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Person showing their elbow

The 7 Best Scar Creams to Treat Your Skin

While some scars disappear over time, it is still important to prevent, lighten, treat, or reduce them with these dermatologist-recommended scar creams.
which electric toothbrush should you buy on prime day philips sonicare

Which Electric Toothbrush Should You Buy on Prime Day?

A good quality electric toothbrush can be expensive. Be a smart shopper and hold out for awesome Prime Day Deals.
camping toiletries best 2021

The 10 Camping Toiletries You Need for a Weekend (or Week) in the Woods

Planning an outdoor adventure soon? We've rounded up some of the best toiletries and grooming products to help you feel and look your best in the wild.
top rated water flosser only 25 in memorial day sales 2021 fairywill deal

This Top-Rated Water Flosser Is Only $25 in the Memorial Day Sales

Whether you want to buy a Fairywill Water Flosser for yourself, your family, or as gifts, this is an excellent deal for a highly-rated health product.
A man applying skincare products to his face.

Everything You Need to Know About Micellar Water

Micellar waters are a gentle way to keep skin clean, particularly for people who suffer from acne or sensitive skin, are traveling, or need to remove makeup.
Best Charcoal Hair & Skin Products

The Best Charcoal Grooming Products for Better Hair and Skin

We've rolled up our sleeves and sifted through the vast selection of choices to give you an idea of how to add activated charcoal to your grooming routine.
Man with a sunburn on his arms

How to Treat Sunburn: Best Ways to Get Rid of Sunburn Fast

Got exposed to the sun for too long, and now your skin is painful, reddish, and swollen? Yep, that's a sunburn. Here's a guide on how to treat them fast.
HIMS Blur Stick A-Rod

Everything We Know About Alex Rodriguez’s New Makeup Line for Men

While the partnership may feel like it's coming out of left field, we think it's arriving right on cue for what the growing men's makeup movement needs.
goodlight product review header

Good Light Review: Is This the Most Inclusive Skincare Brand on the Market?

Founder David Yi launch his own line of inclusive skincare products called, 'Good Light' that accurately represent people of all walks of life. Read our review.
plastic surgery for men nurse sketching on patient

Lockdown Isolation is Spurring Millennial Men to Go In For a Nip and Tuck

Dr. William Rahal specializes in body enhancement procedures. Here's why you should consider plastic surgery for men to get to that better beach body faster.
degree inclusive iniative 0

Meet the First-Ever Deodorant for People With Vision and Upper Limb Disabilities

Degree Inclusive exudes a revolutionary look, and the best part is every little curve, groove, and notch holds a unique purpose.
schick shaving essentials complete your kit sponsored

Complete Your Shaving Kit With These Schick Essentials for Under $20

It's time to shape that pandemic beard into something stylish. Pick up these shaving kit essentials from Schick for under $20 each.
Moti Ankari

Grooming Journals: How Moti Ankari Stays Instagram-Ready

The menswear influencer and co-founder of Ankari Floruss, Moti Ankari shares his favorite hair, skincare, and shaving products.
best serums for men tm ga 2021 bestserum categorybadgecategory badges

9 Powerful Serums for Men That Can Fix Almost Any Skin Concern

Serums are more obscure than other grooming products like cleansers and moisturizers, but we'd argue they're the most important part of our skincare routine.
The Manual Grooming Awards

The Manual Grooming Awards 2022: The Absolute Best Grooming Products for Men

In the end, just 18 products survived, representing what editors and contributors feel are the best-of-the-best skincare, hair care, and body care products that got us through a long, hard year.
best body sunscreens for men tm ga 2021 bestsunscreen categorybadgecategory badges

10 Ultra Protective Sunscreens For Any Body

Sunscreen is a grooming essential. The best sunscreens protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. We find the best sprays and creams for every skin type.
Man in hat applying sunscreen to his face.

Is Chemical Sunscreen Safe? Everything You Need to Know

To help you make the most informed decision on which sunscreen is right for you, we debunk chemical sunscreen myths and answer all your (sun)burning questions.
Man drying his hair using a hair dryer

The 5 Best Hair Dryers for Men To Keep Your Mane in Tip-Top Shape

Our list of the best hair dryers for men contains options across all price points. Find the right model for your needs and budget to keep your coiffure looking sleek for weeks.
luke ditella grooming journals 0

Grooming Journals: Luke DiTella’s World-Inspired Skincare Routine

From sun gazing to using all natural deodorants, we take a look at what goes into DiTella's skin care routine to keep him dapper and looking his best.
manscaping shaving body

How to Manscape: Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Body Hair

Like facial hair, manscaping requires the right tools. We found the best razors and toiletries for the best trim and shave possible.
grooming journals anthony urbano anthonyurbanofeature

Grooming Journals: Anthony Urbano’s Mindful Skincare Routine

Being an advocate himself, NYC-based fashion and lifestyle influencer Anthony Urbano give us a glimpse of his conscious grooming picks.
how wear camera friendly makeup man applying facial cream

How To Wear Makeup To Look Your Most Handsome During Zoom Calls

Men's makeup can help transform faces and confidence by covering blemishes, acne, rosacea, and more; while enhancing natural features.
best hand lotions for men 2021

The 9 Best Hand Lotions for Men to Use Every Day

COVID-19 has left us consistently washing our hands, which can lead to drying and itching. Here are 7 effective lotions to keep your skin moisturized.
The 10 Best Body Serums for Men in 2020

The 7 Best Body Serums for Men in 2022 for Younger-Looking Skin

Similar to facial serums, body serums offer you a stronger dose of active ingredients that work to hydrate and exfoliate.
lumin spf skincare line

Lumin Is Finding Safe, Eco-Friendly Ways to Add SPF Protection to Its Products

Los Angeles-based skincare company Lumin is one of the brands furthering the conversation on healthy skincare routines for men.
Man blow dry hair

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair: Tips and More

We get professional hair stylists' guidance to blow dry your hair, along with the best blow dryers, brushes, and styling products for maximum style.
oral care products deep in the morning routine zone

The Best Oral Care Products for a Clean and Healthy Mouth

Here are the best oral care products to help keep your teeth and gums in good health.
best under eye masks for men 2021

The 10 Best Under-Eye Masks for Revitalizing Your Tired Peepers

The area underneath the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body. This 2022, give it some extra tender love and care using the best under-eye masks.

Grooming Journals: Inside Brendan Fallis’ Essential Personal Care Routine

In our weekly Grooming Journals, the DJ and Instagram Influencer shares his favorite personal care products for immaculate hair and skin.
Best Hair Waxes for Men

The 10 Best Hair Waxes for Men to Use

Hair wax controls frizz and is arguably the most suitable hairstyling product for our stay-at-home reality right now.
brands giving back hairstory studio salon products

How Hairstory is Giving Back to Salons and the Planet

A growing number of companies are putting eco-friendly hair care products on the map. And that’s exactly what Hairstory is doing.
grooming journals dj crespo 0

DJ Crespo’s Self-Care Ritual Keeps Him at the Top of His Game

From sunscreen to eye cream, DJ Crespo shares the roster of products that keep him and his routine at the top of their game.
how to get rid of dandruff fast for men businessman brushing off fallen on shoulder

How To Get Rid of Dandruff Fast: What You Need To Know

You don't have to search far and wide as we've rounded up here some fast and effective ways to get rid of dandruff — once and for all.
best shaving brushes for men 2021

The 8 Best Shaving Brushes to Buy for a Great, Flawless Shave

Upgrade your grooming routine with our top shaving brushes for 2022, with all selections delivering a greater, flawless shave for practical men.
best short hairstyles most popular for men 2021

The 8 Most Popular Short Hairstyles for Men in 2022

The short haircut tends to look cleaner than other hairstyles, and just because it’s short doesn’t mean it can’t be styled to your liking.
Man cutting own hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home During Quarantine

Our expert barber gives tips on the best way to give yourself a scissor-less buzzcut, undercut, and trimming to keep your hair under control during quarantine.
Man tweezing eyebrows

The Beginner’s Guide to Shaping Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be difficult to groom and shape but the best products and tips could be a lifesaver. Good thing, Chanel brow expert Jimena Garcia is here to help.
best purple shampoos for men 2021

5 Best Purple Shampoos for Men with Blonde or Gray Hair

Treating brassy blonde or gray hair is easy when you rely on some basic color science. Here's our hot take on blue and purple (and red!) shampoos.
grooming journals devon levesque

Inside Fitness Entrepreneur Devon Levesque’s Non-Negotiable Personal Care Routine

His daily self-care routine includes a morning bath, a sweat in the sauna, and a trove of fragrance-free skincare products.
solid colognes

The 10 Best Solid Colognes for Men That Are Portable and Smell Amazing

Add a little olfactory interest without creating a funky personal microclimate with our best solid colognes for 2021.
this philips grooming kit is just 20 at amazon multigroom deal

We Can’t Believe This Philips Grooming Kit Only Costs $20

Want to maintain your beard and hair for less? This Philips grooming kit is just $20 and a great way to stay looking good
best beard grooming kits midsection of man trimming against black background

The 10 Best Beard Grooming Kits for Men in 2022

Beard care might sound like a lot of work but to make it easy on your routine and your wallet, check out our picks for the 10 best beard grooming kits in 2022.
Man wears mask

Should You Shave Your Beard For Coronavirus?

Should you shave your beard for coronavirus? Doctors offer advice on beard length for optimal safety and health during the coronavirus pandemic.
humanrace pharrell skincare product review 2019 essence festival  day 3

Humanrace Skincare Review: Inside Pharrell Williams’s New Grooming Line

We weren't surprised when Pharrell launched his skincare line, Humanrace this past November. We review his new cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer.
how often should you shower man reaching for bathrobe in

How Often Should You Shower?

If you think showering often isn't doing wonders for your skin, maybe it's time to reevaluate your showering schedule. Here's a simple guide to help you.
philips norelco beard trimmer deal best buy february 2021 multigroom 9000

The Rolls-Royce of Beard Trimmers is DISCOUNTED for Valentine’s Day

Snap up the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer at Best Buy for a great Valentine's Day gift.
Exfoliating Face Scrubs

The Best Men’s Exfoliating Face Scrubs for Incredibly Clear Skin

Exfoliation is key to giving your face that radiant glow. Some of our favorite brands include Burt's Bees, Facetheory, and Disco.

Help Your Scalp Be the Healthiest it Can Be

Keep your scalp and hair healthy with the right products and expert tips from Clear's hair dermatologist Francesca Fusco.
bath products for men

The 11 Best Bath Products for Men for an Ultra-Relaxing Bath

If your unofficial resolution is to spend more time in the bathtub, then sink into the womb-like warmth of a steaming tub with these best bath products for men.
Konjac Sponge

The Best Konjac Sponges for Men in 2022

What is a Konjac sponge? It's a biodegradable exfoliant that helps fight wrinkles, scars, and acne. You can find the best Konjac sponges right here.