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The Best of the Best

Homemade pisco sour cocktail with lime and bitters

How to start your own home bar: branching out into liqueurs and bitters

To make a range of classic cocktails, you'll need a range of liqueurs and some additional extras, like bitters, to add an interesting twist to your drinks.
Gin and tonic with lemon and lime

I’m a cocktail expert — these are the best tonic waters for a gin and tonic

Man using a grill in his backyard for best gas grills featured image.

The 10 best gas grills to make delicious food with in 2024

Best short beard styles for men.

Best Electric Toothbrush Deals: Philips Sonicare, Oral-B Pro, and more

Young man enjoying a cigar outside on a gloomy day.

The 7 best cigars $5 and under that I’ve tried and tested

Family watching TV together

23 of the best gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Man wearing swim trunks in the water

The best men’s swim trunks to wear (for both style and comfort)

Biker wearing Apple watch

Upgrade your daily routine with the best smartwatches for men

Various flavor items in a cabinet like cinnamon sticks and vanilla.

The 10 best flavored cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

The 10 best amaros and how to drink them

Selection of cigars in an ashtray resting on a wooden table.

The 10 best Honduran cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

best arturo fuente cigars in ybor city  west tampa from wilson and girgenti engineering

The 8 best Arturo Fuente cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

best golf rangefinders garmin rangefinder in use

From Nikon to Bushnell: The 10 best golf rangefinders in 2024

The best golf rangefinders will help your golf game's accuracy. They act like an informational gun, just point and shoot to learn how far away something is.
Davidoff Escurio and Aniversario cigars up close by Briley Kenney from The Manual

The 8 best Davidoff cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best Davidoff cigars that I've tried and tested recently, along with flavors I experienced and a history of the iconic brand.
Man swinging a golf club

Perfect your swing: The 7 best golf alignment sticks in 2024

Let's face it, your golf swing isn't perfect. And even if it is good, you can improve it. One of our favorite ways to do so is to with golf alignment sticks.
A golfer using the Callaway golf club brush.

Keep your irons and woods cean: The 7 best golf brushes

Dirty golf clubs will slowly deteriorate you clubs and golf bag and will even make your shots inconsistent. Use one of these golf club brushes to clean yours.
The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever for Water in action.

From Callaway to Prowithlin: The 7 best golf ball retrievers in 2024

For all those times your ball ends up under a thorny bush, in the water, or anywhere else off the beaten path, you're going to need a golf ball retriever.
Someone about to take a swing at a golf ball.

The 6 best golf club sets for beginners in 2024

We take a look at the best golf club sets for any situation and budget, including newbies and those who want to invest in more.
AVO Synchro cigar resting on top of filled whiskey glass.

The 10 best mild cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

I've tested a bunch of mild cigars to find the most flavorful, and I'm sharing my experiences with you. Here are my favorite smokes from the bunch. 
The Izzo Swami 6000 golf GPS device attached to a man's belt.

The best golf GPS devices for tracking your game in 2024

Want to know the exact distance to the pin from the sand pit on hole 7? Try one of the best golf GPS devices, which come in handheld and smartwatch forms.
Vanilla sticks and cigars on stylish background.

The 10 best vanilla cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Sometimes, you just want a good cigar rich with a certain flavor. If you want some of the best vanilla cigars, this list if what you need.
White wine glass tip

Far older than you think: A beginner’s guide to Mexican wine

You might not think of Mexico as a wine-producing country, but they've been doing it since the 16th century. Here's what to know.
best canada goose vests for men vest

The 7 best Canada Goose vests for men in 2024

Shop the top seven Canada Goose jackets for men for some extra layers this season.
Best Connecticut cigars up close and personal

The 12 best Connecticut cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

If you're looking for a mellow to mild, ultra-creamy smoke then the best Connecticut cigars tried and tested, like these here, are exactly what you want.
Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

The 10 best Dominican cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best Dominican cigars I've tried and tested in 2024. Tobacco grown in the region offers a unique flavor profile you won't find elsewhere.
ooni koda pizza oven review

From $350 to $1,399: The 5 best outdoor pizza ovens in 2024

If you're thinking about buying an outdoor pizza oven but you're currently overwhelmed by all of the options, you should check out our recommendations here.
Gin and tonic lime lemon rosemary

The 10 best gins for a refreshing gin and tonic

When it comes to refreshing gin and tonics, these are the spirits to reach for.
Home Bar

How to start your own home bar: the essential spirits

Most cocktail experts agree that there are a few spirits that are required for a well stocked bar, and we've compiled a list of what to buy.
man smoking small cigar by engin-akyurt unsplash

The 12 best small cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

If you want a quick smoke that you can take with you and light up anywhere, these are the best small cigars tried and tested by none other than a cigar expert.
Man smoking cigar casually outside his home, best medium bodied cigars.

The 10 best medium cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best medium cigars tried and tested in 2024 by yours truly, a cigar expert and aficionado. If you want a delicious cigar, start here.
Maduro cigars on Spanish decorative tile table

These are the best Maduro cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

I've compiled a list of the best Maduro cigars I've tried and tested in 2024. Let's discuss.
Man in a tux at a wedding holding a lit cigar.

The best cigars for a wedding, chosen by a cigar expert

Planning your wedding and want a reliable list of the best cigars for a wedding that you can give to your groomsmen, wedding party, guests, and more? See this.
Close up of cigars in humidor at home - Briley Kenney from The Manual

Cigar expert recommends: The 10 best cigars for beginners

Ready to try your first cigar? Want to know where to start? These are the best cigars for beginners, as recommended by a cigar expert. You can't go wrong here.
Maduro cigars in a lineup ready to smoke.

The 10 best Nicaraguan cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

This is a list of the best Nicaraguan cigars that's I've had the pleasure of smoking. If you're looking for a bold, full-bodied smoke, this is the place to be.
Bloody Mary

I’m a cocktail expert — my picks for the best vodka for a Bloody Mary

If you're on the lookout for a vodka to use in a Bloody Mary, then I'm recommending a selection of mid-range options which have the qualities to fit the bill.
Men drinking and playing golf.

The 8 best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert

Going golfing and want a decent cigar to enjoy on the course? These are the best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert who knows his stuff.

The 9 best Tumi backpacks you can travel with in 2024

Shop the best Tumi backpacks for your next journey.
Manzanilla Martini on table

I’m a gin enthusiast — these are the 7 best gins for a martini

I've rounded up seven of the best gins I like to use in a martini. These run the gamut from small batch specialties to those which are widely available.

I’m a tequila expert — here are my favorite tequilas for sipping

We've rounded up some of the best tequilas for sipping, whether you're new to the spirit or you're already an enthusiast.
A midsection of a man wielding a hatchet in the outdoors

Get the best camping axes for cutting, chopping, and prepping your way around the campsite

Every outdoorsman needs a quality camping axe. From survivalist specials to lightweight backpacking models, these are the best hatchets.
Shirtless man exercising at home

Working out at a gym is overrated: The best at-home workout equipment for men

Why pay for the gym when working out from home is just as good? All you need is a few key at-home workout equipment pieces to get yourself into shape.
A man wearing a retro Patagonia fleece.

Patagonia vs The North Face: Who makes warmer clothing?

We put two top outdoor clothing brands against each other to find out whether you should shop Patagonia or The North Face for warmer clothing.
A woman holding the Tiffany Lock.

From Cartier to Tiffany: The best designer bracelets for men

We pick out all the best designer bracelets for men available right now including jewelry from Cartier, Tiffany, and Versace.
Sandals Royal Caribbean all-inclusive villa views

The 12 best luxury all-inclusive resorts around the world in 2024

Want to take a trip where you don't have to plan for anything for pay for drinks and food? Here are the best luxury all-inclusive resorts around the world.
Torgoen T16

The 13 best men’s watches you can buy under $1,000

The best men's watches under $1,000 can be just as durable as their counterparts.
Antler luggage on a white background.

From Tumi to Globe Trotter: The 6 best Rimowa alternatives

We take a look at all the best Rimowa alternatives for anyone seeking new luggage.
An Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail at a bar

The 9 best whiskeys for making a bar-worthy Old Fashioned at home

The deliciousness of an Old Fashioned depends on the whiskey you use. Here are the some of best whiskeys for whipping one up at home, just as good as the bar.
how to smoke a cigar

Tried and tested: The 8 best cigars under $8 in 2024

Here are the top picks for the best smokes under $8, with lots of flavor and nuance, as chosen by a true cigar enthusiast. Cigars don't have to be pricy.
A man reading a book

Treat your mind: The 11 best short stories ever written

Many authors say that penning a great short story is harder than writing an entire novel. These are the best short stories to add to your list.
Clothing from a subscription box

The 10 best clothing subscription boxes for men in 2024

No time to go out and about? No problem. Here are some of the best men's clothing subscription boxes and styling services you can take advantage of this year.