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From how-to guides that teach you the right way to shave and shape a beard to product roundups recommending the best moisturizers to keep your mug in good condition, The Manual offers up honest reviews of men’s grooming products without all the noise and distraction you might find in the drug store hygiene aisle with the added bonus of bringing under-the-radar products to the fore.

Man with brunette hair standing in front of flowers.

​​Do hair growth products really work? An expert tells us

Vitamins for hair growth, rice water for hair growth, hair growth oil — there are so many products and techniques designed to grow more hair. An expert tells us if we should bother with them.
Smiling man with a trim beard.

How fast does facial hair grow? 3 simple tips to speed up the process

Old man with a beard

The best beard styles for older men: This is the definitive list

Cafe Rose by Tom Ford

A complete guide to Tom Ford cologne: What to wear for nights out, beach vacations, and more

A man applying skin cream

The ultimate guide for men’s skincare in the fall that everyone should follow

Man washing hair in the shower.

The best shampoos for men for healthy and happy hair

Jason Statham

The 9 best beard styles for bald men: Follow these Hollywood leading men

Man waxing his mustache

Try these 10 best mustache waxes for better facial hair

A surprised man holding his head.

Struggling with a receding hairline? How to fend off male pattern baldness

moisturizing cream on cutting board

How to tell if you have eczema (plus, the best advice derms have for eczema flare-ups)

Man with locs applying facial moisturizer in bathroom mirror

The best moisturizers for oily skin — get a shine-free complexion

Man with a buzz cut

There’s more than one type of buzz cut — 5 incredible ideas for your hair

Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

Scentbird vs. ScentBox – the top two fragrance subscription services rated

Scentbird vs. ScentBox — which is the best? We rate each to let you know which is worth your money.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
Man putting beard oil on his beard.

Does beard growth oil work? What you should know

If you've been wondering to yourself, "Does beard growth oil work?" — allow us to offer up some insights into growing the best beard possible.
The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser on a table side.

There’s a huge sale on Waterpik water flossers happening today

Amazon has a huge sale on Waterpik water flossers and electric toothbrushes so you can enjoy cleaner teeth for less.
Snail with brown shell sliding along green leaf

Snail mucin (snail slime) is great for your skin – an expert tells us why

Do you know what snail mucin is? It's the hottest new thing in skincare.
Man putting on cologne

The 7 best fragrances for men (no matter what your favorite scent profile is)

Find your signature fragrance with our helpful list, no matter what type of scent you prefer. Let us help you find the one right for you.
Man holding up callused palms of his hands

How to get rid of calluses: Your guide to softer, smoother skin

Trying to get rid of calluses isn't always easy, but there are proven ways to get rid of pesky, rough skin on your hands and feet.
A man washes his hands with soap and water in a sink.

Hand washing: The best ways get grease and grime off your hands

Regular soap and water just don't work on grime and grease, so try one of these rugged and ready hand-cleaning tactics.
A man applying skin cream

An expert reveals the 5 best men’s skincare tips for National Men’s Grooming Day

Men's skincare is important, and we tapped an expert for the top 5 tips to keep your skin looking young and vibrant.
Braun Series 9 shaver.

One of the best electric shavers you can buy is discounted today

The Braun Series 9 electric shaver is one of the best around and it's on sale now at Best Buy.
Man shaving in the mirror.

The 9 best razors for men that offer a super-close shave, from budget to luxury options

The best razor for shaving to easily remove facial hair, from disposable to cartridge, safety to straight. Here are our top picks for 2023's best razors.
Man holding a bottle of fragrance.

How to apply cologne so you smell amazing all day

How do you apply cologne so your scent isn't too strong? We'll help you find the balance between smelling intriguing to others without making heads turn away.
Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

A deep dive into the most popular YSL colognes — discover which one is right for you

Read all about the vibes and main notes of the buzziest YSL colognes for men
Bald man holding surfboard in the sun

Does your scalp need sunscreen? Experts weigh in

When we think of scalp care, we don't typically start with SPF. Yet skincare experts agree: sun protection can provide some surprising benefits for your scalp.
Fritos Flow mullet man seated with Fritos

Fritos is giving out 1,000 free mullet haircuts in August to celebrate the USA Mullet Championships

Fritos, the snack that's basically just flour and lard, is giving away 1,000 mullets in August.
FixUp moisturizer bottle in sand

This hot new skincare brand for men was designed with health (and beauty) in mind

FixUp is hoping its direct to consumer model will upend men's skincare - and it might.
Drop fade hairstyle.

The 23 best drop fade hairstyle ideas for men

A drop fade hairstyle adds depth to your hair. Here are the best drop fade ideas to take to your barber.
Man in light blue sport coat kneeling

How to make a good first impression (It’s about more than just your look)

People naturally judge a book by its cover, here is how to make a great first impression to keep their attention.
gucci buys creed to expand in luxury fragrances aventus cologne 767x633 1

Gucci owner’s acquisition of Creed signals a significant push into high-end fragrances

French luxury mega-conglomerate Kering has added the luxury fragrance brand Creed to its portfolio of brands.

Want to get rid of your unibrow for good? How to choose the right hair removal method for you

From shaving and waxing to laser and electrolysis, choosing the best facial hair removal technique comes down to your personal needs.
man putting on sunscreen

How to remove sunscreen from your skin and clothes, according to experts

Sunblock is a necessity, but it's also notoriously difficult to wash off. We have some tips to share on how to remove sunscreen from your skin and clothes.
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

How to choose a moisturizer for your skin type — dermatologists share their secrets

What's the best face moisturizer for sensitive dry skin? How about acne-prone skin? Dermatologists discuss the best moisturizers by skin type.
Man with a beard standing on the beach.

Experts explain the best grooming routine for every stage of beard growth

Exactly what to do during each of the beard growth stages to achieve your dream facial year, according to two dermatologists.
Short hairstyle for summer

Stay cool with these slick summer hairstyles for men

We asked master barbers Fred Holmes and Fellipe Cardoso for cuts that will ensure you look and stay cool while the mercury is high.
Man with long hair on a beach

Long hair for men: Expert tips for growing and maintaining your style

Every guy with long hair needs a little maintenance. This guide will help keep your long hair healthy.
a man looking upset in the mirror

Pimple popping: Is it ever a good idea? Dermatologists weigh in

Experts generally advise against pimple popping. Is there ever a good time to pop a zit? We asked two dermatologists.
Man spraying his hair

The 7 best sea salt sprays for men

If you can't make it to the beach, these sea salt sprays will help you achieve tousled surfer waves anywhere.
how to get surfer hair surferhair

How to get sick surfer hair without stepping foot in the ocean

How to get that surfer hair without actually surfing.
Man with tattooted arms

Tattoo aftercare tips: What you need to know

For some natural tattoo aftercare tips, we spoke with Alfredo Ortiz of Brooklyn Grooming. We've also rounded up some of our favorite products on the market.
A man taking a shower in the bathtub.

The 15 best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners to shorten your shower time

These best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners will cut some time out of your shower routine without leaving you feeling like you missed a step.
Man with a handlebar mustache.

This is the ultimate guide to mustache grooming

Take care of your mustache with our tips from this comprehensive guide.
best face wash for men

Do you have white bumps on your face? It might not be acne

Milia is a condition that typically affects babies, but what happens if this common skin condition lasts into adulthood?
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer on Marble Counter

This is your excuse to buy the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a great way of keeping your hair suitably styled and safe. It's on sale now at Best Buy with $100 off.
man holding up hair that has fallen off

Can you actually regrow hair? The experts tell us the truth

Hair loss is jarring. Plenty of hair growth products promise to reverse the issue. Can they? Experts shared the truth about hair loss treatment for men.
Man checking out ingrown hair in the mirror

The 10 best products to minimize ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs cause irritation and itching. But these best ingrown hair products for 2023 contain skin-soothing ingredients for a smooth shave.
a man in a white robe washing face

It’s time to change your skincare routine: Experts reveal tips and tricks for summer

Should your summer skincare routine look different than your winter one? Experts say yes and shared their top summer skincare tips.
philips sonicare 1100 power toothbrush deal walmart june 2023 electric

This popular Philips electric toothbrush is on sale for $20

Grab a sweet Philips Electric Toothbrush at a bargain price at Walmart right now, and enjoy better oral care for a while to come.
what to tell your barber haircut advice man getting a at

The conversation you need to have with your barber before a haircut, according to stylists

Talking with your barber about what you're expecting from your haircut is essential