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Watch BridgePort Brewing Send an IPA into Space

Forget the SpaceX launch. BridgePort Brewing (from Portland, Oregon) just sent a bottle of its celebrated Original IPA into outer space.

Rolls-Royce Names its First-Ever SUV After the Largest Diamond in the World

So, if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, does that make this Rolls-Royce SUV a man’s?

Meet Your Next Camp Lantern: The Solar-Powered, Extremely Portable Biolite SunLight

BioLite is harnessing the power of the sun with its latest compact, super-efficient, solar-powered lantern.

5 Practical Uses for Elon Musk’s Impractical Flamethrower

When Elon Musk's side hustle, The Boring Company, announced its new flamethrower, it garnered a lot of attention (and criticism). Here are six ways we would use it.

Indian Teases Race-Ready Motorcycle Concept Built for the Street

Indian is trying to bring its flat track race-winning formula to public in the form of the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom.
Food & Drink

Switchel Up Your Drinking Routine with This American Classic

Switchel is as American as apple pie (but quenches your thirst a heck of a lot better).
Fashion & Style

Yeah, Adidas makes Snowboarding Boots…Check Out Their Best for 2018

Snowboard boots that look like streetwear? As snowboarding fashionistos, you can sign us up.

5k to 50k… Under Armour’s Mountain Running Series is Back for 2018

Race to views of the cascade volcanos at this gnarly running event.

A Beginner’s Guide to Backcountry Skiing (and Safety)

Backcountry skiing offers some of the best opportunities for deep powder out there. You need the right tools and skills to access it safely.

4 Best Travel Gear Brands with Lifetime Warranties

Stop trying to save a few bucks on cheap, nearly disposable travel gear.
Fashion & Style

Our Picks to Upgrade Your Winter Hat Game for Every Situation

The best men's winter hats run the gamut from the classic (a wool fedora) to the rugged (a merino wool beanie) -- and we've rounded them up here for you.
Food & Drink

9 Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Say ‘I Love You’

There are times when boxes of chocolate, roses, and a fancy dinner just won't do. Instead of being predictable, wow your significant other with these lovely Valentine's Day cocktails.
Food & Drink

Would You Eat (and Pay for) the World’s Most Expensive Soup?

A special fungus from China is what makes this soup at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas one of the most expensive soups in the world.

Range Rover Sport Climbs 45-Degree ‘Heaven’s Gate’ Route in Its Latest Off-Road Test in China

In a world first, Land Rover sends a Range Rover Sport up 45-degree and 999 steps to China's Heaven's Gate.
Food & Drink

Seductively Delicious Aphrodisiac Recipes to Cook at Home this Valentine’s Day

Cancel those reservations and stay in with these seductively delicious aphrodisiac recipes. Caviar, chile, scallops, and chocolate — all you need now is the Barry White tunes.

Travel Savvy: The Best Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage is getting lighter, better, stronger — even smarter. But, which one is right for you?

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: For the Love of Food

On this week's episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, we talk about two of our favorite things: food and love. (Well, we love food.) Joining us for this round is Lauren Utvich, a Charleston-based food stylist…

Grooming Secrets from Tom Ford’s First Ever Men’s Runway Show

Leave it to professional groomers (yeah, that's a thing) to know exactly what grooming secrets really work.
Food & Drink

Open Containers and Craft Breweries: A Mardi Gras Beer Guide

Which craft beers to drink and where to buy them in New Orleans, LA.

Check Out the Best Same-Day Flower Delivery Sites for Floral Emergencies

Need some flowers in a hurry? These online florists have you covered with same-day flower delivery so your bouquets arrive fresh.

More than Just Beads: A Brief History of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a holiday known for beads, cocktails, and king cake, but do you know its origins?
Fashion & Style

Our Top Picks for the Perfect Lounge Pants for Winter Weekend

Great for doing nothing and taking the chill off of Netflix and Chill.

These Automotive Icons Coffee Tables Take Supercars from Road to Living Room

Think T1000 meets Transformers with this quick-changing automotive icon-inspired coffee tables.