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This is what Citizen Watches has in store for 2024

From pocket watches to anniversaries, here is Citizen 2024

Citizen 100th anniversary pocket watch

Citizen watches are some of the most popular on the market for one very big reason. They are experts at offering all of the best features and styles of ultra-expensive luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe without forcing you to mortgage your house to land one on your wrist. Every year, the Japanese powerhouse reaches new levels of success with innovative, attractive, and accessible designs. In 2024, the brand is looking to continue that trend with a slew of updated and celebratory designs.

Something to notice about the collection of new releases hitting the shelves this year is that Citizen is celebrating two big anniversaries that will surely have you looking to upgrade your collection with some beautiful throwbacks. Here are the new releases (that we know of so far) to keep your eye on in 2024. Citizen always has surprises up their sleeves, so there is definitely more coming this year.

100th Anniversary Pocket Watch

Citizen 100th anniversary pocket watch

Trends come, and trends go. And, of course, if you want to remain stylish at all times, you will engage in a few of them from time to time. The classics never go out of style but sometimes can show up as a “new trend.” Luckily for Citizen, that is the case for their 100th Anniversary Pocket Watch. The company released its first watch in 1924, a hand-wound 16-caliber pocket watch that established the DNA that has trickled down to every new innovation over the past century. Of course, thanks to the “old is new” trend we are seeing, grabbing yourself a pocket watch is a great way to finish off some of the more old-fashioned looks you will be wearing this year.

The new version of the watch features the name on the dial that represents the company’s hope that it will be enjoyed by every citizen the world over and a clear back so you can enjoy the beauty and the mechanics. Of course, every throwback features some new and improved innovations, and this is no different. Citizen accomplished a cal. 0270 high-accuracy hand-wound movement developed especially for this pocket watch, along with a pure Japanese silk braided cord dyed in a unique indigo charcoal color custom–
made for this release.

Series 8 831/870/890

Series 8 870

For a long time, the watch world abandoned small, sleek, and simplistic designs in favor of bigger, better, and more complicated designs. Sometime in the last few years, consumers and watch aficionados discovered that bigger wasn’t always better, and we started inching back to the simple designs of old. The Citizen Series 8 series was launched in 2008 to fill that desire for something durable like a sports watch but sleek and simple to resemble a formal watch. In 2024, Citizen launches three new models to deepen the line’s long history of excellence.

While each watch has a specific feature that makes them the right fit for different people, one thing they all have in common is the unique checked background on the dial that is designed to resemble the Tokyo skyline at night, a simple but eye-catching homage to the Japanese-only origins of the Series 8 line.

Promaster Eco-Drive Combination Watch

Promaster Eco-Drive Combination

Citizen launched the Promaster line to be the go-to for all adventures and hard workers all over the globe. They are designed specifically to be used on the land, the sea, and the air for the men and women commanding their space. For the 35th anniversary, the Japanese watchmaker has decided to pull out all the stops to provide an even better version for the bravest and boldest among us.

The newest Promaster Eco-Drive has a cal. U822 movement developed as a celebration of the three-and-a-half-decade milestone and also features a polyurethane band made with a biomass-based material for durability. And, if you are directionally challenged or spend much of your time exploring the widest, panoramic areas or the furthest reaches of the Earth, the inner dial can be used as a compass to ensure you always make it to your destination and back.

Tsuyosa Small Second 01H/51L/51X

Small Second NK5010-51X

The watch industry always seems to be attempting to blend more than one need for a watch. Do you want a dive watch perfect for exploring the deep? Do you need a field watch to keep you on the right track in the wilderness? Or do you need the perfect luxury watch to keep you looking like James Bond in some of the world’s most upscale environments? What if you need both? The luxury sports watch was the answer to that, and Citizen entered that race to the top with their Tsuyosa line a few years ago. Combining striking colors with a thicker and more durable case.

The newest line of the luxury sports watches features three different dial colors in black, blue, and gold, staying with the most classic looks but adding a small second hand. While it may look classic and elegant, the small second-hand offers a unique style certain to catch anyone’s eye.

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