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How to dye your beard and keep it maintained: A complete guide

Follow these tips and tricks to dye your beard

There are a few fears most men have as they age throughout their lifetimes. First is losing your hair and going bald. Even if you are able to maintain that head of hair, or grow out a nice beard in lieu of it, the second common fear is graying. Going gray, it's inevitable and it doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting older either. Luckily, there is something simple you can do if this displeases you.

That's where beard dye comes in. It's a quick and easy way to lessen the gray or hide it altogether. It's easier than you think if you just want to do it yourself instead of going to a salon. The bulk of beard dying is in the first application, and then the maintenance of it can be incorporated into your everyday grooming ritual. Check out these simple steps to help you master your dyed beard.

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How to Dye your Beard in 4 Simple Steps

You've taken the time necessary to cultivate the best beard for your face and personality. Why would you stop there? If you have more gray hair than you prefer to have at this point in your life, then adding a bit of beard dye will help give you that fresh look.

Step 1: Choosing your Beard Dye Color

Unless you are going all in and changing the color of your beard, you need to go with a color that matches your natural color. Choose a color that matches your existing hair and complements your skin. You’ll want to start a little lighter than your own color because hair has a tendency to really soak up the dye and becomes darker than advertised. (There’s a bit of trial and error in all of this, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time).

Step 2: Do Some Beard Prep

It’s incredibly important to cleanse and soften your skin before applying. Just like an artist on canvas, you’ll want as clean and clear a surface as possible before starting the coloring process. (You can scope a few of our favorites here).

If you have the time, try out your preferred dye on a small portion of your beard a few days before. You can gauge the color and see if you have any unwanted skin reactions.

Step 3: Apply the Beard Dye

Prep the skin surrounding your beard with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to prevent the color from staining your skin. Then, apply the dye with a small brush (typically supplied in most kits) and let it sit according to the instructions on the package. Once the color is to your liking, rinse your beard a couple of times.

Touch-up & Maintenance

You have a couple of touch-up options: There are kits available or you can use a small amount of the original product (just don’t overdo it).

If and when you’re ready to remove the dye, a few washes with clarifying shampoo should remove any color (you can also just wash once for a faded look if the color is too dark).

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