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Going Gray in the Facial Hair Department? Check Out Our Guide on How to Apply Beard Dye to Avoid Being Called “Grandpa”

Generic-Graying-Bearded-Man-3, beard dye
One of the telltale signs of getting older are the little patches of gray that present themselves up top or in your beard.

It’s an unwelcome surprise, but one that doesn’t have to go untreated. For those that want to keep up a youthful appearance, but still look natural, we’ve put together a number of tips to put the color back in your facial hair.

Choose Your Color

Choose a color that matches your existing hair and complements your skin. You’ll want to start a little lighter than your own color because hair has a tendency to really soak up dye and becomes darker than advertised. (There’s a bit of trial and error in all of this, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time).

Dye Options

Just for Men is the old standby. It’s a simple gel formula and typically requires some touch-ups depending on how often you wash your beard. The sheer variety of colors they offer makes it a popular choice.

Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel
Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel

Organic powders like Grizzly Mountain offer a more permanent solution. There’s a bit of legwork mixing the powder into a paste, but once you’ve applied it, the color lasts longer. Be sure to note that it may take a couple applications to get your desired shade though.

Grizzly Mountain Beard-Dye

There are a number of other products on the market now, depending on your exact needs and tolerance for chemical irritation of your skin.

Before Application

It’s incredibly important to cleanse and soften your skin before applying. Just like an artist on canvas, you’ll want as clean and clear a surface as possible before starting the coloring process. (You can scope a few of our favorites here).

If you have the time, try out your preferred dye on a small portion of your beard a few days before. You can gauge the color and see if you have any unwanted skin reactions.

Time to Dye

Prep the skin surrounding your beard with a thing layer of petroleum jelly to prevent the color from staining your skin. Then, apply the dye with a small brush (typically supplied in most kits) and let it sit according to the instructions on the package. Once the color is to your liking, rinse your beard a couple of times.

Touch-up & Maintenance

You have a couple of touch-up options: There are kits available or you can use a small amount of the original product (just don’t overdo it).

Moroccan Oil Shampoo
Moroccan Oil Shampoo

If and when you’re ready to remove the dye, a few washes with clarifying shampoo should remove any color (you can also just wash once for a faded look if the color is too dark).

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