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Liquor, Beer, and Wine

guiness draught

Sip on these tasty Irish-style stouts this St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness is the standard bearer, but there are plenty of other Irish-style stouts, both from Ireland and the United States, you should drink.
whiskey bar

The best Irish whiskeys come in these 12 bottles

Craving for Irish whiskey? Forget traveling to Ireland to get your whiskey fix, for we've got you covered with the best Irish whiskeys for 2022,

How to make a caipirinha, a perfect day drink

Brazilians are a diverse bunch, but one thing they all definitely agree on is that the caipirinha is the most appropriate cocktail for bright celebrations.
how to hold a wine glass what is the proper way

Wine tasting etiquette: How to look like you know what you’re doing

Many people are too intimidated to ask some of the more awkward questions or know exactly how to act during a wine tasting. We're here to help. 
mai tai

Warm up with these 10 stellar Tiki cocktails

Give these 10 classic Tiki cocktail recipes, collected from the best bars and spirits brands across the country, a try in 2023.
6 Must-Try Irish Spirits

Here are a half dozen Irish liquors worth trying (that aren’t whiskey)

While whiskey undoubtedly reigns supreme among the Emerald Isle’s hard-liquor offerings, Irish distillers have plenty of other well-crafted spirits to offer.
Buckwheat Honey Old Fashioned on table.

This is how to mix cocktails with honey for a flavorful drink

Honey improves just about everything it touches, especially cocktails. Here's how to utilize the stuff while mixing drinks.
beer head mug glass

Drink these delicious Irish beers on St. Patrick’s Day (and beyond)

Cast the Killian's aside this St. Paddy's Day and sample some other Irish beer options.
Refreshing Cold Tequila Ranch Water Cocktail with Lime.

How to make Ranch Water the right way for a day-drinking gem

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make the Ranch Water, the best way to ride out the end of summer.
Ikimi Dubose-Woodson.

The Roots Fund is changing the American wine scene for the better

Thanks to organizations like The Roots Fund, the American wine industry is finally becoming more diverse and inclusive. Here's what the group is up to.
A hand serving a glass of Mojito on a table.

The 9 best rums for Mojitos that you can get behind

A perfectly blended Mojito relies on fresh ingredients, but the rum matters as well. Here are your best options.
napa valley

Someone ranked the California wine counties — here are the top 10

When you're in California, chances are you're not far from a gem of a winery or two. But these are the best of the best California wine counties.
irish coffee

This is how to make an Irish coffee like a pro bartender

There may be no better combo than coffee and whiskey. Thus, we present you five Irish coffee recipes, and how to make 'em like the pros do.
Cocktail Crossing Currents Knappogue

Incredible St. Patrick’s Day drinks: Check out these fantastic cocktail recipes

You don't have to drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Mix it up with a fun cocktail and celebrate in style.
olcc diverts liquor from public pappy van winkle bourbon 400

OLCC officials kept rare booze from the public, hoarding it for themselves

A new report says Oregon officials from the liquor commission have been intercepting bottles of high-end liquor, instead of releasing them to the public.
Peter Wassam enjoying some wine.

Wine pros reveal the bottles that changed their lives

Many have joined the wine industry thanks to the power of a single bottle. Here are several wines that turned regular people into wine professionals.
Shelf of vegan wines.

These are the best wines to add to your collection: Our top picks

We dive into some of our favorite wineries of the last year and examine what made them so special. Turns out, it's about way more than just good wine.
best ginger ale brands organic soda

The best ginger ale brands to sip on or mix with

Whether you're a bartender or just thirsty, ginger ale has many uses and merits. Here are the 10 best brands to try.
drinkers guide to aspen aspenkitchen obiwanoldfashioned3

This Toronto cocktail recipe is the perfect whiskey drink

Toronto is a fine city in Canada. It's also a tremendous whiskey cocktail that deserves a larger following. Here's how to make one.
how to taste tequila img 6287

How to taste tequila like you know what you’re doing

Tequila is a rich, complex spirit that has a bad rap as a cheap drink only good for shooting. Let's turn that around and learn the fine art of tasting tequila.
Flaviar subscription with whiskeys on table.

The 7 best whiskey subscription boxes in 2023

There are a host of great whiskey subscriptions that are wonderfully curated and, better yet, deliver great whiskies right at your doorstep.
An Olivo Amigo cocktail.

How to use balsamic vinegar in cocktails to add depth, complexity, and flavor

Balsamic vinegar is great to cook with to elevate sauces and salads. It's also a great ingredient in cocktails, provided you know how to use it.
best car free us destinations french quarter  downtown new orleans

It’s Mardi Gras season: A guide to New Orleans drinks, according to NOLA experts

New Orleans is all about great food, signature drinks, and a convivial, music-fueled atmosphere. Here's how to best enjoy the Big Easy.
Coquito Cocktail

Learn how to master the Coquito cocktail with these great recipes

A classic Puerto Rican cocktail for the holidays, the Coquito is your new favorite drink this winter. Here's how to make great versions of the drink.
Champagne in glasses

Valentine’s Day calls for the very best Champagnes: Our top picks

Valentine's Day comes once a year, meaning it's a special occasion worthy of a special wine. Light up the night with one of these great Champagnes.
History of Valentine's Day

Make shopping easy: The best Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him or her

Not sure what to give your sweetie for Valentine's Day? Pre-made Valentine's Day gift baskets are a fun way to shower them with treats.
what is natural wine guide mem 2

5 amazing Black-owned wineries you need to know about

Many Black-owned wines have given us the gift of impressively decadent, bold and flavorful, award-winning, exquisite wines. These are a few of our favorites.

These are the 6 classic tequila cocktail recipes you need to know

From a margarita to a paloma, here are six of the best tequila cocktail recipes you need to know and should make, including a few twists on the classics.
A drink with cocktail bitters.

A pro tells all about cocktail bitters and how to make them at home

A look at bitters, how they're used in cocktails, and tips and insights from a bartender. Also, some thoughts on making them at home.
String of Hearts cocktail.

The experts weigh in: Why the alcohol you use in mixed drinks matters

Mastering the art of mixology isn't enough; you also have to know your alcohol. Here's what the experts say about what we're putting into our cocktails.
A pint of stout at the bar.

These are the 11 best stouts to unwind in winter with

These stouts currently on the market offer smooth flavors and silky textures perfectly designed to keep you warm and happy.
how mexican tequila is made img 6319

How tequila is made, from harvesting agave to aging anejo

The art of making tequila is a historically rich and delicious process. Here's how this flavorful spirit gets from the ground into your cocktail.

Stock your home bar with these fantastic vodka mixers

When it comes to vodka drinks, the Skyy is the limit. (See what we did there?) These are the best vodka mixers for nice, simple cocktails.
food and drink trends that should die in 2023 molecular gastronomy

5 food and drink trends the experts wish would just go away

We've chatted with some experts of the food world to find out which of trends they're most eager to see go, and we have to admit — we couldn't agree more.
penicillin cocktail recipe alcoholic scotch

How to perfect the Penicillin cocktail, according to an expert

Whether you’re after a remedy for what ails you or just a cure for the common cocktail, the Penicillin is good medicine. 
whiskey shot cheers

Theses are the 9 best whiskies under $25 to enjoy in 2023

Not all of us want to break open our wallets for a bottle, which is why we created a list of the best whiskeys under $25.
A bottle of Cavit Cab Sav.

The best red wines under $20: Our top picks

Red wine doesn't always have to be expensive to be delicious. These are the top red wines you can find under $20.
bloody maria hangover drink recipe mexican small 2

Move over, Mary: Bloody Maria is the best hangover drink there is

A Bloody Maria is the perfect way to get the new year off to a flavorful start while helping to cure that hangover at the same time.

How to saber a bottle of champagne using a sword, spoon, or even a watch

G.H. Mumm's cellarmaster Didier Mariotti teaches us how to saber a bottle of Champagne with an actual saber — as well as a knife, spoon, or watch.
Two glasses of wine and Christmas balls on a table in a room with Christmas tree.

If you’re looking for holiday wines, here are the best 12

We’ve curated a selection of the best Christmas wines that we think are perfect for the season and for pairing with your holiday feast.
bartesian drink maker review

Bartesian review: We have one perfect reason to buy the ‘Keurig for cocktails’

Bartesian is a Keurig-for-drinks machine that's great for a crowd, but should you have it on your counter full-time? We help you decide.
Merlot being poured into a glass

A red wine guide for beginners (and 12 options to try)

If you love red wine, then you're going to love these dry reds that will really surprise your taste buds.
A trio of Golden Rule canned cocktails.

The best canned cocktails of 2022 that deliver that mixology magic

When you don't want beer, reach for these canned cocktails instead. They'll give that favorite bar experience from wherever you happen to be.
Mug of beer outside on a table.

9 best fall beers and autumnal releases to drink this year

To help reader wade through the glut of autumnal beers now gracing grocery store shelves and bar taps, we offer up the best seasonal beer recommendations.
Picked red wine grapes in vineyard

Wine and Fish Fly Free With Aha! to These Niche Destinations

Let’s face it: Travel is a beast right now. If you can bear it, though, you can score some big game that has emerged in this midst of an industry in chaos.
A bottle of My Favorite Neighbor wine next to a glass with casks in the background.

My Favorite Neighbor is changing up the artisan wine game

My Favorite Neighbor is a winery that works with local farms to deliver artisan wine -- without the prohibitive prices.
The winemaker Remy Drabkin at a tasting

America’s First Queer Wine Fest Is Here

Pride is upon us and there's no better way to celebrate than to honor the nation's first Queer Wine Fest.
Mezcal from the Sierra Norte de Puebla served with cantaloupe and grasshoppers

Americans to Buy More Mezcal and Tequila Than Whiskey In 2022

For the first time, Americans are anticipated to spend more money on mezcal and tequila than they will on U.S.-made whiskeys or rum in 2022.
Glasses of different kinds of wine

How To Pick Your Wine By Its Alcohol Content

You would be surprised at the actual alcohol content of red and white wine. Each wine has its own level and each tops out at a certain percentage.
The French Quarter's Opening Day Parade

New Orleans Fest Sets Sustainable Model In “Geauxing Green”

French Quarter Fest organizers in New Orleans not only brought back music in 2022, but are shaping a sustainable future with the “Geauxing Green” program.