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Why you need to try Michter’s new 10 year bourbon

You'll want to try this limit-release whiskey

Michter's 10 Year

The bourbon marketplace is saturated (pun intended) with outstanding, award-winning brands. And while you can’t go wrong with an expression from the likes of Four Roses, Old Forester, or even Eagle Rare, we always get excited to try limited-release expressions from Louisville’s Michter’s.

That’s why we were so stoked to see that the brand is once again releasing its 10-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon this April. For those unaware, this small-batch whiskey is sold in limited quantities and is highly coveted by bourbon aficionados.

Why is it so great?

phil cruz/Unsplash

This single-barrel Kentucky straight bourbon is matured for at least ten years in fire-charred new American oak barrels. It’s bottled at a potent, warming 94.4-proof. But make no mistake: This is a slow-sipping whiskey that you’ll enjoy until the last drop is gone. Then, you’ll anxiously await the next time this beloved expression is released—that is unless you were smart enough to buy two bottles.

While the flavor profile changes from batch to batch, it’s well-known for its complex, rich, sippable flavor profile featuring notes of toffee, maple candy, vanilla beans, charred oak, and gentle wintry spices.

The world’s most admired whiskey

Michter's 10

If you didn’t know it already, we aren’t the only ones who look forward to this whiskey’s release. In October 2023, the UK-based publication Drinks International held a poll to find out the “World’s Most Admired Whiskey.” They polled whiskey experts, bartenders, journalists, and drinks buyers in over twenty different countries. Not only was the winner an American whiskey for the first time, but it was Michter’s.

“Our team was humbled and deeply grateful when a few months ago Michter’s became the first American whiskey to be named the World’s Most Admired Whiskey,” Michter’s President Joseph J. Magliocco said in a press release. “Our production team has always given tremendous consideration to what they feel is ready to release, but after this honor, the stakes seem even higher.”

The 2024 release

Whiskey glass
Thomas Park/Unsplash

Like with all limited-release whiskeys, every batch is a little different. This is part of the fun for fans who purchase it every time it’s released. Because of the honor bestowed on the brand in October, this year’s release feels a little more special to Master Distiller Dan McKee and Master of Maturation Andrew Wilson.

“This a wonderful single barrel whiskey,” Mckee said in a press release. “It’s brimming with all the characteristics that I look for in a special bourbon.”

“We know that Michter’s fans everywhere look forward to our 10-Year Bourbon. We are excited to share the 2024 release, which again is overaged to a beautiful maturity with an excellent nose, creamy texture, and an array of characteristics on the palate that ascend through to the finish, making every drop an enjoyable moment,” said Wilson.

How much does it cost?

Mchter's 10

While some ten-year-old bourbons aren’t too pricey, you have to pay a little more if you want a bottle of Michter’s 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. This limited-release, single-barrel whiskey has a suggested retail price of $185 for a 750ml bottle. And this is before it even gets to the aftermarket. Fans of this bourbon are willing to pay a little more to sip this memorable whiskey.

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