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From how-to guides that teach you the right way to shave and shape a beard to product roundups recommending the best moisturizers to keep your mug in good condition, The Manual offers up honest reviews of men’s grooming products without all the noise and distraction you might find in the drug store hygiene aisle with the added bonus of bringing under-the-radar products to the fore.

what to know about oyster mushrooms mushroom

Mushrooms are the biggest new skincare trend, but are they just a fad? Experts weigh in

Do mushroom products really work? Science is on their side.
Man shaving with razor burn.

Follow these 10 tips to get rid of razor burn ASAP

Mac makeup set

8 LGBTQ-owned grooming brands you can support year-round

Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Skin cycling is the viral TikTok trend that dermatologists actually recommend

Portrait of attractive young man applying sunscreen lotion on body

Everything you get wrong about sunscreen, according to the experts

A man putting on face cream while looking in the mirror.

This is the viral skincare trend dermatologists say you shouldn’t try

Man with a sunburn on his arms

4 times you’re forgetting sunscreen (when you really shouldn’t)

Build your home gym floor with the Amazon Basics floor mat tiles.

5 men’s colognes that go from work to the gym (and back again)

A man's hair with hair oil in it

Answer your dry hair problems: The best men’s hair oils

electric Goby toothbrush

How to properly use an electric toothbrush

Man looking at hair loss

Hair loss treatment: Best options for men with thinning hair

Shot of a young man looking in the mirror while applying moisturizer to his face.

Experts reveal how to introduce retinol to your skincare routine (and what to avoid)

Best short beard styles for men.

Is an electric toothbrush worth the cost? Experts weigh in

Is an electric toothbrush worth the cost? Experts weigh in

An electric toothbrush makes for a better clean, but is it all worth the cost? Experts say yes!
healthy scalp product roundup best products for

How to take care of your scalp for healthier hair

How to take care of your scalp for healthier hair

Scalp care is just as important as skin care -- here's why:
A man lathering shampoo on his head in the shower, suds building up on the back of his neck.

Good hair doesn’t have to break the bank: These are the best Walmart shampoos

You don't need to buy fancy shampoo from high-end brands. A bottle of the best drugstore shampoo is more than enough to keep your hair and scalp well-nourished.
man with green acne cream

How to get rid of acne once for all

Get rid of acne quickly and longterm with these expert-backed tips on products, ingredients, and lifestyle tweaks that fight breakouts.
man in bathrobe smiling in the mirror

How to whiten teeth at home: A guide to natural and OTC remedies for pearlier whites

Need to figure out how to whiten teeth at home? You might try a tooth whitening kit or even make dietary tweaks. Here are some proven ways.

Everything you need to know about jaw fillers for men

New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach has a roster of male clients who come to her downtown office for $10,000 jawlines.
foot in sand flip flops

It’s almost summer: Everything you should be doing to care for your feet

Summer is coming, are your feet healthy? Whip feet into shape with pampering and practical tips so they're ready for open-toed shoe season ahead.

The most magnificent mustaches of all time (both real and fictional)

Most men can grow a mustache, but it’s what a man does with his mustache that defines him. Come with us on a journey to find the best mustaches of all time.
Trimming a beard

How to shape a beard: The ultimate guide for every face shape

With proper practice and these tips, you'll be sure to have the best beard around by mastering the skills required to shape a proper beard for your face shape.
A man getting a massage.

Massage for men: What you need to know before you book

Never had a massage for men but interested in getting one? Learn about the types to pick from, when to go, and what to expect during your appointment.
man looking at hair loss

13 foods for hair growth: Eat your way to more enviable locks

Though our hair naturally gets thinner as we age, a healthy diet can help prevent hair loss. Learn what to chow down on in this list of foods for hair growth.
two people brushing their teeth in a bathroom

Avoid awkward encounters: Your guide to nixing bad breath ASAP

No one likes bad breath. Here's how to get rid of it for good, along with some signs you might need to see a professional for help.
Man Treating Acne Scars

How to treat acne scars at home, according to a dermatologist

Getting rid of acne scars is easy with these simple at-home treatments recommended by dermatologists in order to get rid of the ghosts of the pimples' past.
gray hair may be reversible study haired man

Study: Gray hair might be reversible in the future

A new study suggests we may be able to reverse gray hair permanently one day -- that is, if gray hair isn't your thing.
a man sleeping on his side, a close up

Does sleeping on your side ruin your face shape? Experts weigh in

TikTok is at it again. There's a new rumor that side sleeping affects your face shape. Experts separated fact from fiction.
Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

What a man genuinely needs are items that will elevate the quality of his everyday looks and life. So, here are 26 things every man should own in 2023.
A man lathering shampoo on his head in the shower, suds building up on the back of his neck.

Why taking a cold shower is beneficial, according to studies

Starting your day with a cold shower has tons of mental benefits, thanks to a decade's worth of neuroscience research.

The 11 best non-greasy sunscreens to protect you this summer

The 11 best non-greasy sunscreens to protect you this summer

Even when we spend a bit less time outside under the sun, we still need to protect our skin from sun damage. These are the best non-greasy sunscreens.
Straight razor shave

How to shave with a straight razor without hurting yourself

Shaving with a straight razor is a delicate art form. Learn the straight razor facts, steps, and products you need for your classic grooming routine.
A midsection of a barber sharpening a straight razor.

How to sharpen a straight razor, according to a master barber

Straight razor shaving is a timeless grooming ritual. Here's how to keep your straight razor as sharp as possible for every use.
best lotions for tattoos man applying hand cream

The best lotions to help heal a new tattoo faster

To help heal a new tattoo, here are some of our picks for tattoo artist-approved lotions, salves, and creams for your new ink.
A man putting on face cream while looking in the mirror.

How to grow and maintain stubble year-round

Stubble is the Goldilocks of the facial hair world, and there is an artistry to growing and maintaining the perfect stubble.
Man spraying on cologne

Your guide to natural fragrances for men

More fragrance brands are stepping up to serve natural men's fragrances that make you smell delicious, nourish your skin, and improve your mood.
Man using hair spray

The 5 best hair sprays for men: Keep hair in tiptop shape

What's the best hair spray for men? It depends on your locks. One of these products will be your hair's next best friend.
braun series 9 shaver deal bestbuy april 2023 wet dry electric promotional image

The Roll’s Royce of Braun electric shavers is $30 off at Best Buy

The Roll’s Royce of Braun electric shavers is $30 off at Best Buy

The veritable Rolls Royce of Braun electric shavers is a fantastic $30 off in a Best Buy razor deal that you do not want to miss. Get it now, but hurry.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Moms will love these incredible perfumes

Not sure how to surprise your mom on Mother's Day? Find the perfect fragrance for her in this list.
Robert Pattinson

The 7 best medium-length hairstyles for men

Hairdressing your mid-length cut can be a hassle. That's why we've made a roundup of the best mid-length hairstyle you can rock in 2022.
Man taking a shower outdoors in the jungle

10 environmentally friendly grooming products to use beyond Earth Day

Here are the best products you can be proud to sport this Earth Day, for more natural solutions that keep you looking your best.
natural grooming brands

5 natural grooming brands we’re loving for Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here, and in honor of the holiday, we're celebrating our favorite men's grooming and sustainable brands.
best beards on tv obi wan beard

The best beard styles for men, according to iconic TV characters

Join us as we examine the different styles of beards and facial hair sported by TV characters and decipher what they say about each character.
A man shaving in the mirror.

How to clean your electric razor for your closest shave

Cleaning your razor ensures a smooth shave and prevents infection -- here is how to properly clean your razor.
Man putting gel in his hair

The 8 best hair gels for men for the perfect slicked look

Keep your hair looking slick with hair gel, which offers both hold and shine. Find the one that’s right for you with our top hair gel picks.
The inside of a sauna

Should you buy a portable sauna? Here are the pros and cons — and our top picks

Portable saunas are a great way to get a spa-like treatment for a fraction of the cost, but are they worth it? We find out

Facial treatment for men: A comprehensive guide on exactly what to expect

While we try to maintain perfectly healthy skin, some things are just best left to the professionals. Sometimes, even a guy needs to get a good facial.
shower wash hair

How often should men wash their hair? Experts weigh in

How often should men wash their hair? It depends on several factors including scalp conditions and hair porosity. What's that? Experts explained.
onsen japan man

Onsen etiquette: Learn the 7 basic rules of Japan’s traditional hot spring baths

For a worry-free experience at a traditional Japanese hot spring, follow these rules of onsen etiquette, and you'll be soaking peacefully in no time.
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Shake off the winter blues with a spring grooming intervention

Learn how to freshen up for spring with our top spring men's grooming tips for 2023.
how to give a romantic massage man massaging wifes feet getty images

How to give your partner a romantic massage, according to a pro

We’ve got a plan to surprise your partner with a romantic evening at home that includes a nice bottle of wine, dimmed lights, and a romantic massage.