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From how-to guides that teach you the right way to shave and shape a beard to product roundups recommending the best moisturizers to keep your mug in good condition, The Manual offers up honest reviews of men’s grooming products without all the noise and distraction you might find in the drug store hygiene aisle with the added bonus of bringing under-the-radar products to the fore.

where to apply winter fragrances man holding cologne

6 spots you didn’t know you could apply winter scents (that aren’t on your body)

Layers of winter clothes shouldn't cover up your cologne. Here's how to get the most out of those fantastic scents, even when you're bundled up.
best beard combs mid adult man brushing with comb while looking at mirror in living room

Get your facial hair in order: The best beard combs

skincare products in the sand

Travel tips: How to maintain your skincare routine when you’re on the go

Guy with a beard.

The best short beard styles for men: Find the perfect look

The 7 best fragrances for men (no matter what your favorite scent profile is)

1073985 the best beard growth oils for any facial hair type oil

Does beard growth oil work? What you should know

men's grooming tools on black background

Cut the clutter: The only men’s grooming tools you need (and what to skip)

razor being rinsed under water..

How often should you change your razor blades?

how to grow a beard

How to grow a beard the right way and avoid that caveman look

It’s the Year of the Rabbit: Change your routine with these intriguing fragrances

profile of man with beard

The best beard care products for 2023

Black beards can come with their own unique challenges.

Beard care for Black men: An expert gives us their top tips

how to fix patchy beard man looking at himself in bathroom mirror

How to soften beard hair for men: Your step-by-step guide

How to soften beard hair is a tricky endeavor if you don't know where to start, but the right tools and tricks go a long way.
Man applying face cream.

A dermatologist explains the best winter skincare routine

Winter is coming. Learn how to keep skin moisturized all winter long to prevent itchy and dry skin with tips from a dermatologist and products.
man in bathrobe smiling in the mirror

How to whiten teeth at home: A guide to natural and OTC remedies

Need to figure out how to whiten teeth at home? You might try a tooth whitening kit or even make dietary tweaks. Here are some proven ways.

Try these best beard dyes to find that perfect pop of color

Do you want some fresh color for your facial hair? Whether you want to eliminate grays or try a more subtly blended look, these five best beard dyes can help.
two people brushing their teeth in a bathroom

Avoid awkward encounters: Your guide to nixing bad breath

No one likes bad breath. Here's how to get rid of it for good, along with some signs you might need to see a professional for help.
best sunscreens for winter

The 7 best sunscreens for winter weather — there’s something for every skin type

The sun is still in the sky, it's essential to keep applying SPF when it gets cold. Try one of these seven best sunscreens for winter.
a man receiving acupuncture on his face

Botox vs. cosmetic acupuncture: Which is right for you?

Botox has some competition: Facial acupuncture. Which is best for skin rejuvenation? Experts weighed in on what men should know.
Generic-Graying-Bearded-Man-3, beard dye

How to dye your beard and keep it maintained: A complete guide

We've put together a number of tips to help you put the color back in your facial hair, making dying your beard simple and easy.

Grow your best beard yet with these amazing beard growth kits

Growing a beard is easy thanks to today’s beard growth kits featuring derma rollers, cleansers, conditioners, oils, and more.
A scene from CES 2023.

CES 2023: The Manual’s Editors’ Choice winners are…

Here are our favorite finds from CES 2023, ranging from urine analysis gadgets to cars and electric bikes. Buckle up and take in the future of tech.
Trimming a beard

How to shape a beard: The ultimate guide for every face shape

With proper practice and these tips, you'll be sure to have the best beard around by mastering the skills required to shape a proper beard for your face shape.
Bearded man grooming facial hair

These grooming trends will keep you looking fresh in 2023

Style goes beyond what you wear and relies heavily on the rest of your body. These trends will keep your hair, beard, and skin looking great in 2023.
A man takes a shower.

Try these 9 best body washes to freshen up your 2023

Upgrade your shower experience and lather up with one of the best body washes for men, leaving every skin type feeling extremely hydrated and clean.
A man's hair with hair oil in it

Answer your winter hair problems: The 5 best men’s hair oils

The best hair oils for men are rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish, hydrate, and protect. They can even prevent graying or hair loss.
retinol for men

Retinol for men: What to know and what to buy in 2023

You've probably heard of Retinol, but we want to help you understand what retinol for men really is all about and products to try.
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

The top 5 last-minute gifts under $500 you can get today

Many people procrastinate on their Christmas shopping, but that doesn't mean you can't produce the best gifts under the tree with these five ideas.
A man lathering shampoo on his head in the shower, suds building up on the back of his neck.

Good hair doesn’t have to break the bank: These are the best Walmart shampoos

You don't need to buy fancy shampoo from high-end brands. A bottle of the best drugstore shampoo is more than enough to keep your hair and scalp well-nourished.
Presents for couples.

Gifts for me: Treat yourself with these amazing finds no one else will get you

Do you find yourself thinking, "What about gifts for me?" Our self-care gift guide has some great suggestions.
A man shaving in the mirror.

Here are the 10 best aftershave balms for men in 2023

This 2023, make sure to use one of the best aftershave balms after removing facial hair to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and in the best shape possible.
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

These gifts for men are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for guys in your life

Are you one of those men who are hard to buy gifts for? These gifts for men will impress every time.
baby botox in office

Baby Botox is yet another hot TikTok trend: Is it right for you?

What is baby Botox? How much does baby Botox cost? Experts answer your most pressing questions about the TikTok-trending procedure.
best night creams for men pexels august de richelieu 7433339 pixlr resize

Try these 9 best night creams for your skin to wake up to a better day

Skin repairs itself while you sleep. This 2023, try incorporating these best night creams into your routine to improve skin recovery and reduce wrinkles.
how to fix patchy beard man looking at himself in bathroom mirror

Here are the 10 best beard conditioners for men in 2023

If you're eager to get your beard back in shape, you’d be shocked at how much of a difference the best beard conditioners can make.

How to apply cologne to smell amazing all day

Here are a few simple steps for how to apply cologne, as well as a guide to what's in the our favorite fragrances.
Man with a beard smiling

How fast does facial hair grow? 3 simple tips to speed the process along

Wondering how fast facial hair grows and how to grow it faster? We've found the answers to help you grow the facial hair you've always dreamed of.
a man sleeping on white bedding

Get more handsome in your sleep just by tweaking your nighttime skincare routine

Believe it or not, beauty sleep is a real thing. Start your day off right the night before with these nighttime skincare routine tips.

The 11 best beard styles for men in 2023

Looking for a style that will suit your growing facial hair? We break down the 11 best beard styles in 2022, as well as the type of face that can rock 'em.
Eggs on salad.

14 delicious biotin-rich foods to add to your diet right now

Here are some of the best biotin-containing foods which can support hair growth, healthy skin, and energy metabolism.
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

The best luxury gifts for men for the 2022 holiday season

Shopping for men with luxe tastes can be challenging. We took all the guess and check work out and curated this luxurious shopping list for you.
Robert Downey Jr. and his Balbo Beard.

The best beard styles for older men: This is the definitive list

Are you an older man finally looking to grow a beard? Check out these beard stylings for the older gentleman.
a man in a robe in front of a mirror

Do you really need hyaluronic acid in your grooming routine?

Purported hyaluronic acid benefits including moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Does this seemingly magic ingredient live up to the hype?
Presents for couples.

The best gifts under $50 for men this holiday season

Buying gifts for the men in your life this holiday season shouldn't be difficult and expensive. Check out our gift guide to help you out!

Attractive at any age: Skincare for men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond

We picked the best products and skincare regimens for your 20s, 30s, and 40s. With a little dedication, your skin can end up looking younger and healthier.

First facials for men: A comprehensive guide on exactly what to expect

While we try to maintain perfectly healthy skin, some things are just best left to the professionals. Sometimes, even a guy needs to get a good facial.
Man waxing his mustache

Try these 9 best mustache waxes for better facial hair in 2023

From super-stiff styling wax to softer tamers of flyaways, we gathered all the best mustache waxes out there for men in 2022 and listed them down.
man shaving with razor burn.

Follow these 10 tips to get rid of razor burn ASAP

Razor burn can be uncomfortable. If you have one, you'll want to know how to get rid of razor burn. Find the best razor burn treatment tips for men here.
a hamburger on a wooden table

These 15 foods are ruining your skin (and, in some cases, your overall health)

Is your diet bad for skin health? Here's what to know about foods and skin health, including clearing up some rumors about diet and acne.
a flat lay of skincare products on black background

Common skincare ingredients, explained: What you need to know before you buy

If you're looking to up your skincare game, you first need to understand the most popular ingredients available. We've done the research for you.