The Aberlite is designed to avoid both damaging your beard and burning your face. While the price point makes it the entry level for the category, the unit does include five heat settings, ranging from 150℉ to 440℉ for tough-to-control hair. 

Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Mini Heated Straightening Brush

While this heated mini brush isn’t technically designed for your beard, it gets the job done seamlessly. Drybar’s Baby Brush heats up to 400℉, the optimal temperature for straightening and smoothing shorter styles. Plus, it comes with a two-year limited warranty so you really have nothing to lose.

People Also Ask

Are Beard Straighteners Bad for Your Hair?

The most pertinent question right off the bat when it comes to shaping your beard has to revolve around the impact it’s having on your beard itself. When used properly, a beard straightener shouldn’t negatively affect or damage your hair and beard. Take the Aberlite Max Beard Straightener, one specifically designed to avoid damaging your beard hair (and featuring five different settings to help in that process).

If your beard hair feels dried out or damaged as a result, you can always use one of the best beard oils to get back some of that shine, luster, and moisture.

When used at a temperature that’s too hot, a beard straightener does pose the risk of damaging your facial hair, which is why it’s necessary to find one of the best beard straighteners before you dive into this new, growing grooming category.

Should You Straighten Your Beard?

One of the first questions when it comes to how to straighten a beard is likely one of the more pressing: Should you straighten your beard, and is it right for you? The short answer is it all comes down to personal preference and how you like the look and feel of your current beard. If you feel it’s much too long, unwieldy, or not in the style you desire, then you should certainly straighten your beard. After all, it can be tough to shape your beard into one of the best beard styles if you’re not exploring every available option.

If your beard feels scraggly and untamed or uncomfortable, beard straightening is also an option. You should only straighten beard hair with the proper tools and using items like a beards straightener brush for a seamless look, feel, and performance. If your beard hair is damaged or doesn’t feel at its healthiest or most nourished, go ahead and hold off on straightening for a while.

Can You Straighten Curly Beard Hair?

To a certain point, you can in fact straighten curly beard hair, but it can be tough to maintain and it might never quite lose that natural curliness. Curly beard hair can be controlled through beard grooming products, a beard straightener brush, and the right grooming approach, especially if you use the right tools. (Like we said, the right tools are all too critical.)

Straightening curly beard hair can be a tall order if your beard is especially curly or especially long, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can always consider a slightly shorter cut to reduce some of the curliness that tends to come with longer beard hair, but a beard straightener is an effective temporary option in most cases.

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