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The Best Loungewear Sets For Men

Everyone from psychologists to sleep experts to fashion stylists agrees that the clothes we wear send messages to others, as well as to ourselves. While “dressing to impress,” and “dressing for the next job” wardrobe philosophies may help us get ahead in our careers, it’s best to leave those clothes behind when it’s time to relax for the evening.

If we’re hanging out at home in the same shirt and pants we wore to work (even if work was at home that day), we’re sending a subtle signal to our unconscious minds that the daily grind really isn’t over. That may result in a lack of sleep, an inability to relax, and worse, not being fully present with our families. The simple solution? Have a few pieces that you can wear around the house that are comfortable, but maybe not quite the rumpled pajamas that you’d wear to bed (assuming, of course, that you even wear pajamas). Grab a lounge set that you would be okay with wearing if a neighbor showed up, you decided to do a last-minute pizza run, or have to walk the dog. Here are some of our favorite pieces (from some of the best men’s clothing brands) that are cozy, but still look great.

Fruit of the Loom Jersey Knit Pajama Set

Pajama set?! We’ve seen sleek, minimalistic pieces like this sent down European runways for fancy evening clothes. Throw the right jacket over this elegant pairing and nobody will be the wiser. Best of all its soft jersey knit will keep you cool and comfortable.

Chaps Jersey Henley and Microfleece Pajama Set

The best of both worlds, this set features a 100% cotton, long-sleeved Henley top with a 100 percent polyester microfleece pant. The combo can’t be beaten, with cotton to keep things cool and fleece to warm things up, and great looks all around to get your day started right, or ease into the evening.

UNIQLO Ultra-Stretch Lounge Set

If you’re looking for a stylish, functional, and affordable loungewear set, look no further than this option from Uniqlo. Featuring stretchy joggers and a matching jumper, this lightweight outfit is cozy and breathable. Plus, you can buy more than one set and mix-n-match to your heart’s content.

Tommy John Moroccan Tee and Turbulence Pant Pack

Crafted from a luxuriously soft blend of Pima cotton, modal, and spandex, this sleep set from Tommy John is fantastic for lounging. What’s especially cool about the fabric blend is that it’s built to be both fade- and shrink-resistant, which helps increase the durability (and longevity) of the set.

Brooklinen Loungewear

Brooklinen Loungewear

Popular bedding brand Brooklinen doesn’t just sell fantastic pillows, mattresses, and sheets — it also happens to specialize in some pretty comfy loungewear, too. With tops made of jersey and bottoms made of luxuriously soft french terry, these sets are designed with serious relaxation in mind. Feel free to buy a few separates and swap them out for different lounge-y looks.

David Archy Raglan Sleeve Lounge Set

This pajama set from David Archy could be a great fit for folks who prefer an all-cotton feel, i.e. one that’s soft, breathable, lightweight, and cozy (but with a touch of spandex for movement). There are a few different color options to choose from here, but they all make for a handsome set that’ll help keep you from looking too disheveled while scrolling through Netflix.

Cariloha Bamboo Shorts

Cariloha Bamboo Shorts

Bamboo is a fantastic cooling material that works to dissipate heat and actively wick moisture away from the body. So, if you run hot, you may want to snag these cooling bamboo shorts from Cariloha. Silky smooth and oh-so-breathable, these bottoms are sure to chill out your lazy afternoons at home.

UpWest Lightweight Summer Jogger

UpWest Lightweight Summer Jogger

In need of lounge pants that are as stylish as they are practical? Well then, you may want to consider this lightweight summer jogger from UpWest. With a classic cuffed ankle and soft-brushed fabric design, these pants are indulgently comfortable and trendy. Plus, they don’t hang heavy, so they should be pretty breathable, too!

Piglet Linen Sleep Set

Piglet Linen Sleep Set

Linen is another great go-to material for warm weather loungewear. It’s lightweight, airy, and moisture-wicking, so it works to draw heat out and away from the body. Of all the linen sleep sets available online, my personal favorite is this one from Piglet. Stylish and practical, this set is built for serious summer lounge sessions.

Cherokee Long Sleeve Pajama Shirt and Pants Set

This easy-care cotton/poly blend set features a classic plaid fleece bottom with an elastic waist, drawstring, and handy pockets. The Henley shirt could really work its way into your everyday rotation, looking great with jeans.

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