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Where to get George Clooney, Cindy Crawford-backed Casamigos Jalapeño Tequila

Casamigos and spicy peppers? Why not.

Cindy Crawford with Casamigas Jalapeño Tequila Casamigos

If you’re an avid alcohol drinker, you probably know all about flavored spirits. Vodka, gin, whiskey, and even tequila makers have been known to add fruit, vegetable, and herbal ingredients to add new dimensions of flavor. While tropical fruits and citrus seem to be the staple flavors, some brands get a little wilder with it. Some even add a little spicy heat. This is the case with Casamigos’ newest expression.

Casamigos thinks that the spicy, thin, bright green pepper we love to add to salsa, tacos, and guacamole deserves its time to shine in the alcohol world. That’s why the brand recently launched Casamigas Jalapeño Tequila.

A collaboration with a supermodel

Mpho Mojapelo/Unsplash

Casamigos Jalapeño Tequila is more than just another Casamigos tequila. It’s a collaboration between its founders George Clooney, Randy Gerber, and Mike Meldman with Cindy Crawford. The newest expression from the brand, Casamigas Jalapeño Tequila was created to pay homage to Crawford’s favorite cocktail.

“As much as I love Casamigos, my go-to drink for a fun night is a skinny, spicy Casamigos margarita,” Crawford said in a press release. “Casamigas Jalapeño makes it that much easier. It’s Casamigos with a kick!”

The creation of this expression didn’t happen overnight. The process to create this expression began more than six years ago.

“Cindy has obviously been part of the Casamigos journey since day one, and I’m excited that she now gets to put her special touches on Casamigas,” said Gerber.

The tequila

Casamigos Jalapeno

Casamigas Jalapeño is not just a celebrity gimmick. Like all of Casamigos’ tequilas, it’s an ultra-premium tequila made with 100% Blue Weber agave. It gets its spicy, peppery heat from the addition of real jalapeños.

While you might see a jalapeño-flavored tequila and assume it is all heat and nothing else, this tequila was crafted to be balanced, flavorful, and have a nice kick of heat that’s guaranteed to elevate your margaritas and palomas into new and exciting heights. If cocktails aren’t your thing, this expression makes for a warming, gently spicy shot or slow sipper.

What does it taste like?

Francisco Galarza / Unsplash

If you’re already a fan of Casamigos tequila, you’re going to love Casamigas Jalapeño. It begins with the vegetal sweetness, citrus, and baked agave flavors you expect from the brand. It’s complex, clean, and very mellow but ends with a nice jalapeño kick that has to be tasted to be believed.

How much does it cost?

The fields at El Cristiano Tequila.
El Cristiano / El Cristiano

While sometimes unique expressions such as Casamigos Jalapeño can be limited-edition or limited quantities, this expression is actually available nationwide in both 750ml bottles and 1L bottles for suggested retail prices of $49.99 and $60.99, respectively. This is a must-have expression for anyone who enjoys a little extra heat in their favorite tequila-based cocktail or a spicy tequila sipper neat or on the rocks.

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