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The new electric Mercedes G-Class comes with four motors and a U.S. exclusive

The new G-Class will G-Roar at you

Mercedes-Benz G 580

The new all-electric Mercedes G class features four individually controlled electric motors, superior underbody protection, and a U.S.-exclusive trim. The luxury automaker has announced that the EDITION ONE special edition, which expands on the SUV’s standard equipment and adds unique design elements, is only available in the States.

The vehicle’s four-motor setup provides a total of 579 horsepower and 859 lb-ft of torque — along with more control over where that power goes. The ability to manage the output of each wheel is particularly useful on difficult terrain, off-road, and in situations that require precise maneuvering. The power for the motors comes from a116-kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery, which is integrated into the vehicle’s ladder frame and drops its center of gravity as a result.

Sound is as much a part of offroading as mud, rocks, and an odd obsession with winching. As electric motors tend not to make a lot of noise, Mercedes has come up with a replacement. Artificial noise is nothing new in the EV world, but Mercedes seems to have had a unique go of it. The electric G class’ “G-Roar” track list comes with “aura” and various “event” sounds — but if you don’t like those, you can always just turn them off and take in the sounds of nature.

In addition to the hardware, the software side of things has helped take some of the burden from both driving and offroading. Features like G-TURN, G-STEERING, intelligent off-road crawl function, and virtual differential locks through torque vectoring mean the car will take some of the technical burden from you and allow drivers to concentrate on the trail ahead.

A new look, with added protections

Mercedes-Benz G 580 interior

The new Mercedes G Class features a number of cosmetic tweaks, which should help differentiate it from its predecessors while retaining the core style that the German brand’s customers seem to love. The hood has been tweaked slightly and sits a little higher than it did in previous years.“Air curtains” help optimize the aerodynamics and interior aeroacoustics of the flared rear wheel arches. The aerodynamic work is doubled up with the roof strip’s spoiler lip. Finally, a new A-Pillar trim adds a further unique touch to the 2025 G Wagon.

Offroading comes with risks, and American roads come with enhanced corrosion. However, none of this should be a problem in Mercedes’ upcoming SUV, thanks to a technologically advanced underbody. The underbody contains a high-tech mix of materials, including carbon, which should shield the vehicle’s battery from damage.

Mercedes has also announced the 2024 Mercedes-Benz G 580, which it describes as a “unique fusion of tradition with progressive technology.” Based on the information we’ve received, the G 580 seems very offroad-focused. Its flagship features include low-range off-road gear reduction, independent front suspension and solid rear axle—which should be enough to manage all but the most technical terrains. Mercedes says we can expect to see the G 580 with EQ Technology “EDITION ONE” hit dealerships later in 2024.

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