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The Best Hair Dye for Men: 6 Options That Are Fountains of Youth

If you spot a few stray grays in your brush, you can either embrace the natural act of aging and apply for a membership in the Silver Fox Hair Club, or you can turn back the hands of time and dye your hair back to its natural color. If you have access to a professional colorist, that’s certainly the way to go, but if you don’t — or only need to make simple touch-ups — you can color your hair yourself at home. The best hair dye for men doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it will still yield salon-style results without stepping foot inside a salon. (Just make sure to follow the instructions to a tee for the best outcome, especially if you’re new to dying your own hair.)

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Head below for the six best hair dyes for men available right now. No matter which one you go for, make sure to maintain your freshly colored locks with the right shampoo to keep them moisturized, clean, and vibrant.

Best Hair Dye for Men Overall: Just For Men Shampoo-in-Color

The classic Just For Men Original Formula may have a new name, but it’s still counted on by legions of men who want to maintain their natural color. All you need is five minutes for results that will last up to eight weeks. Better yet, it’s formulated with keratin, vitamin E, and olive oil to keep your hair shiny and strong. Choose from 15 shades, from Sandy Blond to Jet Black.

Best Custom Hair Dye for Men: Colorsmith Custom Hair Color Case

This Colorsmith Custom Hair Case may cost more than most drugstore hair dyes, but it’s the best way to get a formula uniquely suited for you. Answer a few questions and a licensed colorist will create a custom hair dye from scratch, whether you want to gradually blend your gray hairs or totally cover them. In addition to a vial of custom dye, you’ll also get a few extras like shampoo, conditioner, and stain remover (just in case).

$30 From Colorsmith

Best Hair and Beard Dye: Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard Color

“Click. Shake. Foam. Comb.” That’s all it takes to use apply Cremo dye on your hair and beard. The foaming brush applicator makes it so easy to control — no gloves required, and no mess to worry about afterward. A detailing tool is included if you only need to make small, precise touch-ups around your sideburns or mustache. Leave it in for five minutes, rinse, and you’ll have color that lasts for up to six weeks.

Best Dye for Highly Textured Hair: Softsheen-Carson Dark & Natural Hair Color

Softsheen-Carson hair dye is specially made for Black men and men of color with highly textured hair, which doesn’t always take well to mainstream formulas. This ammonia-free dye features aloe vera and honey so hair is left soft, manageable, and — most importantly —moisturized. It comes with an applicator nozzle that makes it easy to control just how much (or little) coverage you’d like.

Best Organic Hair Dye: Manly Guy Beard & Hair Dye

For a hair dye made without harsh chemicals or animal-derived products, there’s Manly Guy. This henna hair dye is free of ammonia, metallic salts, and PPD — perfect for anyone with sensitive skin who grimaces at the thought of unpleasant tingling and stinging while coloring their hair. The trade-off here is a much longer application time (one hour), but the color should last up to eight weeks.

Best Touch-Up Stick: Bumble and Bumble Color Stick

If you only have a few stray white or gray hairs, there’s no need to do a total dye job. Pick up this touch-up stick from Bumble and Bumble instead. It’s made for all hair types and textures. Although it only comes in three shades (red, black, and brown), the color is blendable and buildable so you can apply as many layers as you need to achieve the right look.

Tips for Buying Hair Dye

Whether you opt for natural gray or decide to dye your hair and cast the grays away, there are a few things to remember. To cover gray or white hairs, go with a hue that’s either up to two shades darker than your natural hair color or one shade lighter. Anything too dark will make it seem like you’re wearing a bad toupee, while anything too light has the potential to turn your hair brassy or orange. Also, plan well enough in advance. Dye adheres to your hair better if it’s not stripped of its natural oils, so try to avoid washing it for up to three days prior to coloring. This is also sound advice to follow if you’re dying your hair ahead of a major event; don’t make any drastic changes the night before a momentous occasion because you’ll have no time to fix any obvious mistakes.

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