The 5 Best Margarita Mixes to Stock Up On Right Now

As tried and true tequila enthusiasts, we’ve tried a lot of margaritas and tequila cocktails in our time. Like, a lot. Apart from the best tequila, the mixer you choose will send you to citrusy-sweet heaven or make the cocktail unpalatable. We’re here to make sure every margarita is delicious. We’re not here to fight about making your margaritas from scratch — we’ll choose that every time we can. Sometimes, though, that’s not an option. That’s where margarita mixes come in.

After trying a lot of mixers, we found the five best pre-mixed margarita mixers that perfectly balance lime and sweetener for a drink that is super-simple to make and delicious every time. From a bar industry-designed mixer to a $6.99 bottle, check your lease, pal, because you’re living in Margaritaville.

Classic — Tres Agaves Organic Lime Margarita Mix

Certified USDA organic, Tres Agaves – yes, the tequila brand — only uses agave nectar to sweeten its pre-made lime margarita mix. The balance between real agave and real lime is perfection, and better still, each serving is only 68 calories. The average margarita from your local bar can have 200+ calories, while fake-tasting ‘skinny’ margaritas still come in at around 115 calories. Tres Agaves is never not a good idea when making margaritas, and the fresh lime flavor is enough to mix directly with tequila, even if you’re down a bottle of triple sec.

Bartender-Designed — Mary’s Mixers Mary’s Margarita

Founded by former international bar manager, Greg Dorros, Mary’s Margarita is an Oregon-born mixer label that gained notoriety for its award-winning Bloody Mary mix. Mary’s Margarita mix is a newer addition that slaps. Organic Blue Agave is the primary sweetener, mixed with five different kinds of organic citrus including lime, key lime, mandarin, tangerine, and something called calamansi (a lime grown largely in the Philippines). Since the pre-mixed concoction is 78% juice, it’s best for margarita drinkers who dig a sour, cheek-twisting experience. Here’s a wild idea: Try it with rum cocktails.

Best Value — Stirrings Simple Margarita

Do not be enticed by any neon-green, five-dollar, plastic-bottle margarita mix at the store. It will not taste good and you will look like a chump. If margaritas aren’t a go-to cocktail but you need a quick, cheap mix, get Stirrings Simple Margarita. A 24oz bottle is only $6.99 and the taste is across the board delicioso. Margarita snobs and newbies who drink cheap tequila shots will all dig the sour-sweet taste. Wanna get fancy? Grab Stirrings Margarita Rimmer— a garnish for the rim of your marg glass that is a blend of salt and spices. No, this is not how chumps do it.

(You can also pair it with one of the tastiest cheap tequilas under $20.)

Most Fun — W&P Spicy Margarita Cocktail Syrup

Have fun playing margarita scientist by using a margarita syrup like W&P Spicy Margarita Cocktail Syrup. A super-potent and condensed syrup made of lime juice, cane sugar, and chili spice, you’re supposed to dilute W&P with water and simple syrup, but these rules are made to be broken. Pour your favorite tequila in a glass with ice, add a small but potent drizzle of W&P syrup, a splash of fresh lime, sparkling water, a little beer, whatever! Because of the brilliant margarita taste you get in such a small amount, this syrup gives you room to become an apartment mixologist.

From a Celebrity — Taffer’s Mixologist Margarita Mix

When we try making a margarita mix from scratch we can hear bar expert Jon Taffer’s voice booming “Failure!” and “Go look at yourself in the mirror!” Step away from the limes and leave the marg mix to the expert himself with a bottle of Taffer’s own Margarita Mix. For being a mainstream mix sold in Walmarts across the country, Taffer’s Margarita Mix tastes elegant, uses no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and was tested by the Bar Rescue icon himself. Try one of his cool recipes like Spicy Mango Margarita, co-created by famous mixologist Brian Van Flandern.

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