Outerwear Upgrade: Get One of the Best Leather Jackets for Men

Best Leather Jackets for men

Buying one of the best leather jackets for men is the easiest way to upgrade your fall outerwear — it’s that simple. Seeing as we’re on the verge of fall and all, a leather jacket is a handy piece to have when the temperatures dip — throwing one on adds an instant “cool” factor … while keeping you from getting too cool temperature-wise. And styles abound for the guy who likes variety — try on black moto jacket or a beautiful vintage-inspired brown leather jacket for good measure. You can wear them any way you please, too. That’s the beauty of buying one of the best leather jackets for men — the right one rewards you with style points in spades.

Todd Snyder Dean Jacket in Black, $995


Splurge-worthy, edgy, and wearable with your broken-in black denim or slim chinos in equal measure. Certainly. Yes indeed, the Dean Jacket is the cream of the crop when it comes to an updated take on a timeless essential.

Abercrombie & Fitch Golden Bear Suede Bomber Jacket, $600

Abercrombie & Fitch Golden Bear Suede Bomber Jacket

This suede jacket might be different than what you typically think of when the term “leather jacket” comes up, but it’s all there — and it’s 100 percent stylish. The combination of a bomber jacket silhouette and the black suede fabrication make this one you can wear over a blue Oxford and a black knit tie for a bit of edgy-yet-dressy style. Because the jacket is suede, though, it’s probably best for guys who live in drier climes.

Levi’s Off-Road Jacket in Jet Black, $500

Levi’s Off-Road Jacket in Jet Black

Leave it to Levi’s to drum up a leather jacket that’s every bit as essential as the brand’s classic jean jackets. This piece sharp and slick — wear it with grey denim and a white Henley for old-school, rock-ready style.

Golden Bear Harrington Jacket, $850

Golden Bear Harrington Jacket

Want a soft, stylish suede leather jacket that James Bond would likely approve of? Reach for this classic Harrington jacket. The slight bit of texture and the cool grey color are a nice way to nod toward fall while bundling up against those first fall breezes. Team this jacket with a white Oxford and broken-in brown leather wingtip boots for a classic everyday look.

Belstaff Maxford 2.0 Blouson Jacket, $1,600

Belstaff Maxford 2.0 Blouson Jacket

We might have thrown this handsome, exceedingly covetable Belstaff jacket on this list just for kicks … or did we? In all seriousness, Belstaff makes perhaps the best leather jackets in the world — yes, there’s a debate — and it only helps that one super-stylish Mr. David Beckham approves of the brand.