5 Whiskey Glasses to Elevate Your Drinking Experience

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Whiskey and ice is very nice, but if you’re drinking from a normal glass, you need to level up.

Sophisticated glasses comes with the territory of becoming a connoisseur of whiskey. Do you find yourself always correcting friends and strangers about the difference between bourbon and Scotch? (Bonus points for those who tell us in the comments.) Do you have the perfect old fashioned recipe? Elevate your drinking experience by choosing a glass that compliments the rich and complex body of the spirit and shows your mastery of all things whiskey.

Stop treating whiskey like just another spirit and start respecting the quality with these whiskey glasses. Not only do they look dapper, they’re scientifically engineered to cut the sharp nose sting and lift the sweetest aromas to the front.

Norlan Glass VAILD Black Edition

Norlan Glass VAILD Black Edition 1

You won’t be able to tell from the darkened outside, but holding the new VAILD Edition of Norland Glass creates a recursive infinity mirror within, as stray photons find their way into the “light trap” and bounce around, taking with them the distinct notes of your favorite whiskey. In other words, whiskey nerds will go HAM over this glass, $58 for a set of 2. “Through specially developed protrusion forms inside the glass — adapted through studying bio-mimicry — when swirled around the glass, the fluid (whiskey) forms a standing wave shape which increases the surface-to-air ratio and rate of oxidization. The effect here is that considerably more ethanol evaporates. This resulting increase in volatility allows the whiskey to become significantly more expressive,” say experts at Norlan. These guys really did their homework, comparing their glass to other shapes in an epic test of quality and aromatics … see for yourself.


Richard Brendon Diamond Double Old Fashioned Glass

Richard Brendon Diamond Double Old Fashioned Glass 1

With luxury mouth-blown and hand-cut glass, this twist on the iconic old fashioned vessel adds a tight diamond pattern at the base and enough room to pour a double (amen!). The look is both old-world and modern, and a stunning example of how the craft of whiskey goes beyond distilling and into the ritual of pouring. The texture creates a delicate rainbow effect as the light refracts through the piece, bringing a grace to the sleek lines. At $90 a glass, you may try making those old fashioneds with the best whiskeys under $50.


Rikke Hagen’s Whiskey Glass

Rikke Hagens Whiskey Glass

Leave it to the Danes to create a modern whiskey glass that elevates not only the aesthetic of your boozing, but the taste. The Rikke Hagen’s Whiskey Glass ($50 for a set of twoglasses) was designed around the way you hold the cup in your hand. The result opens the aroma and volume of whiskey. The wide rim lets the spirit breathe, the curve at the bottom provides a natural grasp for the glass, and the bubble elevates any ice cubes. This is an essential addition to your developing at-home bar.


The NEAT Whiskey Glass

the neat whiskey glass 1

Yes, these unusual whiskey and bourbon glasses are “neat” in terms of their smart and dapper looks, but also for their hidden scientific design. After meticulously researching the science of how alcoholic spirits drift to the nose, NEAT was born from “Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology” and a distaste for the burning “ethanol vapor” that “tickles” your nose before taking a sip of whiskey. Opting for an open-mouth shape that helps diffuse sharp alcohol fumes, NEAT lets you enjoy the sweetest aromas of the spirit and detect hidden tasting notes. Made in the U.S. with lead-free crystal, this glass can work overtime with tequilas, cognacs, and rums too.


The Glencairn Whiskey Glass

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass 1

You are not a true whiskey connoisseur until you own your own set of traditional Glencairn-style glasses ($8 each at Crate and Barrel). The tulip-shaped bowl was revolutionary when it was introduced, letting its drinker savor the complexity of fine whiskeys (suggested use being sipping aged bourbon or single malt Scotch.) Said to bring out the full value and aroma of the spirit, the Glencairn is for the whiskey lover fascinated with the art of distilling and the subtle nuances of each barrel and bottle. The glass sits comfortably in hand with a tapered pedestal sham.


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