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Face-Kit Model

Product Review: Influencers Love This DIY Skincare Mask. Is It Worth the Hype?

The $85 kit is touted for its hydrating and anti-aging benefits, and has been endorsed by Instagram influencers, and is dubbed the 'Blue Apron of skincare.'
Fenty Skin Set

Product Review: Here’s Why Rihanna’s Fenty Skin Is Great for Men, Too

The most anticipated beauty line (which includes a face wash, toner-serum, and moisturizer) this year, we put Rihanna's Fenty Skin to the test.
Man washing his feet.

Should You Wash Your Legs and Feet in the Shower? Dermatologists Weigh In

Dermatologists weigh in on whether you should clean your legs in feet while showering.
Drake waves haircut

How to Get 360 Waves at Home

Waves have been an excellent way for Black men to style their natural hair texture. Here's how to achieve the look.
how to treat maskne man wearing mask 2020

What is ‘Maskne?’: How To Prevent Breakouts and Acne From Wearing A Face Mask

Acne and breakouts caused by wearing face masks can be a pain. We reached out to a dermatologist on how to to keep your breakouts at bay.
Man touching the corner of his eye.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare

Cannabidiol — the non-intoxicating, minimally psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants — is now showing up in the skincare aisle.
Joey Zauzig

Grooming Journals: Joey Zauzig’s Secret to Camera-Ready Skin

Lifestyle influencer Joey Zauzig shares his beauty tips for looking great, including his favorite sunscreens, shaving, beard products, and cosmetics for men.
Ceylon Skincare Review

Product Review: Finally, an Easy-To-Use Skincare Line for Men of Color

This Black-owned brand relies on a three-step skincare routine features a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that are made for men of color.
covid haircut

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Barbershop During COVID-19?

As barber shops reopen after coronavirus lockdowns, barbers tell us how they are preparing for business in the new normal. Doctors also raise their concerns.
Mac Cosmetics Team Attend Pride

How the LGBTQ+ Community Has Transformed the Grooming Industry

The LGBTQ+ community has had a longstanding influence over the beauty and grooming industries. We highlight some of our favorite queer-owned brands, and why they're making genderless products.
Grooming Journals Feature

Grooming Journals: Phillip Holmes’ Tips to Looking Great During Conference Calls

The content creator and stylist shares his favorite grooming products for men and tips to make sure your hair and skin looks presentable at all times.
Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist

Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Hydrating Cooling Mist

Alder New York has come out swinging this summer with a newly launched product to cure your summertime skin care woes.
Nico Marley Feature

Why Nico Marley Wants You to Use CBD to Naturally Boost Your Wellness

Bob Marley's grandson opens up about his journey with CBD, and his new wellness line.
Lumin Skin Care Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm Application

Lumin Skin Care Review: An Affordable Approach to Healthier Skin

The Lumin Skin Care process is different than most. Lumin creates a personalized regimen based on a survey designed to pinpoint your top skincare concerns.
Henry Golding

The Best Skincare Products According to John Mayer, Sam Smith, and Henry Golding’s Groomers

John Mayer, Sam Smith, and Henry Golding's celebrity groomers share their favorite hair and skincare products for men.
Leo Chan

Grooming Journals: Leo Chan’s No-Frills, Full-Proof Personal Care Routine

Menswear and travel influencer Leo Chan shares his go-to personal care products, including the best shampoo, cologne, and serum for men.
Our Favorite Grooming Products-This-Month

The Manual Selects: Our Favorite Grooming Products This 2021

We round up the best skincare and haircare products, including shampoos, colognes, and cleansers, for 2021.
Karamo Brown

Why Karamo Brown Wants Us to Take Better Care of Ourselves During Quarantine

The culture expert of "Queer Eye" opens up about life during quarantine, his new Luminary podcast, and his empowering grooming line.
Man on a video conference call.

How to Look Good on Camera at Home

Working from home means learning how to look good on camera. We provide tips and tricks on using lighting and angles so you can look your best on Zoom.
Man choosing hair product in department store.

Confused About the Best Skincare Products? Start With These Ingredients

We spoke with grooming experts to find out what ingredients to look for in skincare products to fight sun damage, signs of aging, and more.
kenny duncan andis

Zoom Grooming with Celebrity Barber Kenny Duncan

Kyle Bardouche Founder Jack Henry

Much-Needed Quarantine Grooming Tips from Kyle Bardouche, Founder of Jack Henry

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, we sit down with Kyle Bardouche, founder of men's grooming brand Jack Henry.
Plant apothecary body washes

Is This Natural, No-Frills Grooming Line Right for You?

Plant Apothecary is a one-size-fits-all grooming brand featuring natural ingredients suitable for a variety of skin types. 
hand sanitizer homemade diy recipe

How to Make DIY Hand Sanitizer at Home

Since hand sanitizer is in short supply at drug stores and online retailers, learn how to make one at home with our guide.
hand sanitizer

Where to Find the Best Hand Sanitizers Available Now

Hand sanitizers are flying off drugstore shelves, but they're still available online. Here are our favorite disinfectants.
OWA Waterless Shampoo

You Should Make the Switch to Waterless Grooming Products

Most grooming products consist of about 80% water. Here are just a few of the ways that waterless grooming products have an edge over conventional versions.
John Jones after beard growth

How The Beard Club Helped Me Grow a Beard

It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t grow a beard, it was more that whatever facial hair I did grow felt like a Velcroed-on Brillo pad. Could The Beard Club help even me? After all, the site’s tag line is “Don’t Grow it Alone.”
mother dirt skincare bacteria review 4

Mother Dirt Wants You to Put Bacteria on Your Skin

Mother Dirt is the latest grooming company using live bacteria to improve the health and quality of your skin.
makeup for men guide man applying maekup getty images 89798427

What to Know About Makeup for Men, From First Blush to Current Trends

For those who identify as men, makeup can be an opportunity to break free from the confines of male stereotypes. With just a little swipe of lip balm or a pencil to the eyebrows, you can give the finger to what society says a man “ought” to be and redefine yourself as the man you truly are.
how to pack dopp kit tm  ga 2018 featured image

10 Essentials Every Dopp Kit Should Have

If you plan to leave the confines of your home for any amount of time longer than a single day, you need to have your dopp kit not only packed but also dialed to the nines with the essentials.
A man trimming his beard in the mirror.

5 Rules to Become Your Best Bearded Self This No-Shave November

If you're growing out your beard for the first time, your beard and skin may require a little help to get over the first few days and weeks of hirsuteness. Here are some tips and products to get you through No Shave November without looking like you just stepped in from the mountains.
Lather Boss self-heating shave brush

Lather Boss Is the World’s First Heated, Self-Foaming Shave Brush

Men are rediscovering the simple joy of a hot wet shave, and one of the most important parts of the process (second only to a quality razor) is a good shaving brush. Enter Lather Boss, the world’s first heated self-foaming shave brush that brings a barbershop-style wet shave right into your bathroom.
get acquainted with the military approved skincare brand bravo sierra  campaign imagery credit eros hoagland 3

Get Acquainted With the Military-Approved Skincare Brand Bravo Sierra

The Bravo Sierra skincare line offers heavy-duty, versatile grooming essentials that are tough enough for every man, military or not.
how to pack dopp kit tm  ga 2018 featured image

How to Pack a Dopp Kit (aka Toiletry Bag) for When You Won’t be Sleeping at Home

Knowing how to pack a proper dopp kit (or toiletry bag, for those not in the know) is an essential skill all men should know. Here are our tips and tricks for what to put in there so that you aren't stranded without something you need.
The entire product line of Fellow Barber.

The Barbershop Renaissance and Men’s Grooming Revolution, According to Fellow Barber’s Sam Buffa

Fellow Barber combines contemporary style and flare with the rugged tradition of an old-school barbershop, one location and product at time.
custom hair care proucts for men virtue products

Why You Should Skip the Suave and Try Custom Hair Care Products

Dropping mass-produced hair products in favor of customized hair care solutions is much like the difference between wearing a suit off the rack and having one made to measure.
barber haircut

Hardworking Gentlemen Offers American-Made Grooming Goods for the Everyday Man

Hardworking Gentlemen prides itself on delivering grooming products made from natural ingredients for the everyday man. The lineup includes moisturizers, hair products, soaps, natural deodorants, and a sea salt spray that leaves your hair feeling and looking like you just got out of the surf.
the art of shaving beard and stubble kit feat

Soothe Your Bristles With The Art of Shaving Beard and Stubble Kit

The Art of Shaving Beard and Stubble Kit offers a trifecta of products that will leave your facial hair feeling refreshed and healthy. Here's what we think.
twice toothpaste

Lenny Kravitz’s New Twice Toothpaste Will Make Plaque Fly Away

Lenny Kravitz teamed up with Julian and Cody Levine o create Twice, a toothpaste brand meant to raise awareness of proper oral care (and give you a better smile in the process).
sonny portable bidet

Keep Clean On the Go With the Sonny Portable Bidet

For most of us, the only use for the odd hotel bidet is as a beer cooler, but there’s no denying they're the most efficient, effective, and eco-friendly way to clean your bits. An ambitious crowdfunded project hopes to put a portable bidet in the hands of every dirty-arsed man, woman, and child.
best anti aging cream for men

The Best Anti-Aging Creams and Skincare Products for Men

If you're not exactly thrilled by the prospect of a "Marlboro Man" look, now's the time to find an anti-aging cream or skincare product and make it a part of your daily routine.
Madison Rowley

World Beard Champion Madison Rowley is Cutting His Beard to Fight Addiction

Multi-time World Beard Champion Madison Rowley is about to alter the thing that has brought him so much recognition, but it's for a good cause.
duke cannon prescott

Duke Cannon Has Entered the Fragrance-Sphere With the Proper Cologne Line 

Duke Cannon has finally expanded its grooming reach with the release of its Duke Cannon Proper Cologne line, featuring six distinct scents tailored to your necessities.
demeter fragrance library natural mens cologne tomato 1 oz hero 2017

Demeter Fragrance Library May Be the Natural Solution to Cheap Colognes

The Demeter Fragrance Library offers up scent collections that are modeled on real things, including dirt, grass, and more.
beau brummel for men best grooming products brummell

For Men Interested in Better Grooming, Beau Brummel Brand is Where to Start

The Beau Brummel for Men line is sulfate-free and guaranteed to deliver results right away — we should know, because we tried the products ourselves.
Man applying sunscreen to face with straw hat

The Best Natural Sunscreen Options for the Environment and Your Skin

Recent studies by the FDA have shown that traditional sunscreens not only harm coral reefs and other sensitive natural environments, but they also might be seeping into your bloodstream and disrupting your endocrine system. So skip the drug store sunscreen and opt for these natural sunscreens instead.
gillette skinguard razor factory tour blade 2 edited

We Went Behind the Scenes to See How Gillette’s New SkinGuard Razor is Made

When we were offered a chance to go to Gillette's Boston location and see how the brand's new SkinGuard razor is made, we instantly said yes. Follow along with us.
masc beard straightener demo 2 poster for 6039974092001

Beard Straighteners Are a Thing. Here’s Why You Might Want One

Sometimes your beard is so unruly there's only one thing that can be done with it: take a straightener to it. Yes, there are such things as beard straighteners. Here's why you might need one.
bulldog skincare review profile face scrub

Bulldog Skincare for Men Wants to Takes Care of Your Face and the Planet

Leave the parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances to the other guys. Take care of your sensitive face with these gentle products from Bulldog Skincare. From all-natural ingredients to a new form of enviro-friendly packaging, the brand is doing its best to go green.
gillette labs heated razor

The Gillette Labs Heated Razor Is Finally Available to Order Just in Time for Father’s Day

The Gillette Labs Heated Razor warms your face while you shave, giving you the barbershop hot-towel experience without the hot-towel and all in your own home. And now, it's finally available for pre-order.