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Chopard L.U.C XPS Forest Green

These are 5 of our favorite $10K-plus watches that debuted this week

Watches and Wonders brings us the things to be excited for every year. Here are the luxury $10K+ watches to keep an eye on.
Delta Airlines airplane landing at Gatwick Airport

Delta Air Lines updates its boarding process (sort of)

Boarding an airplane can involve long lines and detailed terms. Delta Air Lines took note and soon will offer simple, numbered zones to speed up the process.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

These are the essential outdoor knots every outdoorsman should know

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a knot for all occasions. Here are our most important outdoor knots for camping, backpacking, and survival.
Reading a topographic map

A beginner’s guide on how to read a topographic map

We spoke with an expedition expert to learn some key tips on how to read a topographic map. It's not too complicated, but does require a bit of knowledge.
Wine barrel barrique

What is a barrique? Exploring wine’s most popular barrel size

Barriques are the most common size and type of barrels in the wine game and are lauded for their functionality and ability to mature fermented juice.
man on treadmill

What’s the point of working out in a hoodie? We explain

We'll break down the truth behind working out in a hoodie to help you determine if it's worth the challenge or a hard pass.
Jefferson's Bourbon Rye.

Jefferson’s Bourbon makes the most well-traveled spirits you’ll ever drink

Jefferson's Bourbon has made aging at sea cool again. Here's what else the producer is up to as American whiskey continues to make strides.
Night Flight

8 helpful tips for taking a red-eye flight

Red-eye flights can be both rewarding and challenging. Check out these 8 helpful red-eye flight tips to ensure a smooth journey.
Seiko 5 Sports SNXS Series watches

You can’t get these SNXS-inspired Seiko watches in the U.S. (yet)

The Seiko SNXS gets a major update that fans will love
Mustang Mach-E Rally driving on pavement directly at the viewer.

Despite reports to the contrary, Ford is not wussing out on EVs

Ford Motor Company issued an update on its global EV and hybrid manufacturing plants and plans., including timelines and platforms.
Man in a tux at a wedding holding a lit cigar.

The best cigars for a wedding, chosen by a cigar expert

Planning your wedding and want a reliable list of the best cigars for a wedding that you can give to your groomsmen, wedding party, guests, and more? See this.
Fingers holding a map and compass in the outdoors

Ditch the GPS: How to navigate using a map and compass

No matter how advanced technology is, the age-old map and compass are indispensable. Learn how to use them with our quick and easy guide.
A Beginner's Guide to Kayaking

A beginner’s guide to kayaking in the spring

Is there a better way to spend a spring or summer day than in a kayak? Save yourself time and frustration and learn how to kayak with our beginner's guide.
A southern Crawfish plate

Here’s how to crawfish boil the right way (and everything else there is to know about crawfish)

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mountain lobsters, yabbies, or mudbugs — whatever you call them, they're delicious. Here's how to eat them.
A Banh Mi sandwich

When lunchtime (or anytime) hunger strikes, these are 13 best sandwich recipes to make

There's a reason why everyone loves sandwiches — they're perfect for a quick meal and easy to handle. Read on for the best sandwich recipes to throw together.
Cartier Rewind on wrist

This new Cartier watch tells time backwards

Cartier is a pillar in the luxury watch world and is best known for bringing the first pilot's watch to the market. Now its reinvented to tell time in reverse.
Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Pro tips from Chef Eduardo Garcia for cooking outdoors like a true mountain man

The mountain men of today are self-sufficient but also eat well when outdoors. Here's out to pull of the role.
Easy Rider Sneakers

Ready for a comeback? PUMA’s Easy Rider is back

PUMA's Easy Rider was the benchmark of the retro sneaker, and it is back after plenty of years of being absent.
push press exercise man lifting weight over head in gym

Should you do cardio before or after weights? The answer depends on your goals

Each of these varieties of workout equipment offers unique benefits and can each be incorporated into a balanced fitness routine. But which should you do first?
Close up of cigars in humidor at home - Briley Kenney from The Manual

Cigar expert recommends: The 10 best cigars for beginners

Ready to try your first cigar? Want to know where to start? These are the best cigars for beginners, as recommended by a cigar expert. You can't go wrong here.
Lewis Hamilton driving a Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 race car.

How do you become a Formula 1 driver?

With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for F1 teams each season, how do you become a F1 drivers?
Maduro cigars in a lineup ready to smoke.

The 10 best Nicaraguan cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

This is a list of the best Nicaraguan cigars that's I've had the pleasure of smoking. If you're looking for a bold, full-bodied smoke, this is the place to be.
Sauces and spiced spreads in small jars

A guide to the five mother sauces of classical cuisine and their uses

These techniques are some of the basic skills needed in cooking, and they still need to be combined into finished sauces for richness, flavor, and color.
Grill barbecue gourmet filet entrecote steaks at summer party

How to grill filet mignon on a gas grill: Advice from an expert

It's grilling season and there's hardly a more iconic steak than filet mignon. Here's how to grill the cut correctly.
Banana liqueur cocktail

The 10 best banana liqueur cocktails for a taste of the tropics

Warning: This post contains a bunch of delicious and unique banana liqueur cocktails. You'll go B-A-N-A-N-A-S for these recipes. (Sorry-not-sorry for the puns.)
Bloody Mary

I’m a cocktail expert — my picks for the best vodka for a Bloody Mary

If you're on the lookout for a vodka to use in a Bloody Mary, then I'm recommending a selection of mid-range options which have the qualities to fit the bill.
The IWC Hand-WOund Night and Day watch.

New dial colors, slimmer design for IWC’s Portugieser watches

With over 150 years of experience, IWC knows how to make a luxury wristwatch, but the new Portugieser Collection will have you seeing stars.
A breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park at sunset.

Yellowstone vs Yosemite: Which national park should you visit?

Whether you're drawn to the geysers and wildlife of Yellowstone or the granite peaks of Yosemite, both parks promise an encounter with America’s wild side. 
Men drinking and playing golf, the best cigars for golfing.

The 8 best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert

Going golfing and want a decent cigar to enjoy on the course? These are the best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert who knows his stuff.
The Piaget Polo Date duo.

The Piaget Polo Date 150th Anniversary Edition revamps a classic watch

Piaget took their 1979 hit the Piaget Polo, gave it a shine, and made it the star for the company's 150th anniversary, debuting the Piaget Polo Date.
Man sitting on the ground working out.

5 factors that affect your fitness goals beyond exercise and food

Discover why sleep, stress, alcohol, and more may make or break your progress in the gym, during a run, or engaging in a sport.
Tudor Black Bay on table

Tudor’s latest Black Bay gives fans what they want: A smaller, thinner GMT

Tudor has a large fanbase who have been calling for something for a while now, and they finally relented with the release of a smaller Black Bay 58 GMT.

Why everyone is saying bakuchiol is the new (natural) alternative to retinol for your skin

Not only can retinol be harsh on certain skin types, but it's not always the best choice for those who prefer a more natural skincare routine.
Gose beers

What is a Gose style beer? All about this unique drink

It’s always a good idea to learn a little bit about some of the lesser-known beer styles. Today, it’s the Gose style of beer’s turn.
Jon Hennessey standing in front of a Venom F5

CEO says Hennessey has to solve this issue before Venom F5 can win speed record

There's one thing stopping the Hennessey Venom F5's attempt to become the world's fastest car, and it's nothing to do with the vehicle.
Perpetual 1908

These are the best new Rolex watches from Watches And Wonders 2024

Here are the watches you can expect from the luxury watch superbrand, Rolex.
Eggs Benedict from Hash Kitchen

How to make a buttery hollandaise sauce like a professional chef

Hollandaise can be an unforgiving sauce to make. Check out how to make the perfect hollandaise sauce according to Chef Joey Maggiore.
Baskets of dim sum, a traditional breakfast

What is dim sum? A guide to China’s most famous culinary tradition

Dim sum restaurants are a culinary institution in many American Chinatowns.
Hands holding trout

The complete guide to cleaning a fish for beginners

Landed a big catch? Nice work! Tasty, fresh fish meat is just a few slices away. Follow this guide to learn how to best prepare a fresh-caught fish.
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

How much does a Formula 1 car weigh?

F1 racing is bound by strict rules from the FIA that set a minimum limit on how much a Formula 1 car weighs.
Man doing pull-ups on silver bar in gym shirtless wearing gloves

6 essential exercises that will help you get better at pull ups

Here are the best 6 exercises to help you get better at pull-ups
Benjamin Franklin's letter

A Benjamin Franklin letter with an unusual history is up for sale — for $120,000

A letter penned by Benjamin Franklin himself is currently up for sale, and its story is as fascinating as the Founding Father who wrote it.
The Quixote Bar.

The best bars in New York City: Our top picks

NYC has no shortage of great bars. Here are the very best of the bunch.
person in airport walking to airport security checkpoint

These are the 8 new airlines you can use TSA PreCheck for

The TSA expanded of its TSA PreCheck program, bringing the total number of participating airlines to nearly 100. Find out the 8 new airlines that were added.
Pouring whiskey

A guide to all the different types of whisk(e)y

When it comes to whiskey (and whisky), there are six categories you need to know. Here's what they are and how they all differ.
Garlic Hawaiin fried chicken

How to make sweet and crispy Hawaiian fried chicken

From fragrant garlic chicken to sweet mochiko chicken, Hawaii is a fantastic place for fried poultry.
Person in a denim jacket outside

How to style a jean jacket: The ultimate guide to a denim favorite

Denim jackets are perfect for spring and summer because their light yet perfect for cooler nights. Here's how to wear them.
2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Beach and 2024 Jeep Gladiator Beach limited-run editions parked on an ocean beach.

Fun in the sun with limited edition 2024 Jeep Beach Wrangler and Gladiator

The 2024 Wrangler 4xe Jeep Beach and 2024 Gladiator Jeep Beach special editions are both available for order this month.
Todd Thrasher.

How a passion for scuba diving inspired one of our favorite rum brands

Todd Thrasher started a rum company after traveling the world as a dive instructor. Here's some related wisdom.
Man doing lat pull-downs in the gym

Combining running and lifting: Your guide to hybrid training

Learn the benefits of both running and lifting, as well as how combining the two could improve your strength, endurance, and stamina.