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The Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream: A Difference You Can See

anti-aging eye cream
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Your grooming routine covers a lot of different bases, does it not? From the right face wash to a moisturizer, it’s all about getting the proper products and the proper skincare routine down pat, which is why you also need to add an anti-aging eye cream to the mix. The best eye creams boost and fortify the sensitive skin beneath your eyes, help fight back against dark circles and crow’s feet, and just give you a generally more refreshed, boosted appearance.

They’re another move in your grooming routine that pays dividends day to day and down the line, so don’t waste another moment without an anti-aging eye cream in the mix. Most are made with ingredients and additions like protein to boost those bags under your eyes, and all of them are a much-needed part of any modern man’s daily, step-by-step grooming system. Start with our favorites below.

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Best Overall Eye Cream: Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue

Protein-boosting men's eye cream/

Jack Black has been finding new and innovative ways to bring grooming to the masses for more than two decades now. This intensively developed eye cream uses peptides and anti-oxidants to firm up your skin and provide a nice jolt of refreshment in the process.

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles: Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair Cream

Kiehl's eye cream for men.

Kiehl’s has the market cornered when it comes to meeting a variety of demands and grooming issues across the board. This eye repair cream made with Rye Seed Extract instantly brightens dark circles, which is just one benefit of adding it to your rotation.

Best Affordable Eye Cream: Every Man Jack Eye Cream

Best affordable eye cream for men.

When putting together a grooming routine you can use every day, sometimes affordability is crucial. And for under $20, you can add a quality eye cream to your rotation from a trusted brand.

Best Hydrating Eye Cream: Baxter of California Under Eye Complex

Hydrating eye cream for men.
Baxter of California

All eye creams are designed to provide hydration, but some rise above the rest in terms of quality. Baxter of California, one of the most reliable men’s grooming brands, specifically tackles hydration here with this nicely sized eye cream.

Best Premium Eye Cream for Men: Lab Series Daily Rescue Energizing Eye Treatment

Lab Series men's eye cream.
Lab Series

Lab Series uses highly scientific processes to develop its eye cream, which is quite literally an energizing step up from the rest of the pack. It’s also a slightly higher price point, making it premium and yet still worthy of inclusion on any list of the best anti-aging eye creams out there.

Other Eye Creams We Love

Clinique For Men Anti-Age Eye Cream

Anti-aging men's eye cream.

Clinique is broadening its horizons with a line of grooming essentials for men, including this handy and effective eye cream. It’s made to both soothe and brighten the under-eye area, as well as plump the skin.

Brickell Restoring Eye Cream

Best eye cream for men.
Grooming Lounge

Brickell has won over plenty of fans through its subscription model and its no-nonsense approach to grooming. This eye balm should absorb quickly and boost the skin immediately, giving you more of a pep in your step.

Lumin Dark Circle Defense

Dark circle eye cream for men.

Lumin’s aptly named Dark Circle Defense goes right to the root of your tired eyes with an innovative formula that takes on puffiness and dark circles. It’s just what you need in your corner after long nights out.

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