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Ryan Polhemus

Ryan Polhemus

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ryan Polhemus is a freelance drinker with a writing problem. He believes firmly in the power of short stories, long hikes, and black coffee, and only wakes up early for powder days and passport stamps.

penicillin cocktail recipe alcoholic scotch

How to perfect the Penicillin cocktail, according to an expert

Whether you’re after a remedy for what ails you or just a cure for the common cocktail, the Penicillin is good medicine. 
Person pouring a line of shots in a bar

How Many Shots Are in a Handle of Liquor? We’ll Walk You Through It

Here are some helpful ways to figure out how many handles you and your buddies will need for your next drinking party.
Absinthe with sugar cubes and spoon

The 10 Best Absinthes for a Green Drink That Will Make You Paint the Town Red

There's really no better time than now to hit the dance floor with the green fairy by trying some absinthe this 2022.
Tea cups

The 5 Best Tea Subscription Boxes to Buy Now

There are a number of companies out there with experts curating packages of the best teas from around the world. We've chosen a few standouts for you to try.
booking dot com travel deals 2021 boston ma

Boston Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Eat, and More

Boston is a big little city brimming with colonial charm and packed with history, and we're willing to bet you don't know it as well as you think you do.

The 5 Best Margarita Mixes to Stock Up On in 2022

We've rounded up the only six margarita mixes you need in 2022. From the spicy to the cheap, we're here to make sure every margarita is a good one.

The 11 Best Mexican Beers To Add To Your Craft Beer Collection in 2022

Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo will not be the same without a cerveza. Keep things authentic by trying one of our 11 listed best Mexican beers.
best canned tuna for a healthy and convenient meal high angle view of food in container

The 10 Best Canned Tuna for a Healthy and Convenient Meal in 2022

Want your meal to be convenient yet packed with nutrients? Fret not, because we listed down the best canned tuna in 2022 to help you with your fitness goals.
Cynar cigarettes

How To Make the Little Guissepe, An Ideal Bittersweet Nightcap

The ideal nightcap is a bittersweet sipper that'll settle your stomach and your nerves before bed, and the Little Giuseppe is just the thing.
best coffee thermos young man with a reusable cup commuting by bike

The 10 Best Thermoses to Keep your Coffee Fresh

You wouldn't want your coffee going stale while doing your daily grind. Keep your coffee hot and fresh with our top coffee thermos picks fit for any situation.
Martini bottle glass

Gin vs. Vodka: Which One Is the Better Spirit?

They've got plenty in common, but once you take a sip there's no mistaking one for the other.
togroni feature

Meet the Togroni, The DIY Portable Cocktail That’s Sweeping Instagram

Made with Campari, vermouth, and gin, it's a simple and satisfying process that proves old drinks can definitely learn new tricks.
bottles of beer

In Defense of Cheap Beer, an Inclusive Beverage That’s Always Worth Drinking

Cheap beer is like duct tape: it’s inexpensive and reliable, and has practically unlimited applications.
A sangrita tequila shot.

How To Make Sangrita That Will Make You Fall in Love With Tequila Again

martinez cocktail recipe alcoholic with gin

Why You Should Make the Martinez Your Favorite Winter Sip

The ideal slow-sipping gin cocktail for imbibing by the fire. 
Negroni Cocktail

Why the (Endlessly Variable) Negroni Should be Your Go-To Cocktail

Prepare for the a-bit-warmer-weather this year by trying out our four-ingredient Negroni recipe, sophisticated and gourmet enough to be your go-to soirée.