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man doing curls.

Why strength training should be an essential part of your gym routine

Strength training does more than give you strong, well-defined muscles. Find the benefits of strength training here.
dakine boot locker snowboard bag review 69l compartment

Review: The Dakine Boot Locker 69L is the best snowboard gear bag we’ve tested

Is there such a thing as the perfect snowboard gear bag? The Dakine Boot Locker 69L might be it.
best tv couples right now young royals cropped

The 5 best romantic relationships on TV right now: Our top picks

Television's long-form storytelling allows for romantic relationships to flourish, grow, or even decline in satisfying ways. Here are some of our faves.
Lake Eola, Orlando.

Orlando travel guide: It’s more than just Disney

Orlando has a whole lot more to offer than just theme parks. Here's everything you need to know about the popular tourist destination.
One smoked salmon eggs Benedict from queensyard on a gray blue plate.

These creative, indulgent Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes are tasty treats

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with these five delicious and indulgent breakfast recipes.
how to set your snowboard stance snowboarder cranks turn on mountain slope

Gear up for the slopes this winter with the best ski and snowboard pants

Whether you're carving moguls or laying skin tracks, we've rounded up the best ski and snowboard pants for shredders of every stripe.
The Moulin Rouge Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

4 little known facts about Black history that everyone should know

There's no better time to learn about African-American's significant contributions that define America. Here are Black history facts that may surprise you.
the best gloves for skiing men

A guide to different ski types, no matter what your skiing adventure looks like

We're here to help you learn your pistes from your powders so you can get the right skis this winter.
best road trip cars vw van 32

The 14 best road trip cars for exploring the country

These great cars make cross-country trips even more enjoyable.
the last of us season 1 episode 4 tlou ep

‘The Last of Us’ episode 4 is a father-daughter story

The strong chemistry and familial dynamic between Joel and Ellie begins to take shape this week in the fourth episode of the season.
how to make korean bbq galbi beef kit for 6 8 7c967ac965aefa33014d4786505da160

How to make Korean BBQ at home: Everything you need to know

Korean barbecue is perfect for a family dinner or social gathering — no matter the weather.

4 summer-ready watches you should wear in winter

Summer watches are perfect for casual and formal wear, but the best thing about these is that they are just as suited for the winter weather.
Several racks of Rodney Scott ribs in a smoker.

Chow down on these 5 crowd-pleasing Super Bowl BBQ recipes

If you are going to watch the Super Bowl, you have to have snacks. Why not have BBQ? These are the best BBQ recipes to match the game.
Logan Hugh Jackman

The best Hugh Jackman movies of all time

Hugh Jackman is far more than Wolverine (though that's obviously a fantastic role too). Here are our favorite movies from the Aussie actor.
man spraying fragrance

5 amazing men’s fragrances that will shine all winter long

Whether you want to bask in the chilly darkness of winter or need something bright and floral that reminds you of the coming spring, we've got you covered.
oyster blade steak cuts 13839614695 d08e418609 k

Oyster Blade: The delicious cut of steak you’ve never heard of

Underappreciated, shier types of steak often fly under the radar for decades without anyone pausing to appreciate their unique character and flavors.
A collage of various license plates.

This hilarious list shows all the license plates Oregon rejected last year

Check out this list of rejected vanity plates in Oregon in 2022 to see which ones make you cringe and which ones you would consider paying for.
Watching the super bowl on TV.

Here is how to watch the Super Bowl for free

Want to watch the Super Bowl for free? Here is how you can watch the 2023 Super Bowl
A bird's eye view of healthy foods on a table.

There’s a surprising link between politics, keto and vegan diets

It turns out that where you live - and even your political beliefs -  may have a lot to do with which diet you're sticking to.
History of Valentine's Day

Make shopping easy: The best Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him or her

Not sure what to give your sweetie for Valentine's Day? Pre-made Valentine's Day gift baskets are a fun way to shower them with treats.
2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate trim front end angle from driver's side.

Aston Martin says goodbye to the DBS with the 770 Ultimate

Aston Martin is discontinuing the DBS. To mark the occasion, the automaker has introduced the limited-edition DBS 770 Ultimate.
super bowl tickets lvii

Here’s how much it would cost to attend Super Bowl LVII

The biggest game of the pro football year is just days away. So, how much would it actually cost to attend? Here's how much.
1953 Alfa Romeo Alfa BAT Cars parked in a circle in a dirt field in front of mountains during sunset.

The weirdest concept cars we’ve ever seen, ranked

Concept cars are ways for automakers to show where they think automotive design is heading in the future. These are some weird concept cars we’ve seen.
how to remove watch links in 5 steps closeup metal on wood

5 great reasons to have a ‘dumb’ watch in 2023

There are dozens of features that come along with the smartwatch, but there is class and elegance that comes with a traditional "dumb watch" you can enjoy
macaron vs macaroon difference 6435589453 1892ffc448 k

Macarons and macaroons are not the same — It’s time to learn the difference

Pronounced, respectively, "mack-ah-ROON" and "mack-ah-ROHN", these two treats are really quite different. 
a man stomach sleeping in the bed

Sleep experts say this is how long you should really be napping for

Is napping good for you? It's not a hard and fast answer. We asked the experts so that you don't have to lose sleep at night thinking about power naps.
car fluid leak chart mustang in garage

This simple chart shows you which fluid your car is leaking (and when to worry)

Finding fluid underneath your car can be worrying, but this helpful chart will help you figure out what the fluid is and where it's coming from.
Close up of dashboard in 2022 BMW iX in front of a lake with snow-capped mountains in the back.

Study: Hardware buttons in cars are safer than touchscreens

Study: Hardware buttons in cars are safer than touchscreens

A new study from Sweden showcases how modern infotainment touchscreens are harder to use and more dangerous than physical controls.
super bowl tickets lvii

Headed to Super Bowl LVII? Here are the best deals, according to experts

Want to watch the Eagles take on the Chiefs in person for Super Bowl 2023? Check out these Super Bowl flight deals that have been vetted by the experts.
Best winter pants for men

The 10 best winter pants for men to shop right now

The best winter pants for men run the gamut from functional running pants to work pants, chinos, and more.
best packing apps for travel 2021

Make trip planning easy: The best packing apps for every type of traveler

If you’re not a masochist traveler who enjoys packing, technology is here to help. These mobile apps make packing as quick and painless as possible.

The best Valentine’s Day chocolates to buy online (for your partner or yourself)

Chocolate is perfect year-round, but it shines even more during Valentine’s Day. We’ve gathered the sweetest chocolates you can buy for this special occasion.
man doing Best HIIT Workout On the Treadmill.

Improve your cardio game with these HIIT treadmill workouts

The best HIIT treadmill workouts improve your speed and make the minutes fly by. Find out how to put together the best HIIT treadmill workouts.
treadmills in gym.

Thinking of joining a gym? The most popular gym memberships, compared

Learn about the pros and cons of 8 different gym memberships!
what is natural wine guide mem 2

5 amazing Black-owned wineries you need to know about

Many Black-owned wines have given us the gift of impressively decadent, bold and flavorful, award-winning, exquisite wines. These are a few of our favorites.
best david fincher movies davidfincher

These are the best David Fincher movies, ranked

Known as a formidable force in the thriller genre, David Fincher has come to be known as a director who is detailed to the point of exhaustion.
2024 BMW M3 CS front end angle from passenger side parked on a racetrack.

BMW M3 CS: a beefier, scarier version of the M3

The limited-edition 2024 BMW M3 CS is a lightweight, track-focused monster that takes the M3 lineup to new heights.
Feet wearing Merino wool socks on a blue background.

The best merino wool socks (whether you’re hiking, skiing, or going to work)

Merino wool is an amazing natural fabric: It is moisture-wicking, keeps you warm, and naturally fights odors. Here are the 20 best Merino wool socks in 2023.


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