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The Best Beard Dye for Men: 5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Facial Hair

Perhaps quarantine last year was your time to let your facial hair grow unabated. After all, it’s not like you were going into the office daily or heading out for weekly date nights. However, now that the world is transitioning back to whatever “normal” is these days, you’ve taken to cleaning up your appearance so that you’re presentable to the world again. You’ve elected to keep the beard — after some necessary grooming, of course — but you’re not quite satisfied with the color.

Whether your beard color doesn’t totally match the hair on your head or you’re not keen on rocking the salt-and-pepper look, it’s understandable that you’d want to run out and grab a box of hair dye stat. But wait — can you use hair dye to color your beard? Generally speaking, it’s not recommended since facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the scalp. (That said, there are some formulas that are capable of pulling double duty, but always read the label carefully first.)

Before you do anything to your face, take a look at our guide on how to apply beard dye. Then head below to check out our picks for the best beard dye for men and find the right formula to suit your needs and budget.

Best Instant Beard Dye for Men: Just For Men Mustache & Beard

Just For Men has been a drugstore staple for nearly 35 years. Its bestselling Mustache & Beard dye works in only five minutes to produce a natural color that lasts up to six weeks. The included brush makes it easy to precisely apply on even the smallest strips of hair. Choose from 12 shades, ranging from blond to jet black.

Best Beard Dye for Touch-Ups: Godefroy Tint Kit

If you only need to touch up a few gray patches, consider picking up the Godefroy Tint Kit, which is specially made for spot coloring. It comes with 20 color capsules that are perfectly measured for one-time use so you don’t waste dye. Use either of the two included applicator brushes to touch up your beard, mustache, sideburns, or even a few stray grays along your scalp.

Best No-Mix Dye: Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard Color

For a straightforward, no-fuss way to dye your beard, check out this formula from Cremo. Everything is already mixed for you; just click, shake, foam, and comb using the attached brush. This double-duty dye can also be used on your scalp for a truly uniform look. A single 5-to-10 minute application yields color for up to six weeks.

Best Henna Beard Dye: The Henna Guys Hair & Beard Dye

Henna is a suitable alternative for anyone who has sensitive skin or doesn’t want to use dyes with harsh chemicals. The Henna Guys Hair & Beard Dye is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. One drawback associated with going for a more natural beard dye is that it’ll take hours as opposed to minutes for the color to set. But your patience will be rewarded with rich, vibrant color (plus a lack of stinging and burning).

Best Dye for a Patchy Beard: Define It Barber Colour

Maybe it’s not the color of your beard that needs to be fixed, but its overall fullness. That’s where this no-mix formula from Define It comes in. Not only can you use it to fill in the gaps in your beard, but it can also sharpen the edges along your hairline for that fresh-from-the-barbershop look. Note that this is more of a short-term solution, as the color only lasts for up to two days. But for a quick fix, it’s hard to go wrong here.

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