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Liquor, Beer, and Wine


The world of alcoholic beverages is difficult to navigate alone. With so many different cocktail recipes and mixers to choose from, it’s important to approach each drink you create or imbibe with careful consideration. Whether your drink of choice is whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, or gin, we’ve got you covered with our latest guides, how-to’s, and recipes. We’ve even put together quite a few wine, cider, and beer guides while we were at it.

Martini glass with shadow

Pick the right types of cocktail glasses: What you need to know

We'll walk you through the essentials of what works and what doesn't when it comes to cocktail glassware, so you can up your home cocktail game.
basquiat great jones gj 2024 bottleinsitu 3 1

New limited edition New York bourbon celebrates art icon Jean-Michel Basquiat

simona tabasco spritz hero image  from sicily with love as she explores taormina martini

Simona Tabasco’s spicy, refreshing vermouth spritz

Knob Creek

New release from Knob Creek combines rye whiskey and bourbon

Chenin blanc wine

Chenin Blanc is the summer white wine you’ve been waiting for

A glass of beer on a beach

These are our favorite hazy IPAs for hazy summer days

Buffalo Trace

These are the best Kentucky distilleries to visit this summer and fall

iguazu mist cocktail iguaz  referencephoto gjd

The Iguazú Mist is an spicy, savory twist on the caipiroska cocktail

appleton estate hearts collection 1998

A 25-year aged rum from the heart of Jamaica, from Appleton Estate

aguardiente bacan guaro cocktail photo 3

A contemporary take on the Colombian spirit aguardiente

A mojito cocktail sitting on the bar

These are the highball drinks you should know how to make

makgeolli rice wine bottle

Makgeolli is the Korean drink of the summer

delamain cognac loiseau rare delamain1

A unique blend to celebrate 200 years of Delamain Cognacs

L'Oiseau Rare is part of a celebration of 200 years of Delamain cognacs, which was founded in 1824.
copperworks permanent trio whiskey lineup

Top small batch whisky producer Copperworks Distilling Co has a permanent trio

A trio of new single malt whiskies is being announced by Copperworks Distilling Co., one of our favorite distillers of small batch American whiskies.
Daiquiri with lime

The best rums for your summer daiquiri

We asked seasoned bar pros to tell us their favorite rums for daiquiris, and here they are.

What is soju? Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular liquor

Similar to vodka, soju is a clear neutral grain spirit that’s very popular in Korea.
Whiskey in a glass

What’s a store-pick bourbon? A term you should get to know

It’s the term used to describe a bourbon expression selected by a liquor store, bar, restaurant, and other liquor-related venues directly from a distillery.
Harvesting agave.

Did you know Mexico has a state-recognized tequila department?

Tequila and Mexico are exceptionally close. Turns out the country has a branch of government devoted to singing the praises of the spirit.
Bloody Mary

3 twists on a Bloody Mary for the ultimate Sunday cocktail

From no-alcohol versions to swapping spirits, there's really no end to the ways you can tweak the Bloody Mary recipe to create something you'll enjoy.

Easy bourbon cocktails: You don’t need to be an expert to make these drinks

Not only are these drinks easy to make, but you also don’t have to stock your home bar with dozens of random bottles, and other ingredients.
Refreshing Paloma Cocktail with clear ice, Tequila and Grapefruit

We love these blanco tequilas for sipping and summer cocktails

As long as you don’t grab a bottle from the bottom shelf, you might even find yourself enjoying a blanco tequila neat or on the rocks.

Your Aperol Spritz needs an olive (trust me on this)

There's a better way to drink an Aperol Spritz - there's a simple change you can make to this drink to make it even tastier.
fancy long island iced tea unnamed 5

Make a party punch in a snap with this Fancy Long Island Iced Tea recipe

We love a bowl of punch for a summer party, and a new recipe from Julianna McIntosh uses boozy ice cubes for a clever way to keep things chill.
national michelada day modelo x dos hombres hero image 1

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s competing recipes for National Michelada Day

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have come up with two dueling Michelada recipes for National Michelada Day.
Beer snifter chalice glass

What is a gruit, and where can you find one?

Beer without hops? That beer is called gruit. Here's everything you need to know about the brew style and where to find the best beer.
Person grabbing a wine bottle

A quick guide to French wine crus

French wine labels can be unfamiliar and confusing but once you understand the Cru system, they make a lot more sense.
Young man eating salmon fillet with gratinated potatoes, leek and spinach in the restaurant with glass of white wine

These are the best dry white wines for cooking – add these to your kitchen toolbox

Dry white wines are a chef's tool. Here are some to look out for and add to your culinary arsenal.
penelope bourbon toasted rye bottle shot jpg

A limited release rye whiskey finished in toasted oak barrels

An award-winning rye whiskey series is coming back, with a new release by Indiana-based brand Penelope Bourbon.

This new bourbon is finished in rum barrels for a tropical fruit flavor

A new release from Kentucky brand Old Forester brings together two delicious spirits, bourbon and rum, into one bottle.
Beer bottles

The most valuable beer brand of this year comes from Mexico

Beer might be variously claimed by Belgium, Britain, the U.S., and plenty more, but the home of the world's most valuable beer brand of this year is Mexico.
Red wine swirling in glass

Does wine go bad? It’s not quite as simple as you may think

If you've ever picked up an old bottle of wine and wondered if it's still good, we've got you covered.
pina colada day tradewinds recipe img 9501

It’s National Piña Colada Day, so try this modern take on the classic recipe

In celebration of National Piña Colada Day, the team at L’Avenue at Saks have come up with their own modern take on the drink they've named the Tradewinds.

This American whiskey is designed to evoke the flavors of a fine cigar

A new whiskey is being released which aims to capture the flavors of cigars: The QuintEssential Untitled Cigar Malt Project from the Cedar Ridge Distillery.
Emily Darchuk profile.

Wheyward Spirit says closed-loop distilling is the future of drinks

The drinks industry is evolving and Wheyward Spirit is leading the charge. The brand is converting food waste into award-winning spirits.
idris elba grey goose altius  marcobahler

Idris Elba releases new track for launch of Grey Goose Altius vodka

Iconic vodka brand Grey Goose is working with beloved British actor Idris Elba on the release of its latest spirit, Grey Goose Altius.
the gardener gin uk ezgif 1 6c93cb4109

Brad Pitt’s Riviera-inspired The Gardener Gin now available in the UK

Brad Pitt's The Gardner Gin was created in collaboration with renowned distiller Tom Nichol and aims to capture the flavors of the French Riviera.
casa julian cocktail 4imzm3jy

This cocktail is a fusion of Italian and Mexican cultures

A new cocktail recipe combines the refreshing tradition of Mexican drinks with the bracing bitterness of Italian amaros.

The best Cachaça you can get: Our top picks

If you enjoy rum (specifically rhum Agricole), you’ll probably like cachaça.
coachbuilt williams first release ezgif 6 e676ec8d1f

New Scotch whisky from Formula One champion Jenson Button

A new whisky is being released that aims to bring together the twin passions of Formula One and fine Scotch.
euros cocktail recipes drink old fashioned glass amaretto distilled beverage alcoholic 1621134 pxhere com

Celebrate soccer season with these Euros cocktails

If you're planning a watch party for the Euros this week, Daniel Ufland from The Whisky Masters has created a selection of cocktails.
royal salute 62 gun collection ezgif 4 71cb556c72

Royal Salute’s trio of whiskies inspired by the 62 Gun Salute

High end whisky brand Royal Salute is extending its 62 Gun Salute offering into a collection, featuring two new blends as part of the 62 Gun Salute Collection.

Making sense of vodka terms: Your complete guide

In the most basic sense, vodka is a clear, neutral spirit that’s un-aged and has very little aroma or flavor

The best beer destination in Europe is not what you think

DFDS analyzed 70 European cities, 8,000 bars and pubs, sifted through social media posts, and looked over more than 40,000 online reviews.
Heaven Hill bottled in bond

What does bottled in bond actually mean?

While these rules seem fairly complicated, they get even more strict when you get into bottled-in-bone whiskey.
Tomatoes on vine in a bowl

Yes, tomato wine is a thing

Grapes are the most commonly used fruit in wine production but it isn't unheard of for a winemaker to experiment with other tomatoes.
Gold Rush cocktail

The Gold Rush cocktail is perfect for all seasons

The Gold Rush is made simply with bourbon, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and honey syrup (as opposed to the usual simple syrup).

4 simple tequila drinks anyone can (and should) make

While some tequila-based drinks require many steps and a whole cabinet of ingredients, there are also a handful of straightforward tequila-centric cocktails.

These white rums are perfect for mixing this summer

If you’re a fan of cocktails, you likely already know that white rum and summer mixed drinks go hand in hand.
Bloody mary

Breakfast cocktails for the long weekend

With many people opting to enjoy a long weekend, it's a fine excuse to indulge a little and enjoy the usually forbidden breakfast cocktail.
818 tequila europe 818collection 90202

Kendall Jenner’s tequila is coming to Europe

Not every celebrity-backed spirit is a winner, but 818 Tequila has been highly ranked by drinkers for its fine, complex flavors.

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