Why You Should Use a Beard Brush and the 7 Best Beard Brushes to Buy

You’ve hop out of the shower with your beard washed and conditioned. You’ve applied your favorite beard oil and beard balm to your whiskers and now you’re free to go — well, not quite.

Before you leave the bathroom, it’s time to properly finish the job by brushing your beard.

A brush for your beard is not the same as using your partner’s brush or even your own hair brush (for you long-haired fellas). Owning a quality beard brush is an essential part of keeping your beard hairs tamed, softened, and ultimately looking its best. There are beard brushes and then there are the best beard brushes.

beard brush

Choosing The Best Beard Brush For You

Not all beard brushes are created equal. The shape of the beard brush handle, bristle type,  the layout of bristles, and the size of the brush all go into determining how effective the brush is for detangling and softening your beard. Keep this sturff in mind when testing which brush is right for you: 

  • Handle: The different handle shapes of beard brushes don’t entirely matter when it comes to how effective it detangles your beard, but shape does matter when it comes to personal preference. Some handles are extended from the brush, much like you’d see with a hair brush, and some are oval shaped for your palm. Our recommendation is to go with what fits and feels best in your own hand. Aim for a beard brush that you can control with a light touch. 
  • Size: Size matters, especially when considering a beard brush and its intentions. Some beard brushes are big and these are great for those who have a long beard that they’ve been growing out for quite some time. If you don’t have a massive beardscape, and you don’t plan on growing one to rival Merlin’s, there is no need to grab a huge brush. Small brushes tend to be more affordable and are ideal for travel, too, not to mention they provide for more precision strokes.
  • Material: The material of your beard brush in regards to the handle doesn’t make a huge difference for how effective it is; however – like everything you own – appearance means a lot when it comes to being satisfied with your purchase. With that being said, some materials are more durable than others. The best beard brushes are made with a bamboo or wooden handle since they are usually higher in quality but don’t disregard something with a little more flavor like bone or horn.
  • Bristles: We’re going to cut to the chase. Natural bristles, such as boar hair or horsehair bristles, are better for your skin, perform better when applying products evenly, and have more softening power because of its firm bristle hairs and conditioning capabilities. Although synthetic bristles might get the job done, they don’t do it as well and they don’t do it for very long, either.

Considering the aforementioned qualities, just because it fits the mold doesn’t mean you should overpay for a brush. We’ve put together a list of the best beard brushes below that won’t break the bank and will make your beard look, and feel, great.

7 Best Beard Brushes

Kent Beard Brush – $75
best beard brushes art of shaving kent brush 1

The Kent beard brush might hold a steep price tag, but it’s for good reason. This brush is absolutely stunning in both design and versatility. It looks great on the bathroom counter and works effectively from start to finish on your journey to a long, lavish beard. Crafted with a gloss-sprayed, cherrywood palm handle, the Kent beard brush features natural boar bristles to give your beard an incredible shine, while also helping distribute oils evenly for both thin and thick beards.

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ZilberHaar Beard Brush – $18
best beard brushes zilberhaar brush

ZilberHaar’s boar bristle beard brush sports a beautiful pearwood handle that offers the strength and stamina you need to pull all the way through your waterfall of whiskers. The boar bristles help for conditioning and exfoliating your skin, giving even the thickest beards a healthier appearance. Brushing also helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and itchiness. And, if for some reason the ZilberHaar beard brush doesn’t fit your fancy, they’ll provide you with a full refund for your troubles. That alone speaks volumes to how much confidence the brand has in its beloved beard brush.

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Beard Captain Beard Brush – $9
best beard brushes captain brush

This beard brush from Beard Captain has dropped in price, but not because of its effectiveness. Its palm held handle is constructed from eco-friendly bamboo with a carved fingertip groove for ultimate control and it boasts an optimal size for short-to-medium length beards. It’s compact frame also makes it great for travel so you don’t have to look like a scrub in Scarborough. It features a great mix of both rough and soft bristles, which gives you great shaping ability to go along with detangling your beard and distributing both your natural hair oils and whatever product you may be applying.

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Kingston Beard and Hair Brush – $25
best beard brushes kingston brush

The Kingston brush doubles as both a hair and beard brush, but it still manages to utilize natural boar bristles with medium stiffness that are reinforced for durability and longevity. Its solid, beechwood handle flaunts a contoured design that provides maximum contact to your face and head, and they take it one step further by supplying you with a handy travel case to protect your beard brush when not in use.

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Zeus Beard Brush – $20
best beard brushes zeus brush

Zeus also offers a sleek pearwood boar bristle brush, which comes with either a palm-friendly or handle design. Regardless of which style you choose, you’ll be given boar bristles to help tame the unruly whiskers on your face with ease. This brush is best for longer beards, as the bristles are quite coarse and could be rough on those with sensitive skin and shorter beards. But, as they say, no pain, no game, guys.

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Badass Beard Care Beard Brush – $20
best beard brushes badass care brush wooden bristles

Our friends at Badass Beard Care offer a stunningly unique handle design that makes it look like you’re ready to kick ass in ping pong. Aside from its large stature and game-ready appearance, this beard brush is crafted entirely from bamboo, from its handle to its bristles. The bamboo bristles may seem strange at first, but there is a reason behind it. These bristles are anti-static, bowed out, and placed in an air pocket to provide flexibility, which allows you to untangle and brush your beard without ripping out any of your hair. Better yet, this brush is large but incredibly light, which gives you more control than heavier-handled options.

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Abbeyhorn Ox Horn Brush – $27
best beard brushes abbeyhorn ox brush

We absolutely love the look of this ox horn brush by the Abbeyhorn brand. Beginning with a handmade oval construction crafted out of a pearwood frame, natural boar bristles, and an authentic ox horn backing, this unique beard brush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for ultimate taming control. It’s a smaller, lightweight brush that sports firm enough bristles to effectively untangle and exfoliate your beard, but soft enough to tidy your facial hair without doing damage. If we had to pick a favorite from our list of best beard brushes based on affordability, appearance, and overall effectiveness, this would be our boy.

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Now that you’ve got the brush to ensure your beard is beautiful, make sure the general shape of your whiskers is right in the first place.


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