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Healthy low carbs products. Ketogenic diet concept. Top view

New to keto? These are the keto tips every beginner needs

Top keto tips to get you started on the keto diet and smooth your transition into ketosis
Man in pink suit smoking and enjoying what a cigar tastes like.

I spoke to a cigar concierge team, and if you love cigars you should too

I was fortunate to interview JR Cigars and's cigars concierge team. Here's what they told me and why you should talk to them too.
Jack Daniel's McLaren

Where F1 fans can get the new Jack Daniel’s x McLaren 2024 Tennessee Whiskey

While the brand has myriad limited-edition expressions that we love, we’re most excited about its new collaboration with McLaren Racing.
Breitling balloon over mountains

New Breitling watch has a balloon piece from the first global non-stop flight

Breitling adds B70 Orbiter to its Aerospace collection in celebration of 140th anniversary
Pulp Friction

Here are the best cocktails to drink during the upcoming solar eclipse

The solar eclipse might only last a few minutes, but the fun doesn’t have to. Here are the best cocktails to enjoy during this spectacle.
DJ Khaled Interview Feature

We interview DJ Khaled on life, motivation, his DJEEP lighters partnership, more

Dan Gaul, our CTO, interviewed DJ Khaled on various topics including his life, his career, motivations, his new partnership with DJEEP lighters, and more.
best dinner recipes

13 best dinner recipes that are restaurant quality

For every type of dinner craving — from healthy to indulgent and vegetarian to meat lovers — these are the best recipes that are of restaurant-quality status.
Grilled chicken

How to make peri peri chicken, a South African BBQ classic

Want to know about the delicious and spicy peri peri chicken? Read this simple guide and make your own at home with a chef-approved recipe.
Roberto Duran II Sugar Ray Leonard 1980

Gloves up, here are some of the best boxing matches of all time

Knockouts in 11 seconds, Muhammad Ali as the underdog, and the end of the bare-knuckle era — here are the best boxing matches of all time.
Rob Roy cocktail with cherry garnish

A guide to making a Rob Roy, the Scotch lover’s classic

The Rob Roy is a classic among classic cocktails. Here's how to perfect the Scotch-based drink.
Aged fish by PABU

How to age fish at home (your new favorite hobby)

You're heard of aging beef and curing pork, but you can also age fish to give it a better texture and flavor. Here's how to age fish at home.
A serving of Ranch Water cocktail

How to make Ranch Water the right way

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make Ranch Water, the best way to ride out a warm spring or summer day.

4 fan-favorite budget gin bottles, ranked

You'll spend upwards of $100 for a bottle of your favorite single malt scotch whisky, your favorite gin won’t set you back remotely close to that.
Mejuri Dog Tag Necklace

The best chains for men: How to dress up any outfit

Chains for men are hot right now, and we've curated a list of the best ones you can buy
Admont Library

The most beautiful libraries in the world: Reading nooks worth traveling to

Do you want to incorporate your love of reading with your next vacation? These are the most beautiful libraries in the world that are absolutely worth the trip.
Beef jerky.

5 delicious carnivore diet snacks you can take on-the-go

Discover the 5 best carnivore diet snacks for on-the-go to stay on track with your low carb, meat-friendly diet.
Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Edition 1 sedan parked on dark gray staging with a gradiant red background right front three quarter view

Mercedes-Benz offers Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S “Edition 1” for 25 U.S. customers

Customers for cars such as the AMG CLA 45 S Edition 1 consider them coveted works of engineering and design worthy of their admiration and investment.
Rhubarb drinks

7 rhubarb cocktails worth adding to your spring drinking rotation

Rhubarb is a bright veggie that functions more like a fruit. Here are seven great cocktail recipes that use the spring-fresh ingredient.
Banana bunch

These 12 healthy foods are among the highest in potassium

Potassium is found in more than just bananas. Find out the foods high in potassium here.
View looking out from Inside oven as man cooks oven-baked salmon

How to reheat salmon so it’s just as good the next day

You wouldn't want rubbery salmon, right? Whether you have an oven or microwave, these reheating methods will help keep the salmon's best taste.
Two glasses of grapefruit cocktail with grapefruit slices and rosemary garnish on a table

The 30 best spring cocktails to cheers the season with

We've rounded up the best spring cocktail recipes just in time for the most vibrant season of the year. So, clink a glass and toast to the warmer days ahead!
Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

110 years later, Filson’s Mackinaw Cruiser is still the jacket every man needs

Filson celebrates the 110th anniversary of one of their most iconic garments, the Mackinaw Wool Cruiser.
creatine powder

How much water should you drink with creatine?

While creatine is found naturally in the body, this supplement is taken in exogenous powder form to help boost levels in the body.
Sushi from Katami.

The do’s and don’ts of eating sushi, according to a James Beard Award winner

Chances are good that you can up your sushi game. Here's how to approach the cuisine the right way.
Rolex GMT-Master II "Batman"40mm with blue-black bezel Steel Ceramic Men's Wrist watch on Rolex green box crown logo

Rolex Batman vs Rolex Batgirl: What’s the difference between them?

Rolex Batman vs Rolex Batgirl watches have a few minor differences, with the biggest one being the bracelet.
Person in black sneakers walking on the street

When is the best time of day to walk? After this activity

Even short walks after eating a meal can help to improve digestion, balance blood sugar levels, and so much more.
A deck of playing cards

The 8 best playing cards that are up for grabs

Whether you want something classic or an irreverent option for game nights (and even an UNO deck!), we got you covered with the best playing cards.
Young man reading a book in the mountains

The 10 best inspirational books that can change your life

10 inspirational books to help you feel ready to face what's next this year.
Errol Flynn

The 9 best whiskey quotes of all time

Planning your gravestone prematurely and want the world to know that, even in death, you really love whiskey? Check out the best whiskey quotes of all time.
mens skincare routine changes to make man in sunscreen

Mineral vs chemical sunscreen: Which one should you actually use?

The mineral vs chemical sunscreen debate has been an ongoing one, as both forms of sunscreens have their pros and cons.
Pirelli F1 racing tires on Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car.

How do Formula 1 teams make money?

F1 team budgets aren't public information, but the massive expenses of F1 teams begs the question: How do Formula 1 teams make money?
Tissot watch in dark

These are the best men’s Tissot watches you can get

Tissot watches for men are remarkably affordable yet with high-end specs
Dark beer vs light beer

Dark beer vs light beer: The difference explained

First and foremost, what are the differences between dark and light beers?
Man Doing Bridge Exercise with Resistance Band

5 incredible resistance band exercises for stronger glutes

Discover five different exercises that you can do anywhere to build your glutes. Best part is that you only need resistance bands.
Haas F1 team Formula 1 race car on the track.

What is a sprint race in F1?

Six 2024 Formula 1 Grand Prix races include Sprint race, a shorter race measured in the minimum laps to cover 100 kilometers.
Passover spread

The best kosher wine for your Passover celebration

Let's skip the Manischewitz for now. There are plenty of other options available.
zucchini noodles

These low carb pasta options are just as delicious

These low carb pasta substitutes are perfect for staying on track with your diet goals while still enjoying a delicious dinner.
dock leading to an overwater bungalow in the ocean

5 most drool-worthy overwater bungalows for a dream Caribbean vacation

If you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, an overwater bungalow in the Caribbean might be your perfect escape. 
man looking in mirror

5 essential anti-aging skincare tips every man needs to know

It's never too early or too late to start your anti-aging journey. With a few key steps, you can reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin youthful.
Camping at night

There’s actually a great reason for that red light on your camping headlamp

The red light feature in headlamps is more than just a gimmick. It's a thoughtfully designed solution to a common outdoor problem. Bugs!
Seiko SSH156 Astron GPS Solar Kintarō Hattori Limited Edition

Seiko’s latest Astron watches have a brand new caliber

Seiko adds 3 new GPS Solar chronographs to Astron lineup
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

A new poll suggests F1 2024 has a viewership problem — here’s why

Contrary to an early viewership poll, there are more stories to excite viewers about F1 2024 drivers and teams in addition to Max Verstappen and Red Bull.
Buildings along cliffs on Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast (and 3 other luxe locales) will soon be easier to travel to

Remote travel destinations are like nothing else. But getting there can be a chore. These new airports will offer seamless travel to locales far and wide.
Whiskey with a dark background

The Godfather cocktail is an underrated gem (and you only need 2 ingredients)

When it comes to flavorful, simple cocktails, it’s difficult to top the elegant, nuanced palate of a well-made Godfather cocktail.
pizza crust

Chicken pizza crust sounds gross but it’s actually delicious (and keto friendly)

Upon first glance, we know chicken pizza crust sounds gross. But when made properly, chicken pizza crust is delicious and doesn't taste like chicken at all.
HydroConquest 43mm promo shot

Longines’ latest Hydroconquest GMTs are perfect if you love a big watch

Longines adds a 43mm version of their HydroConquest GMT
Left front three-quarter photo of a Bugatti Type 35 race car,

The 1924 Bugatti Type 35: The inspo for 100 years of performance and handling

The spirit of the Bugatti Type 35 may be tested by a Hennessey Venom F5 run for production car speed record, but don't count Bugatti out.
Pouring alcohol. Barman working at night and wearing uniform pouring alcohol into glass with ice

Gin, vodka, whiskey? New spirits are defying categorization

New drinks are upon us and they're hard to categorize. Here's what to know.
Redtail Overland Skyloft Campervan parked next to a river.

Redtail Overland’s new luxe Skyloft camper van is a $500,000 thing of beauty

It has room for four and a long list of luxury amenities, including handmade cabinetry, heated flooring, dual climate control, and serious off-road chops.
Boeing 737

There’s a new website that will tell you if your plane will be a Boeing 737 Max

Many people are looking to avoid the Boeing 737 MAX due to safety concerns. This website will let you know if you will be flying on a Boeing aircraft.